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United States Coast Guard Chief Gregg M. Marsili

My Duty to Speak

Wall of Shame: United States Coast Guard Shawn M. Wren

Shawn Wren was hired by the United States Coast Guard to assist all sexual assault and rape survivors and also to develop training programs to prevent sexual assaults in the Coast Guard. Unfortunately, many survivors feel that she failed in her position.

Rape survivors came forward that phone calls to Shawn Wren has not been answered during time of crisis. Several service providers, including staff from the Military Rape Crisis Center reported that multiple attempts to work with Shawn Wren to improve the sexual assault response program has been denied. Shawn Wren chose to not work with service providers that are on the field helping Coast Guard rape survivors 24/7.

Shawn Wren ignored multiple requests from the taxpayers. Over 580 people signed an online petition requesting an immediate investigation against a Chief for his role in a rape. Shawn Wren ignored the 580+ requests and chose to not advocate on behalf of the rape survivor to receive justice. The rape survivor was never interviewed for an investigation against the Chief. The Chief is still serving even after two Coast Guardswomen came forward with allegations against the Chief.

Shawn Wren allowed further victimization of rape survivors including verbal abuse against women that came forward with rape, kicking out rape survivors from the service and even knowingly were aware of at least one rape survivor that is banned from entering a Coast Guard base even after being invited back in. In all those incidents she chose to not get involved to help the survivor

Shawn Wren allowed the following victim-blaming act to be committed by members of the United States Coast Guard:

1. Shawn Wren was aware of rape survivors being called “crazy”, “liars”, or told that they deserve to be raped by members of the United States Coast Guard. Shawn Wren chose to not advocate for the multiple rape survivors or even contact the rape survivor to offer assistance!

2. Shawn Wren was aware of Coast Guard members inviting Coast Guard rape survivors back on to a Coast Guard base for the sole reason to further abuse and humiliate them by banning them from even entering the Coast Guard base! Shawn Wren chose to not advocate for the rape survivors.

3. Shawn Wren was aware of E-6s and above and O-4s and above publicly posting victim-slandering (see 1.) statements on public websites which includes but not limited to, and yahoo answers. Shawn Wren chose to not advocate for the multiple rape survivors.

If the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Coordinator  (SAPR) is not going to be there for rape survivor then who is? The Coast Guard has an epidemic of sexual violence, often said to be much worst than the four other branches of the military. Part of this epidemic is the rape culture that is thriving within the Coast Guard with what seems like zero attempts to prevent it.  Rape survivors should not be verbally abused for coming forward or banned from entering a Coast Guard base because they reported a rape.

Our Coast Guardsmen and women deserve better. For not being there for rape survivors and service providers Shawn Wren is on the My Duty to Speak Wall of Shame.

My Duty to Speak

Wall of Shame: Coast Guard Commander Joseph Segalla

In documents obtained by, Commander Joseph Segalla was caught victim-slandering, slut-shaming and spreading misogynistic lies about a rape survivor. Due to recent media attention on the topic of gaslighting women that report rape in the military this survivor came forward with documentation that proved exactly just that.

In an email sent by Commander Joseph Segalla to several members of the United States Coast Guard Commander Segalla has used and abused his rank to slander a woman and eventually kick her out of service because she reported a rape.

According to Commander Segalla: even though the rape survivor “performed acceptable” he was concerned about “interpersonal relationships” (or in reality A BRUTAL RAPE THAT LEFT THE SURVIVOR BRUISED, BLEEDING AND WITH A BROKEN TOOTH) that he felt that she is no longer should be fit for military service.

Commander Segalla admitted in this email that consideration of putting a rape survivor on MAA force, where Coast Guardsman serve while awaiting Court Martial-two were there waiting trial on child pornography charges. Shame on you Joseph Segalla that it was even considered to put a rape survivor on MAA force with sexual predators.

Joseph Segalla continued with the victim-slandering email by saying that the woman (rape survivor) “does some really strange stuff” but did not elabarate on any speficics-which leaves us to wonder that probably there wasn’t any. Within days of sending this email, the survivor was involuntarily discharged from service (FIRED FOR REPORTING A RAPE) and has since been awarded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs a full disability for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of Military Sexual Trauma.

For his role in kicking out women that reported rape, Commander Joseph Segalla (now retired with a pension) is on the My Duty to Speak Wall of Shame.

We have tried to contact him at his last known phone number in New Canaan, CT but the woman who picked up the phone said that she did not know him after demanding to know who we are. We contacted his sister at a family owned Sand and Gravel shop twice and left a message. He did not return the phone calls at time of publishing.

written by staff member of

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Wall of Shame: J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard

Jonathan Scott Keene is currently employed by Boston University. When two of the survivors, alumni and students at Boston University brought this to the attention of the college they were told that if they continue to speak out about it that they will be charged with slander. Read the original email from Larry Elswit, Boston University Associate General Counsel.

Update November 10, 2011

Two more women came forward with allegations that J. Scott Keene fired them as a result of them blowing the whistle on illegal and unethical behavior in the Coast Guard. A 2007 Coast Guard petty officer report being involuntarily discharged from the Coast Guard for reason of reporting a sexual harassment and rape. A civilian Coast Guard employee who blew the whistle on fraud was forced into retirement. Captain Keene was well aware of the fraud but chose to not investigate.

