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Sexual harassment, racism and rape at the Coast Guard Academy

When one chooses to attend a service academy you expect to be sexually harassed or discriminated against for having a vagina or the color of your skin or the shapes of your eyes.  The extent of harassment I experienced couldn’t have ever been imagined. I have been sexually harassed almost daily since 2008. When reported they don’t follow up with you. The harassment continues.

I was raped once last spring. All that knew told me that I was lying and that I’ll regret reporting. I tried to report it and could not. Not one person followed through or investigated. A group of cadets call me a liar every single day.  I diagnose myself with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety.  I smile on the surface and I cry on the inside.

A while back we filled out a survey. It asked if we ever experienced unwanted sexual attention.  They say that it is anonymous but they often call people in who fill questionable answers in what should be an anonymous questionnaire. They code the surveys and know who is answering what. Except for the brave or ignorant few you respond the way that they want you to respond. Put on a smile, write down everything is perfect and count down the days when you are gone either by graduation or suicide.

I know about the support groups but do not attend. I know of a few that do but it is all hush hush and let never talk about it. I do not trust anybody even if they all suffering the same way that I am. CASA is too cliquey. The SARC is a male. A man is the last person that I’ll talk to for obvious reasons.  It is best to suffer alone.

We have the worst professors in the country:

We have to write student blogs.  We have to pretend everything is perfect. We are suppose to say we are equal. We are having fun. We are suppose to tell all who ask that the Coast Guard Academy is a wonderful opportunity and we feel so fortunate to be here. In reality we are all suffering. We have the most depressed students:

My self esteem is at an all time low. Thoughts of suicide is the only thing that brings a smile to my face.

If you are a white bible thumper male you’ll fit right in.  The Coast Guard Academy has a problem with rapists and racists.  Let me not even start talking about race. They try to fill quotas without any motivation to change the sexist and racist culture. I am here because of a quota. I am here because of my gender and my race. I am not here because I earned it. They know that. They make sure that you know that.

I know a fellow cadet that admitted to being a KKK member. I doubt that he is an active KKK member with the work load that we have but walking around pretending to be proud skinhead is all the same to me.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get this off my shoulders.

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Coast Guard holiday party: Rape Survivors NOT invited.

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

A friend of mine who is still in the Coast Guard status update on Facebook was that she had a great time at the on-base holiday party. I choked up and brought me to immediate tears. I never thought about the holiday party–or lack of-from when I was in the Coast Guard. I am surprised by my own tears and surprised on how it affected me.

I was forbidden to attend the holiday party.

I was the rape victim. I was the one being med boarded out.  I was the one who they loved to contradict themselves by saying that I am both a liar and was never raped-and a slut that deserved the rape.

Well what does rape have to do with attending a holiday party? Rape survivors were not allowed to attend. Makes no sense, right? Made no sense to me either so I spoke out.

And did I speak out.

I was the one that refused to take shit. I was the one who demanded that rape survivors be treated with respect, dignity and not like we are the enemy for reporting rape.

Rapists are the bad guys—rape survivors are not. They disagree. Most in the Coast Guard still do.

I was forbidden to attend the holiday party. It was said to be for my own safety. His friend (his meaning the rapist) were all going to be there. His friends said that they would love to rape me too. Hundreds of other should be there-everyone on base, and their spouses, and kids and well everyone were invited, everyone except the rape survivors. With so many women and kids on base you’ll think that they’ll ban rapists or men that threaten rape and not the rape victims? Makes no sense.

The party was held at the all hands club in Boston.  I was on my way home but made a stop by the entrance of the party. I don’t remember why I passed by it and not sure if I had something to do in that area of the base of if I decided to pass by the party to see if they changed their minds and let me in. I remember the HS1, a man that was kind to me, was at the door. He asked me if I have my ticket. I said that I did not. Then Joseph Segalla, a Commander said “she not allowed in.” I knew about it already from my immediate supervisor, an YNC, so I was not at all surprised. The Commanding Officer, Captain Keene, circulated an email that included the name of all who were transferred to the base in Boston for reason of reporting a rape or sexual assault. In the email he gave clear instruction forbidding us to attend the party. The email was circulated to all the survivors immediate supervisors. I ended up with a copy of that email from a YNC who made the mistake of forwarding it to me. HS1 did not say anything. I left.

