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U.S Sailor raped by 3 Petty Officers, a Chief and a Lt.

Anonymous, United States Navy

I was stationed with VFA 125 at NAS Fallon NV following my dream working with F-18’s and following my grandpas steps.

In 1995 I was in my shop doing pubs while I was in between rounds while standing watch in hanger;when I was approached by 3 Petty Officers, a Chief and a Lt. I was tied down and gang raped repeatedly. My command when I reported 3 days later what happened asked what I did in my shop to cause it. The Capt felt it was more important in my opinion, to save the petty officers, chief and the Lt’s careers than me who was only an Airman.

From when I reported it til they pushed me out of command because of my drinking to try to forget everything I was a outsider and and was not listened to concerning plane maintenance. One incident that still haunts me is I replaced a HDU and I told Chief some lines had to be replaced before the bird could go back into the air. He over ruled me, cleared the bird for flight, disregarded my report and on the maintenance flight the bird crashed. It was ruled a mechanical failure.

My family does not know about this, only my fiance and my best friend who is a retired Chief and also a victim of MST. Until I met my fiance I was NEVER willing to get close to any man, I could not trust them, could not be in the room alone with them. In 97 I married my ex-husband and he raped and abused me for years. When you have family ask you what did you do to cause it it makes you truly feel that you did something to cause it.

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Navy attempts culture change on sexual assaults

“”They do say they want to change, but I feel a lot of it is lip service until we see a higher prosecution rate, until we see more rapists sent to prison for rape,” said Panayiota Bertzikis, executive director of the Military Rape Crisis Center. “The bottom line is a felony has been committed and they have to start treating it as a felony.”

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Command rape at US Navy A-school

Felicia, United States Navy

My story was a bit different than the others. I don’t call what happened to me rape because I voluntarily chose to sleep with him but I also felt that I had no other choice.

It started May 2006 at  A-school. I wasn’t doing that well academic-wise even though I was giving my all. For some reason with all the stress that comes along with A-school and a roomie from hell I had difficulties concentrating and doing well. An instructor in a class that I was doing quite badly  in asked if I needed any extra help. I knew that if I didn’t get the extra help that I would have flunked out so of course I said yes.

In exchange for the extra help I had to perform sexual favors. At first I said no and was going to report him. Within an hour I was called in and was being written up for disrespecting my instructor. He straight out lied and said that I cursed him out when he said that I was on the path on not graduating A-school. I tried to defend myself but with his 12 or so years of working there his words were believed over mine. After that whatever he wanted-sexually wise I did what I had to do. It was the only way to save my career.

Somehow with all of this I passed. I am still in the Navy. Which leads me to the problem of sexual harassment. Everyday on my ship I am being harassed by the men. They wanted me to do a train and I refused so they resorted to calling me a cum dumbster.

One 0-3  did sexting to her boyfriend who is also in the Navy and her photo has been circulated by every man on the ship from the Captain down to the non rate. Instead of punishing the men for circulating this photo she was severely reprimanded and put on probation. When she dumped the douchebag he told everyone that she was a slut that wanted it in all of these kinky positions.  She is being harassed as bad as I am.

Men in the Navy act like horny little boys going through puberty.  That must be because most are not getting any and believe it or not most 18 years old enlisting are virgin and their first sexual experience is with the prostitute in a foreign port town that speaks 3 words in English and is probably a victim of trafficking so she obviously not into it so their experience with girls is slim to none and sure act that way!

Major reform needs to be done from the top down.

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Navy recruit RAPED

Anonymous, United States Navy

I was 21, in a bad situation, and the military looked to me to be the best solution … I went to the Navy recruiting office in Nashville Tennessee, and joined up for 6 years. While on DEP, I was invited by the head recruiter in the office to their fancy dress Christmas party.

The party was held at a large hotel, and there were lots of people in dress uniforms, I was dazzled – they looked great and I wanted to be just like them … After the party, I was a little buzzed, but ready for my ride home … THEN he tells me – “I have us a room in the hotel tonight – I don’t want to drive” I was uncomfortable, but figured he was my recruiter, right??