Update July 14, 2011

As if things could not get much worse. J was a civilian employee with the Coast Guard ending her employment in 2006 after experiencing sexual harassment in the workforce.  According to her victim statement she allegedly “reported it and it fell on deaf ears.” The further up she went the more she was blamed for the harassment. She reports that: “they questioned me on my looks and told me that perhaps I was dressing too provocatively. I usually came to work in slacks and a button down shirt or sweater. They even suggested that I cut my hair. It was never investigated and I won’t be surprise if it was never even documented.” Eventually she went to the Commanding Officer, Scott Keene, hoping that he could hear her out but he allegedly chose to not renew her contract when it ended several months later. Being a single mother she needed to put the entire incident behind her and get herself a job to support her children but not without still dealing with the pain and suffering that comes with victims of sexual harassment. She wrote: “I still think about what happened everyday. I even have nightmares about it. Working full time and raising 3 kids on my own I do not have time nor the money for counseling. I know that one day he’ll get what he deserves for ruining so many careers and lives.”

Original post February 28, 2011 @17:28

In 1989, a woman in the Coast Guard was sexually assaulted on board Coast Guard cutter Cowslip. The Executive Office, Lieutenant J. Scott Keene allegedly felt that because this woman reported the assault that she was no longer fit for military duty. She was denied medical and psychological treatment to process the rape and instead she  needed to fight to keep her career and to stay in the Coast Guard. Fortunately for her, coming from a Coast Guard family, she was able to use her family connection and despite being assaulted she was able to continue and had a very successful Coast Guard career retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer. J. Scott Keene was incorrect for trying to process a sexual assault survivor out of service and the survivor has proven that she could be successful in the Coast Guard.

Fast forward to 2006. A woman in the Coast Guard was brutally raped while at Coast Guard station Burlington, VT. As a way to separate the perpetrator and the victim, the victim was sent to Coast Guard Boston. While at Coast Guard Boston, the Commander Officer, now Captain J. Scott Keene allegedly felt that because this woman reported a rape that she was no longer fit for military duty. He abused his power and under his command J. Scott Keene allowed this woman to be further victimized, refused medical and psychological treatment to process the rape and instead she needed to fight for her career to stay in. This woman, not coming from a Coast Guard family did lose her career under the approval of J. Scott Keene for being raped. Not satisfied with the way her rape allegations were being handled by Captain J. Scott Keene she formed the Military Rape Crisis Center to offer support to her shipmates. Even though this woman never was given the opportunity to prove to the Coast Guard that she was able to be successful in the service she has proven through her non-profit organization that she is very hardworking, ambitious, successful and a great lost to the Coast Guard.

J. Scott Keene has a solid history of failing to protect sexual assault and rape survivors under his command. J. Scott Keene has violated  constitutional and civil rights of multiple sexual assault and rape survivors. For that we have added J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard on the Wall of Shame.

J. Scott Keene retired from the United States Coast Guard and was hired by Boston University.

To sign a petition to protect students at Boston University from also falling victim to this man go here:

written by M.O

My Duty to Speak

Master Chief Jerald Motyka, United States Coast Guard

Master Chief Jerald P. Motyka

Three and a half years ago a woman was brutally raped while serving in the United States Coast Guard. This past Fall she was contacted by various members of the Coast Guard and the civilian public to be informed that Master Chief Jerald P. Motyka of the United States Coast Guard has been posting in public forums false information regarding the rape. He included his comments on what he feels a Coast Guard rape victim is by saying that a woman who been raped must have been “popular with the boys” or in other words if you been raped you must be a slut. He even went on in saying that rape is not a problem in the Coast Guard and that many women would lie about rape. In this particular case and regarding this victim that the furthest from the truth. If that is not bad enough after we did our own investigation we found that at the time this woman reported the rape, Master Chief Motyka was roughly 1500 miles away at a different unit. His rate of a Marine Science Technician does not give him any access to the investigation. He did not know this woman nor ever met her nor has any access to the confidential investigation. This is a clear example of a man using his rank and position to deliberately slander the reputation of a shipmate for the sole reason cause she reported a rape. There is absolutely no other reason why he did what he did.

During our own investigation we gathered more information about Jerald Motyka including a posting in which his wishes that pedophiles should have reduce sentencing, blames teenagers for being raped (he posts under the alias Malruhn) and an entire forum from several years ago in which he claims to be an Army Ranger, and later was caught in the lie.

The posting has been removed due the public outraged on this issue but let not forget that what he did and the pain that this survivor must have felt reading misogynstic rumors about her. The post did provide identifying information about the victim including a link to a news article about her rape. This woman is trying to heal from the rape yet she is being further abused even years since leaving the service. Military Sexual Trauma does not end when you sign your DD-214.

The victim herself emailed Master Chief Motyka to talk about this issue and try to understand why he did what he did. Her request to have him call her has been denied and he has not contacted her on this case however Captain Christine Cutter responded with:”

“Any member of the Coast Guard is free to contact you but I cannot direct that they do so. A command inquiry was conducted and concluded the post to which you are referring was not based on information obtained from official records. As discussed below, members of the Coast Guard have the same rights as other citizens to discuss publicly available information and their personal views in their private capacity.

The Coast Guard is available to meet with any congressional representative or journalist and conduct a full case review of the allegations made by you, if you believe that would be beneficial and you authorize us to do so.”

Obviously Captain Cutter’s response did not fulfill the survivor’s answer on WHY Master Chief Motyka has expressed such hatred against one of his own. As a result Master Chief Jerald. P. Motyka is officially listed on the Wall of Shame for the way that he treated one of his shipmate that reported a rape.