The next duty day everyone were talking about how much fun the party was. Some not knowing that rape survivors weren’t allowed at the party asked me why I did not attend. What was I supposed to say? Oh yes, well you see I was beaten, raped and now I can’t go to the Holiday party. Made no sense to me. Makes not sense to you. I knew that it certainly wouldn’t make any sense to them. Instead, I just shrug and said next year -and hoping and praying that my med board comes through saying that rape survivors are able to serve and that I can see another Holiday party on base even though I doubt I would have attended-voluntarily or not. However I didn’t stay to see another Holiday party. I am part of the 92% who reported a rape…and kissed her career goodbye.

The thing is if I was invited, I mean if I were allowed, I probably wouldn’t have gone.  I am not a party person. I am not into drinking. I don’t want to see the friends of my rapists.  I am that woman that rather go to the bookstore than the bar. Parties, me we don’t mix. They bore me. I am not anti-social; bring a group of people and we can talk about social justice or the latest book that we read I’ll be in the middle of the group and the light of the party/talk whatever you want to call it. Take me to a bar I’ll be checking my watch, I mean- cell phone, wondering if it is time to leave yet.

Why is hearing about Coast Guard holiday parties affecting me now? At that time I thought that I didn’t care as much. Since leaving the Coast Guard I did not think twice about it. I even read the email from Captain Keene ever so often when going through my files and is angrier that he violated our privacy by listing our names than the fact that we weren’t allowed at the party.  I wish that I knew where these tears are coming from.

PTSD it gets you when you least expect it.

****For the record rape survivors were also not allowed to attend Coast Guard Day events (and they went to an amusement park, damm it) and All Hands meeting.

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Coast Guard officer drugged and raped in 2011

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

I served in the Coast Guard for over six years where I met the most amazing woman that a man can ask for. She was an officer and I was enlisted.  To make things easier for our relationship to last I chose to leave the Coast Guard and she stayed. We got married as soon as I left the service.

Earlier this year a LCDR put a roofie in her pop and raped her. When she woke up from being unconscious she immediately went to the hospital and they gathered forensic evidence off from her. She reported it to a Lt. who in turn told her to keep quiet about it or else she’ll be charged under Article 134-Adultry.

She reported what the Lt. told her and the rape to another Lt. that backed up the first Lt. and also added that she could be charged for using a controlled substance.  They have been using the entire rape kit against her.  The rape kit that she had at the hospital can only prove that she had drugs in her system and that sexual intercourse occurred. It does not prove that the sexual intercourse was consensual. It is up to the survivor to prove that the sex was not consensual not for the perpetrator to prove that he had consent.

My wife wakes up every night since the rape with nightmares. She has problems at work and in our relationship. She goes into angry outburst with strangers in public that cause us to argue non-stop when she is screaming at strangers for getting in her way. Her road rage scares me so much that I drive her to work each day. She punches the walls. She breaks down in tears and curls herself up in a ball. I love her but I feel so powerless at times. She does not want to receive counseling because it’ll affect her security clearance. I told her that her career is pretty much over and to just accept it and get help but she refuses.

She never had the opportunity to report it and was threatened when she tried to report it to the appropriate people. She no longer trusts the Coast Guard. At work those who found out have called her a ‘drama queen’ and ‘emotionally unstable.’ A Commander called her ‘psycho bitch that is looking for a handout’ and promises her that when she leaves the Coast Guard that her record would show how screw up that she is that she won’t be able to compensate for this through the VA. This Commander is a friend of the Lt Commander.

I heard that the United States Coast Guard is by far the worst when it comes to stuff like this but I never believed it until it happened to us.

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Coast Guard admits to covering up rape, sexual assault and hazing.

This is what Sabrina Elgammal, a Coast Guard public affairs told a rape survivor because public affairs were fed up that the rape survivor was speaking out about her rape.

As per the request of the survivor we can forward the entire thread to CGIS or Headquarters if they choose to investigate.

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Sex abuse onboard CGC Eagle

We have an international training program at the Coast Guard Academy where we allow foreign cadets to study with us. I was onboard the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle with a cadet that joined us from Northern Africa.  For most of the time on the Eagle I had to put up with his sexual harassment that included being groped, sexual comments, whistling as I passed by and an attempted rape. I was able to fight him off.