We went to the room, and within 10 minutes, he had me on the bed raping me. After it was done, I was told if I wanted to STAY in the military, I would keep my mouth shut … if I told anyone, I would lose my 6 year contract, and he would talk to all the other recruiters to ensure NO branch would take me. I was pretty much homeless and jobless at this time, so I did what he said … I brought it up to other women later in my career, and was told by at least 5 other women that the same thing had happened to them … it has been over 25 years, and I still think about it on a regular basis.

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Raped At Naval Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois

Anonymous, United States Navy

I left for Navy boot camp when I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school, on August 12, 2002. I was my happiest and had more self esteem than I ever had my entire life when I graduated from boot camp. For the first time in my life I actually felt like I had made my father proud and my father and I grew closer from this experience. Then about a month after I graduated from boot camp is when my life hit rock bottom again.

Here is my story:

Right before Thanksgiving in 2002 (November 22, 2002), I went to a hotel party with two of my shipmates that I considered friends from boot camp (one a male and the other a female). The two friends I went with were in a dating relationship.

I had only been out of boot camp for about a month. I was at IT “A” School in Great Lakes, Illinois. The majority of the people at the hotel party attended IT “A” School where I attended. I didn’t know most of the people because I attended the evening classes at IT “A” School that went from 1630 to 0100. Most of the people attended the day classes from 0730 to 1600. The people I went to the hotel party with ditched me.

I’m not sure who threw the party or rented the hotel rooms but about 8 rooms were rented for the night and party. I hadn’t had a single alcoholic drink all night. I drank water. I even took care of a guy who was so drunk that he was throwing up for about an hour then he passed out. I talked to multiple people in the room for several hours. I stayed in the same room all night in hopes my “friends” would come back for me and it would be easier for them to find me when we were ready to go.

I had talked to this one guy for several hours. Him and I started making out. We made out for about an hour or so. People kept coming and going from the room until about 2AM. Once it was just my rapist, the passed out drunk guy and I left in the room and the guy I was making out with noticed it was just us in the room, he started touching me between the legs with my pants on while making out with me. I pushed him away from me enough to tell him not to touch me on the vagina.

What happened after this is very cloudy to me because I can’t differentiate between what happened to me when I was raped and when I was molested when I was younger. I will explain more of this later in this writing. What I do know is that I was pushing him and squirming to get free but he was too strong and I was too weak to break free. As he penetrated my vagina with his penis I blacked out and had flashbacks of what happened when I was molested by my great uncle from when I was 4 years old until I was 6 years old. When I came back to reality, the guy was walking out of the room. I put my panties and pants back on. As I was walking out of the bedroom, I saw a used condom on the floor.

I went to one of the other hotel rooms because I was looking for my “friends” but they weren’t there and I couldn’t get ahold of them by phone. I had no clue how to get back to base since I was new to the command and fresh out of boot camp. I stayed in the room because there was all females in the room and one guy. I tried to act like myself. I fell asleep in one of the two beds in the hotel room since I was exhausted and just wanted the night to be over.

I woke up with two other people in the bed (the guy and a girl). The guy was in the middle. I woke up with the guy laying on his side facing me and caressing my boob and trying to touch my vagina. I knew he was drunk so I didn’t flip out. Instead I rolled onto the floor purposely but made it look like I didn’t do it on accident. At this point I was so exhausted I just wanted to sleep so I went back to sleep.

In the morning, I was one of the first ones awake so I called one of my close guy friends who friend/roommate had a car. I begged him to come pick me up. The whole ride back to base I was quiet. Once I got back to base I went straight to my barrack’s room and laid in my rack and cried. My guy friend who came to pick me up knew something was wrong and kept calling me on the phone and asking me what was wrong and I kept telling him, “Nothing. I just want to be left alone.” He tried getting me to go to the movies with him but I didn’t want to leave the barracks.  Since I wasn’t acting myself, he sent my friend, *****, to my room to check on me. She kept questioning why I was being so distant from ***** (the guy who picked me up from the hotel). I just told her I was tired and wanted to be alone.

