My Duty to Speak


Sandy, United States Air Force

The night before we shipped out for basic all recruits are required to spend over night at a hotel. In the morning they pick us up and we go back to MEPS and then to the airport to make our way to our respective training centers.

Even though it is against MEPS policy my roommate had her boyfriend over in the room for some last time action. She said that he will leave by 8 so I went and made myself busy for the few hours. I went to dinner and started talking to a guy that was going into the Army. We went to where most of the recruits gathered and were sitting in lounge chairs around a garden. At around 7 I was getting bored so he said that he was going to his room to watch TV and I was welcomed to join him. Going into the room of the opposite sex is against policy but I took the risk and went.

We were watching Jeopardy out of all shows. I was sitting on his bed and he was sitting on the floor. During the commercial he got up, pushed me against the bed and raped me.

I walked back to my room shaken and in a daze confused over what happened. The roommate’s boyfriend was still there when I got back and I demanded that he leaves cause I was going to go to sleep. She got all bitchy at me and said “you are just jealous cause you not get any.” I took a shower and slept. They make policies for a reason. If I followed then I wouldn’t have gotten myself into a situation that would get me raped.

Next day at MEPS I started crying and a nurse said “this is a stressful time for many. Let out all your tears before you get off the bus.

Reading all the stories on here gave me strength to share what I have been through. I never told a sole until now.

Thank you for reading this.