They tell you to report all cases of abuse. They drill in us that there is a zero-tolerance policy and support if and when we ever need it. When I took them up for their offer for help I was not helped. I was told that for foreign relation purposes that it’ll be in the best interest of the Coast Guard to not allow it to ruin his tour.  I was told by the so-called “support” that it was culturally acceptable in Islam culture to sexually harass women. In her exact words that repeat in my head to this day was: “In his country women have to cover their entire faces and bodies. This is a culture shock to him. Give him some slack.” They did not investigate my allegations.

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Nothing is good enough for this Coast Guard Chief

I wasn’t raped or sexually abused. I just don’t know where else to turn to. Since this past summer I have been having problems with a Chief. He is now on his way to make it to Senior Chief and I don’t understand why they are keeping and promoting a man with such bad leadership.

On Monday it was my turn to cook. I made hamburgers, fries and salad. I asked my Chief if he wanted a Cheeseburger or a burger, and if he wants fries and salad. I put the Cheeseburger on the plate and filled 1/3rd of the plate with salad and the remaining 1/3rd with fries and served him his plate. I did the same for the Bm1. Everyone else got their own food buffet style but the Chief and Bm1 always demand that I serve them.

The Chief was staring at the BM1’s plate and asked him how many fries did he get. Bm1 counted off like 32 or something and Chief freaked out. Threw the plate across the table, pulled me by my arm and brought me to his office for a scream fest. He was angry that I gave more fries to the BM1 than him. In all honesty I did not count how many fries that I gave to the Bm1 and the Chief. I put roughly 1/3rd of the plate of fries and what looks like even to me may have been 2 or 3 less.

Another incident I was washing a boat and Chief came and peed right on it as I was cleaning it. Then laughed and left.

Chief demanded that I give him my bank account information that I refused. He said that he was able to get my bank information regardless because it is in my records from direct deposit so I might as well give him my bank information to save him time. He said that he’ld write me up if I did not give him my banking information. He slapped me. I was scared so I gave him what he asked for.

Everyday there is something that triggers his temper. At times he’ll physically assault me. I feel that no matter what I do that it’ll piss him off. No matter what I would do something to piss him off.

Nothing is ever good enough for him.

I talk to others in the crew and their advice is to ignore him. They think that he is doing all of this because I am a woman and a non-rate. It is all part of the initiation process for enlisting in the Coast Guard. To me it is downward scary. I want to get out.

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Coast Guard recruit molested at Tracen Cape May, 2011

United States Coast Guard

I joined the Coast Guard this year. During my time at basic, a company commander from another company molested me. I was at the squad bay alone. I came back from a dental appointment to find that my company was not there. Panic struck cause I knew that my company should have been there and didn’t know what to do.  A lone recruit walking around Tracen Cape May looking for her company would have caused me tons of problems. Instead I assumed that they might be outside doing some IT or something and be back soon.

I walked through the male squad bay to the women squad bay.  Between the two-squad bays there is a small hallway. I was walking quite fast to the women squad bay. I bumped into a company commander from another company and froze. He had the reputation of being the meanest.  My mouth was numb from some dental work and could barely be understood when talked. He asked me why I was running indoors. I apologized. He said that I talk “like a retard.”  I explained to him that I just had dental work done and he asked to open my mouth so I did. He put his hands in and said, “You should take care of your teeth more. Having a cavity is lack of self control.” I nodded.  He ended up pushing me to the wall unzipping my ODU pants and started to finger me.  I did not tell him to stop. I did not run away. I froze and felt that I could see from afar what was happening. With one hand he was fingering me and the other hand he was touching himself. After it was all done he put his finger in my mouth and made me taste myself. He said that it was going to make the numbing all go away.

I did not report it. Reporting anything at basic training is close to impossible. You don’t have that trusting relationship with anybody.  I felt gross. I felt disgusted. I felt like a slut for getting sexually aroused. I could not even take a shower until the evening.

I still think about all that happened. I read the other stories on here. I am sad to see that I am not the only one that been abused this way.  Thank you for reading this. It helped me to be able to share my story.

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Success: United States Coast Guard Captain Michael Husak, Rape Apologist, FIRED

The commanding officer of a Boston Coast Guard unit has been fired for what the service calls a loss of confidence in his ability to lead.

Capt. Michael Husak was temporarily removed from command of Coast Guard Base Support Unit Boston on Tuesday by Rear Adm. Ronald Rabago, the Coast Guard’s assistant commandant for engineering and logistics.