So on Monday morning, November 25, 2002, before PT, I talked to my best friend, ***** ****** from back home and told her what happened on Friday night. We cried together on the phone. She said she felt helpless since she was half a country away and that I need to tell someone so after I got off the phone with her I told ***** about it, ***** flipped out and said I should tell *****. At PT that day, Monday, I told ***** what happened but wouldn’t tell him who it was. He was pissed. That evening, I went to class at 1630. On my dinner break I called ***** again and talked to her more about it and cried some more. When I went back to the schoolhouse my eyes were puffy and red. As we were awaiting the arrival of our instructor, IT1 *******, I started crying uncontrollably. My class leader, Petty Officer *****, took me outside to talk about why I was so upset. All I told him was, “Don’t worry it will all be over on Wednesday.” He asked me what I meant by that but I wouldn’t discuss it. Once IT1 ******* arrived, Petty Officer ***** pulled IT1 ******* and I outside and told IT1 ******* what I had said and IT1 ******* then looked at me and asked me what I meant by that statement. I told him not to worry about it. He told me if I didn’t tell him what I meant then they will take me to the hospital to be evaluated because he would take it that I was suicidal so I told him what happened. What I meant by it will all be over Wednesday is the guys were due to transfer to a new duty station in 2 days and I wouldn’t ever have to see them again.

The MA’s (Master-At-Arms) were called and I told them what happened, they took a report, and they assigned a sexual assault advocate to me. The next day, November 26, 2002, I was called to go down to NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Services) to give them a sworn statement in which I gave them my statement to the best of my knowledge in the emotional state that I was in. I was never told that I could have someone present with me while I made my statement. I saw my counselor, ******* *****, at the Fleet and Family Support Center and told her what had happened. I had been seeing this counselor ever since I got out of boot camp. Not sure of the date but I was called into NCIS for a second time and they took a second sworn statement under duress.

I was referred to a psychiatrist at the Naval Hospital by my command and forced to go see her on December 18th, 2002. I was sent there to be assessed for risk of harm. At that time, I was assessed to be low risk. She explained to me that people don’t generally see a counselor and a psychiatrist because they pretty much do the same thing so I chose to continue seeing my counselor, ******* *****, since I was already established with ******* and felt comfortable talking to her. The guy who raped me and the guy who sexually assaulted me both were released of charges around January 2003, I believe.

On March 5, 2003 ( a week before my graduation from “A” school), I arrived at my schoolhouse for class and my instructor told me that I wouldn’t be attending class that night and that I would need to report to the legal building the next morning. Even though I questioned why he couldn’t give me any information.

On March 6, 2003, I appeared at the legal building and was advised that I was being charged with falsifying official documents and statements (Article 107 of the UCMJ). They wouldn’t give me any more information that that except that I needed to report back to my schoolhouse for placement. The only document I received from legal was a copy of the charge sheet. I went back to my schoolhouse was told that I wouldn’t be graduating from “A” school with my class and depending on the outcome of my case would determine if I would receive my certificate of completion. I was directed to report to the Holds Petty Officer, CTR1 *****, so I did. I caught my instructor in the hall and spoke to him briefly since he knew my situation and since he was one of the sexual assault advocates on base. I explained to him what was going on and told him that I didn’t know where to turn to and that I hadn’t heard from not got any guidance from my sexual assault advocate. He recommended I contact JAG to get some sort of legal representation. At this rate, within days, my emotional and physical health deteriorated and I became extremely suicidal.

Every time I left my barracks room, I was called a slut, a whore, a cunt, a tramp and various other names by guys that were friends with my rapist since they all lived in the barracks next to me. It wasn’t until later on that I found out that a ton of people claimed that they were there and that it was consensual. I spoke to *****, the guy friend who picked me up from the hotel the morning after it happened, on the phone. It was then that he advised me that those people came forward and said that they were there because the two guys were well known on base and the two guys were knocking on tons of people’s doors in their barracks telling guys to vouch for them and say they were there when it all happened. How can they be witnesses if they weren’t there and there was only three people in the room when it happened including my rapist and I? I went back to the psychiatrist because I needed help.

