My Duty to Speak

No parents should lose a child like this.

This is Sophie’s Obituary:

Sophie Christine Lisa Champoux, 25, Fort Stewart, GA died September 30, 2011. She was born July 5, 1986 in Orlando daughter of Denis Jean Joseph Champoux & Suzette Perkins Champoux. She was a former Clermont resident & former member of Clermont Bible Church. In 2006 she relocated to New Jersey & currently was a Sergeant in the US Army stationed at Fort Stewart.

Surviving is her mother Suzette Champoux of Clermont; father Denis Champoux, Centennial, CO; brothers Ian Champoux, Orlando & Noah Champoux, Winter Park & paternal grandparents Paul & Celine Champoux, Dover, FL.

The Account of Sophie Champoux rape and death told to Jen McClendon by Suzie Champoux, who is Sophie’s mother. No parent should lose their child like this.

Sgt Sophie Champoux, 25

Sophie was the child of Suzie and Denis Chamoux of Orlando, Fla. She was the oldest of three children. Sophie was an honest young woman. She had a great relationship with her family.

Sophie played softball; she practiced Taeqwando, played both guitar and drums. She participated in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in high school. Sophie went to a local technical college and earned a degree in Graphic Arts.

She had always wanted to be a soldier. She scored in the 98th percentile on her Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). She was well on her way to success when she decided to join the United States Army. Sophie Champoux was an American sweetheart if ever there was one.

Despite a successful career and deployments, Sophie was raped three times by fellow soldiers. She died in September 2011. The DoD told her family that she committed suicide. Her family is demanding an investigation.

Sophie went to boot camp and excelled. At her boot camp graduation every thing seemed fine. She went to technical school at Fort Sam Houston. She became an Army Medic. She seemed excited to be at Ft. Sam Houston. She began to think about becoming a doctor or a Physician Assistant.

In three and a half years, Sophie was raped while she was on duty in White Sands, New Mexico, in Sharan, Afghanistan, and at Ft. Stewart, Georgia. The same man raped her in Afghanistan, and at Ft. Stewart. He stalked her from Afghanistan to Ft. Stewart. She could not get away from him.

The stalking rapist at Ft. Stewart confessed to CID (Criminal Investigative Division) and then he retracted his statements, stole an Army vehicle, and got arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence). This rapist was awarded a total of forty months in military prison for the rape, stealing an Army vehicle, going AWOL (Absent Without Out Leave), and having a DUI.

Sophie called her mother from Afghanistan and said, “Mom send me Ka-Bar because I cannot go to the bathroom safely. I have more to fear from my own (fellow soldiers) than any enemy Afghani with a grenade.” She was never scared of Afghani citizens. She was afraid of her fellow soldiers.

Sophie Champoux was an American sweetheart.

While she was stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia was found with a gunshot wound behind her right ear. Her time of death was 10:30 PM on Friday 30 September 2011. Her Mother was informed of her death at 1AM on October 2, 2012. Her death was ruled a suicide.
Army Investigators told Sophie Chamoux’s mother that Sophie committed suicide for the (SGLI) insurance money.

While it not good to editorialize, the person that is writing this account does not believe that this was a suicide.