Capt. Husak has a history of blaming sexual assault victims, intimidating them and doing all he can to obstruct justice. His abuse against rape survivors often continued long after they leave the service. As reported first on MST news one survivor reported being forbidden to enter Boston Coast Guard base for an Auxiliary meeting because she was a victim of rape.

Husak, a 1984 Coast Guard Academy graduate, has been reassigned to the academy pending the results of an administrative investigation, according to a news release. A service spokesman declined further comment.

The executive officer of BSU Boston, Cmdr. Tobiah Taylor, has assumed temporary command of the unit.

BSU Boston handles functions such as buildings and ground maintenance, environmental management and security for shore units, ships and boats.


repost from MST News.

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We all know a rape survivor. A sexual assault survivor speaks about being stationed at Coast Guard Burlington VT

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard Station Burlington, VT Crew 2011

Updated September 16. 2011

Every summer my parents will ship me off for a week or two to stay with an uncle who owned a condo by the beach. He was a bartender and worked at nights. During the day we’ll hang out by the beach, go to the amusement park and play baseball. After work in the wee hours of the morning he’ll come to my bed and molest me. This went on from the age of 8-15. He told me to keep quiet about it. I was scared so I did. I also went through some sexual assault, harassment, hazing not sure what it was during basic training. No body else involved reported it so I kept my mouth shut as well to not stir up any trouble.

When I received orders to Station Burlington I did what anyone else will do; I went online and did as much research about Burlington, VT and Station Burlington. It was going to be my home for the next few years might as well know what the town and station is all about. I came across an article about a woman who was stationed here and reported a rape. I read it and thought how screw up it was what she went through and continued on with my research to find the best bar/restaurant/place to live in the Burlington area.

The town of Burlington hates us. Sorry but to be such a downer but that it is the truth. When the Station makes the news there are always a couple of folks that want to bring up the rape. I was wearing a Coast Guard tee shirt at Hanaford and was scolded by some middle-aged woman about the rape coverup. There is even a group called “Vermonters against Station Burlington, VT” they even have a facebook page. On the good side all the comments on there say that they have nothing against the station but are disgusted by the way the rape case was handled. My mom told a friend of hers who grew up in Vermont that I am serving in Burlington. Her first comment was about the rape. My mom was calling me asking me about the rape. We are not known for the lives that we saved or making the lake a safe place, we are only known as the place that a woman was raped and the Coast Guard covered it up. I have been at the station for quite some time and can say we deserve every single negative thing that has been said about this station.

Before someone from the station reads this and try to track down who wrote it let me say that you know what I am about to write is the truth. A week does not pass by without the crew saying some sick rape joke or blame the victim comment. This is nothing unique to Station Burlington-at my previous unit we had a woman who reported sexual harassment. When she left the rumor mill ran wild. What is unique in this case is the amount of folks that know about the Station Burlington case as opposed to the previous case. Kudos to the survivor for not shutting up about what happened to her.

The Coast Guard did a pretty messy job covering up her rape. Photos of her injuries are circulating the web and you can’t possibly tell me that those injuries were from a woman who “cried rape” or a woman who “wanted” it. If you brutally attack and break the tooth of every woman who is “willingly” wanting to have sex go report yourself to the police right now. For those that said she “deserved to be raped” I can’t imagine what she possibly could have done to deserve to be beaten, raped and watch the man be set free. I won’t wish that on my worst enemy. Not even Dick Chenny deserves to be treated in this manner. After seeing those photos, which by the way were taken at Station Burlington I recognized the room in the background, the man who did this to her should have at the very least be charged with aggravated assault. Town of Burlington I agree with everything that you are saying about this station. We fucked up.

Nobody that is serving here today has served with the rape survivor. The information that we have on her was handed down, washed down and twisted by those who served with her. They were as the victim put it, the core group of people who did the majority of the victim blaming. It is not difficult to find out who they were since most continue to be the same assholes today. I am tired of reading all those “she deserved the rape but she is also lying”-contradiction (I’m talking to you, Christopher Simays, Joseph F. Lydon and Stacy Houg) comments. There was an entire debate on facebook which over a dozen people came to the defense for the rape survivor after Stacy Houg went all apeshit saying she fucking crazy, the rape survivor deserved it rant. When people who heard about the rape being spoken by the Congress, yes the CONGRESS Stacy was so adement that this rape was not spoken about in Congress and called everyone that made mention that it was-a liar. That was until somebody posted a link for a video that shows no other but a Congresswoman speaking about this rape on where else but on the Congress floor during a formal hearing.