At this point, I had no self worth, didn’t trust the Navy as a whole, had no respect for the Navy, and felt very betrayed. I knew there was no way I could be stationed on a ship with a bunch of men and be okay emotionally. They put me on medicine (Celexa) but they did the opposite for me. I discontinued the medicine at the advice of my doctor and refused to try any other anti-depressants because I felt like a lab rat and didn’t feel comfortable trying different kinds until I found one that worked. At one point, I told the psychiatrist that I was sexually active and that I knew what I was doing was wrong and felt dirty for doing it but that I couldn’t control myself. She explained becoming sexually active is completely common for someone in my shoes because it’s easier to give in then possibly be put through a rape again. I signed release forms for my JAG Officer, my psychiatrist and my counselor to share information with each other. My JAG Officer also requested my records from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office from when I was molested from when I was 4 years old to when I was 6 years old and when my great uncle was charged with such charges and incarcerated in State Prison from such conviction.

My sworn statements to NCIS were a little different since when I gave my statements in detail I couldn’t determine nor differentiate between when I was raped and when I was molested. I do know I yelled NO several times. Even to this day, I can’t tell which event happened during the rape and which happened during the molestation. I can see what is happening to me but I can’t tell how old I am nor can I see a face on the perpetrator. My JAG Officer told me that even with my records from the molestation and with the emotional state I was in when I gave my sworn statements, they wouldn’t help my case even though I begged to differ. Also, my JAG Officer told me that my current sexual activity would be brought into play and it would definitely appear that it was consensual. He said cases like this never have a good outcome and people never win and are never found innocent. At this point, I had no fight left in me and it appeared that odds were against me according to my JAG Officer so I took the plea bargain that my JAG Officer pushed me to take.

At my court martial, the Navy Officer who acted as the Judge for my case, told me that he believed that it truly happened to me but that he had to sentence me since I plead guilty. He said this after the court went off the record so this was no recorded nor reflected on the court martial paperwork. My mom, my grandparents, my instructor from IT “A” school and the chief from my schoolhouse were there but they wouldn’t allow them into the courtroom. I was sentenced to thirty days restriction, no jail time, no extra duty, forfeiture of 2/3 of my pay for one month, and reduction from E-2 (Seaman Apprentice) to E-1 (Seaman Recruit).

My mom asked my JAG Officer after the court martial why they did this to me and his response was, “The Navy needs these guys more than they need your daughter. “ My command and legal let me have 48 hours of liberty with my family and I didn’t even have to come back to base at any time during that 48 hours.

When I came back from the 48 hour liberty, I checked in at legal and come to find out they counted the 48 hours of liberty as my first two days of restriction. At the restriction musters they had me signing all the restricted people’s walking chits and had me take roll call at the restriction musters. Normally on restriction you don’t get off restriction until the last muster of the day on the final day of restriction. Well, on my last day they let me off the first muster of the day and let me go home on leave for two weeks that day.

I definitely no longer felt safe in the Navy nor did I trust the Navy anymore. My psychiatrist put in for Admin Separation due to the PTSD and Major Depression.

Also, around February, I was hanging out with two of my female shipmates and two guy shipmates. The guy shipmates went to pick up food for all of us after we had called in our order for Chinese food. When they got back, the guys handed each of us our food. When I took a bite, my food tasted a little weird but I was so hungry that I ate it anyways. The next morning I woke up and went to brush my teeth, I noticed my tongue was white. I went to medical right away and come to find out the guys had peed in my food and my food only. I found out that they did this because one of them was friends with my rapist and they thought it was funny. Nothing ever happened to those guys for peeing in my food.

The VA, Naval Air Engineering Station, Lakehurst, and myself have all asked for copies of my medical record and neither the Archives nor Great Lakes Navy base acknowledge that they have my medical records. Both state they don’t have it. I was not discharged due to the court martial but in the remarks section of my DD-214 the Navy mentioned the court martial. It wasn’t until I went to the VA that I found out it was on my DD-214. I recently found out that had I stayed in the Navy and continued with my deteriorating mental issues but served my four years in the Navy, the Navy would have given me an Honorable Discharge instead of a General-Under Honorable Conditions and my DD-214 wouldn’t have reflected anything about the court martial.