What I witnessed was a Coast Guardsman that served at Station Burlington attacking people without any merit and jumping to conclusion for what she thinks was done. Now you tell me that Stacy Houg did not jump to conclusions over what happened immediately after she heard about the rape? What I witnessed was BM3 Houg trying to defend her wrong doings by continuing to discredit the survivor. I am sure that I was not the only who was following Stacy trying to cover up her abuse towards the victim by further abusing her and all who came to her defense. BM3 Houg may no longer be serving here but her comments are doing more than just making Stacy looking like an ignorant bitch. What is this doing for Station Burlington image? A whole lot of damage.

As I was saying, not one person who is serving here today served with the rape survivor. You’ll think that we have better things to do than talk about the rape survivor but I can assure you that we do not. When Senior leaves for the day and we are on duty we get bored, like watching our flat screen TV bored out of our minds someone please go be an idiot on the lake kind of bored. For god sakes we are on a lake in Vermont-trust me most days pass by without any cases. There is so little to do here that we are nicked named Station Vacation. There are a handful that love to make mention of the rape. They joke and laugh about it. They call the survivor crazy and tell us that she deserves it. I wonder where they learned that one from. What they fail to realize, aside from the damage it does to the reputation of the Station is how it affects those around them that have to listen to their anti-victims rants.

This is a message for everyone that is currently serving at Coast Guard Station Burlington and those who came across this page because they received orders here:

This post would probably cause an uproar at the Station if ever found. I can almost hear it now, I must be gay or I must be a woman impersonating a man cause how dare a man actually defend a rape survivor. For my own safety keep my identity private. I also changed some identifying information. To my shipmates think what you want because I could care less about the opinions of someone who said that women deserve to be raped because they chose a career that is for men or because she chose to go hiking or (my favorite) because she is pretty. Your opinion does not matter because you already showed us that you are not on the side of sexual assault or rape survivors. You showed us all that you are nothing but a stupid, ignorant, hateful human beings.

When I hear my shipmates talking about rape, the rape victim who walked the very steps that I am today or any rape victim at all I know that those words could have been about me if they only knew what happened to me as a child. When my shipmates joke that rape survivors are to blame I go back to the scared 8 years old boy that I was when my uncle first molested me. I go back to feeling that I was at fault for his drunken molested nights. For many years I have buried deep inside me what happened and it was not until I came to this Station that I started to think about my uncle’s abuse and even had nightmares about it. All of this blame the victim talk is stirring up emotions and I am sure that I am not the only one.

When my shipmates say that women who are raped are all whores I think about the women at my stations. If statistics hold true one of them was raped or would be raped while serving in the Coast Guard. If statistics hold true two men that I am serving with was raped or would be raped while serving in the Coast Guard. If statistics hold true most likely they’ll never report it. Furthermore if statistics hold true there are 2 of us who been victimized as children. I am one of them. What in essence you are telling us is that she, she, him, him, him and me are all whores.

When we hear you saying that the rape survivor, or any rape survivor, is crazy. The 5 people who statistics show will be sexually victimized are also listening to you. Like me they me be thinking back to when they were raped or assaulted or if they are yet to be victimized they’ll think back to your victim blaming rants. No matter how close that you are with them now. When they are raped they won’t tell you. You have shown to them time and time again that you are not a person who is on the side of a rape victims. You have proven to us that you are nothing more than an ignorant jerk.

When you tell us that rape survivors lie for attention or out of remorse you never know who may be listening. You don’t know if the PO2 spent yesterday evening at the hospital because his wife was raped. You do not know if the non-rate, you know the one who is dreading being here everyday, may have spent the summer before basic in a court room watching his sister testify against a man she claimed raped her-and then was set free as most rapists are and you didn’t put the two together on why he want to get the hell out of the Coast Guard. You don’t know if the BM1 will get a call on his cell phone while you are in the midst of your rants to be informed that his daughter was rape. Is the PO1 going to believe your rants about rape victims and tell the one that he loves what a crazy lying whore that she is or is he going to believe her and think that you are a total dickhead? Either way somebody loses. We, every single one of us, knows somebody who been raped or assaulted. Most likely there are dozens of people in our lives that been raped or assaulted and when you go on your- the victim is crazy and deserved it rant you are telling us that you are not on the side of rape victims or their friends or family or anyone that has been affected by rape and assault. You are not helping to rebuild the great reputation that this station had before we were known as the place that rape occurs and the place that rape victims are blamed, not believed and further tortured.