It is only because of my mental state that I was discharged not because of behavioral reasons so I feel that I was wronged more than once by the Navy. My DD-214 also reflects that I was an E-2 instead of an E-1 when I was discharged which proves that the demotion that the Navy gave me in the court martial was not reflected in my service record. I never received a certificate of completion from IT “A” school but my DD-214 reflects that I completed the course and I was given credit for such.

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Son finds out father was raped in the Navy.

Dan Cole, son of a United States Navy sailor

I came across this website when I was doing research on rape in the Navy. My father served in the Navy from 1946-1958. I was watching the news with my mother and a young woman was being interviewed about a rape in the Navy. My mother said “your father had to go through that too when he was in the Navy”. He never told any of the kids.  She did not go into details and I did not dare ask. He passed away in 1999. I felt horrible for never knowing. Reading the stories on here gives me a glimpse of what he may had went through. I support everyone that is sharing their stories on here.  God bless you all.

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Male sailor went AWOL to avoid being repeatedly gang raped

Heath Phillips, United States Navy

I joined the Navy at 17 yrs old. 5 days after my 17th birthday I was in boot camp. I went aboard the USS Butte AE27. Within the first weekend I was sexually attacked by a group of 6 men. I reported it to my command to be told I was a liar, and was homesick. The attacks became worse and my complaints were not helping. I decided to commit suicide and failed. My parent urged me to leave and come home. While home I had a Congressional Investigation done. Behold I didnt lie! 2 where caught and 1 was shipped away and 3 remained. Upon my return the sexual attacks became worse and like before fell on deaf ears. I kept going AWOL to avoid attacks and threats of death by being tossed off the fantail. I then was given the asked to chose between a Other than Honorable discharge or 6 months confinement to the ship. I got out! Now because I went AWOL I have been denied everything in the VA. They dont deny the attacks but justify the denial because I went AWOL to avoid being repeatedly gang raped.

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Sailor drugged and raped by 3 Army Soldiers

Rebcaa Blumer, United States Navy

On February 13, 2010, I was drugged and raped by 3 Army Soldiers the day before they shipped off to Afghanistan. I was beaten and bloody and bruised and washed by my rapists. I reported my rape to the ER the next morning. I decided to go unrestricted in my reporting. DNA was found on my underwear, since I was washed, all they had was proof they touched by underwear. From the moment I told my command, I was asked “Did you inflict these injuries yourself?” “Did you imagine or dream it?” On April 30, 2011, I was separated from the Navy because I decided to fight and not sit back and let the Navy do nothing about my rape. I was given an honorable discharge for misconduct(serious offense). What was my serious offense? Allowing myself to get drugged and raped against my will. Over a year of torture from my fellow Sailors and Command all came to an abrupt end when I left the Navy and moved 4 states away. Before my rape, I had an officer package in and was ranked #1 in my command. After my rape, I was a “dirt bag” “whore” “trouble maker” “drama queen”. My rapists are still in the Army and as far as I know, still serving in Afghanistan. Have they raped others? I am sure of it….My only wish is that some day, all my suffering will be worth something and they will be put away for life!

My Duty to Speak

Mother of an Active Duty sailor call for help.

I’m not sure where to start, by baby girl just emailed me from her ship this weekend and told me of her being raped. She said it happened just a day or so before deployment which was more than a two months ago and that it was a man she is directly working under. I do not know all the details of the rape. I do know that 3 weeks ago, she went to her Chaplain, because the pain was too great to deal with and she was starting to get depressed. Her last email to me said the following:

First email: There is something that I haven’t told you about me. I don’t want you to freak out or anything. But I was told by the chaplain that I needed to tell you because I might be pulled off the ship for treatment. I was raped by ht1 **** a day before deployment. I don’t want to type it all out b/c I have had to tell a million ppl my story and it’s a long one. Please don’t freak. I did not ever want to tell you b/c I did not want you to get sad. Chaps said that I have been wearing a mask and soon it will come off and I will be a hazard to the command. They are not taking him off the ship. IDK why but if it does not happen soon I am gonna freak. I cant stand looking at him everyday. That is why I am working in the galley (kitchen) b/c they took me outta my division.

Second Email: It happened a day before deployment. I didn’t tell on him till Hawaii.So it was too late for an exam. In guam they tested me for everything and I’m good. I’m fighting this till the end. I don’t care how long it takes he’s going down. Whenever they asked me what I wanted to happen to him I told them that I just didn’t want to see him again… they said that he’d be gone by guam but they lied. He’s still here and I see him three times a day. Its depressing hardcore and the chaplin knows that so he’s requesting me off the ship. If I get to get off I will be going to shore duty for awhile and get treatment. It’s hard…

Third Email: Hey mama, Okay so here is what is happening. On june 3rd I will be taken off the ship and placed on a refueling ship where I will stay until they pull into a port. From there I will be flown to san diego back to base. I will be going through treatment. They are going to see if I am still fit to be in the navy and they are going to help me with my case. I’m nervous, but I know that it is whats best for me. As her Mommy, what on earth can I do?? Where can she turn for real help? This is happening NOW!

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Julie writes about her Rape in the US Navy

Julie, United States Navy

I was 25 years old when I enlisted in the Navy. I worked so hard to lose the weight and to achieve a dream which was serving my country. I left for boot camp in August 2004. I graduated from boot camp and then went to CS A school in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base. I had only been in the Navy for four months. It was the first time that I took leave and came back to the Navy. One of my friends asked me to switch duty days with her because her family was coming to see her. I told her that I would switch with her. I stood my duty day and got off of duty. Him and me left from base and went to get a hotel room. I just gotten phase three liberty because I had graduated and was just waiting for orders.

We went to Super 8 hotel at 410 and Marbach. We put our stuff up in the room. He had to go back to base for something. I took a cab to the Riverwalk where I walked around by myself for a while. I then ran into some people from A school and we went to Hooter’s. There I ate and drank two Smiroff’s. After that I went my own direction and ended up at Hard Rock Cafe. I ordered some more drinks and had a bartender’s speciality drink. It was starting to get into the evening hours. I then took a cab to a bar called Pegaus. There I orderd a couple more Smiroff’s and drank a couple more bartender’s shots. I was totally wasted. Some how I made it back to where Mac Trans picks up to go back to base.

I went to the hotel right outside of base to see a friend. They were getting ready to leave to go to another bar. I was done, so I went outside and called him to come pick me up. He took me back to the hotel room. I remember walking in the room. There was a little half wall in between the bed and sofa. I put my id, cellphone, and money there. I took off my shoes and jeans, leaving on my Ohio STate long sleeve shirt, Kurt Warner Jersey, and panties and bra. I got into the bed on the left side. All I wanted to do was to sleep.

D was on the telephone. I went to sleep. I woke up to him being on top of me, raping me. I did not want to have sex with him. I didn’t fight him because I was to drunk. I remember him asking me why I was snooring. I got up after he was done, got dressed, and went back to base. I remember CS1 saying you’ve been partying. I didn’t say any thing to him. I went to barracks room and just sat on my bed and cried. Later I took a shower.

I didn’t say any thing until a couple of days later because I did not think any one would believe me. I mean he was a third class fleet returnee and I was just a E-2 that had only been in for four months. I talked to my friend that was a E-3 and she went to the command. They took me over to the hospital where they did an exam. There was what they called an investigation, but I have found out that the paperwork is gone know.

He contacted me by email about two weeks ago and said that he is down with taking a woman and so you was sleeping and remembering how…lol.. He is still in the Navy and has been promoted to a Second Class. My life was destroyed that night and the person I was died when he raped me. All I want is for justice to be done. I am tired of the Navy protecting him. I’m the one that has been in counseling since that night. I am the one that wanted to change my rate in the Navy, but no one would listen or help me. I was also called a liar by my chief when I told him, I needed to leave the ship early to go to a counseling appointment at the rape crisis center in Norfolk, VA.

Women that report rape in the military are treated with such disrespect and it is the military saying good boy keep on raping women and we will protect you. Something needs to be done.