Now if only more people knew that so that we can steer away from the reputation that we are nothing more than rape victim hating assholes and instead build a reputation that shows that we actually care about this woman and all men and women who been raped or assaulted. All the training and work that we are doing does not matter if we all go back to our old ways and deny the rape survivor’s claims. The rape prevention training that we do is a freaking joke. At least we agreed on something.

I have reached out to help her and am one of her volunteer. She is smarter, harder working and kinder than any person that is serving here today and probably who have served here in 2006. While you are sitting around telling your rape jokes she is working to make sure that you are never a victim of rape. Yes she knows the name of every person who been saying things and she also knows the names of those who are as guilty and turn the other way by refusing to help her. She knows more about what this station is doing than what Senior and his pets/worshippers knows-many who are part of the let ruin the reputation of the Coast Guard by going on rants crew. When she no longer wants to speak out about what happened to her there are many more of us who are willing to speak out for her, if she wishes, and we’ll talk about the victim hating rants that we witnessed. As I said earlier the Coast Guard did a horrible job in covering up this rape and what happened to her as a result of reporting the rape. Unless you are dumb as a rock, and trust me there are some here who are, we all know that there was a coverup of a very, very brutal rape.

All those “don’t rape your shipmates” comments that are so notoriously tied with Station Burlington hold true even to this day. Raping a shipmate is more than the physical sexual act of rape. All of your anti-rape survivor rants or those who refuse to partake in them and walk away without telling others how wrong that they are as guilty. Basically if you are not working to actively eliminate the rape culture at the Station you are taking part in it.

As someone who been sexually assaulted I know that you are also not on my side. You have proved it over and over again. For that I have no respect for anything that you have to say. I know that everyone who is from the Station that is reading this is trying to figure out who I am. I have changed some identifying information to protect my identity. When I get out of this hell hole I’ll speak more frankly.

If you are a member of the public reading this just know that Coast Guard Station Burlington, VT has not changed since the rape survivor was here. Many still get their kicks in blaming, denying and refusing to help her and all rape and sexual assault survivors regardless if the help is directly reaching out to her or not telling someone to shut up when they go on a victim blaming rant or refused to acknowledge or talk about the rape. Cause that is a whole other problem, refusing to talk about the rape only further cover it up.

Now shipmates repeat after me:

Rape victims are not to be blamed.
Rape victims are not crazy.
Rape victims do not lie. The percentage of women that actually lie about rape in the military is less than .1%
I will not say anything bad about rape survivors because I do not know who is a rape survivor and who is not.
I will actively work to eliminate the hate against sexual assault survivors at Station Burlington.
I will acknowledge that there was a rape that occurred here in 2006. By acknowledging it I am not taking part in further covering it up.
I will reach out to offer help to all sexual assault and rape survivors that I know of. This includes anyone that I ever served with, friends and family members, and the woman who was raped here in 2006.
I support ALL survivors of rape and sexual assault. Do not choose and pick which ones tohelp and which ones you can abuse. No “I support rape survivors and sexual assault survivors except for..” excuses. You either helping us all or you are abusing us all. It is that black and white. Can’t make it any simpler for you all.

and for god sake when she comes back say thank you for her endless work to protect every single one of us from falling victims.

Maybe if we start doing that we won’t be outed by the Congress as the Station that call rape survivors crazy lying whores. Now that looked bad.

My Duty to Speak

A friend of a rape survivor is disgusted by the treatment from the Coast Guard

Jael, friend of a rape survivor of the United States Coast Guard

Update: September 15, 2011

Thank you all for your help. My friend is finally getting counseling that she needs and is doing much better. Some of the name calling is still going on but for the most part it stopped after so much attention was brought to this case. We are hoping for a fair and thorough investigation. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

Original Post August 10, 2011

My friend was recently raped in the Coast Guard. Everyone is laughing at her and telling her that she deserved to be raped. She is thinking of dropping all charges because of how badly she been treated. I read every single story on here and I feel that they do this on purpose so victims don’t pursuit the allegations.  The rapist told everyone that she is crazy and cried raped.

The Coast Guard can be so cruel. This is the Coast Guard that we are suppose to respect? I never served and after this I plan on never serving.