My Duty to Speak

Christopher Lagan, United States Coast Guard further abuses rape survivor

After posting The Coast Guard’s Response to talking about Sexual AssaultĀ  We were forwarded this blog posting from the Officer Coast Guard blog at I don’t think much explaining needs to be made. Below is a screenshot regarding a comment made on the Official Coast Guard blog in reference to Veterans’ Day. A Coast Guard rape survivor said that she’ll proudly be representing Coast Guard Veterans which was a huge accomplishment for her because being raped and like many survivors forced out of service for reporting a rape she had a difficult time coming to terms on calling herself a Veteran. As a result Christopher Lagan dismissed her pride for the service by calling her comments “an attack on the service”.

A Military Rape Crisis Center study estimates that 92% of all rape survivors are forced out of service. The United States Coast Guard continues to fall behind the other 4 military branches in how sexual assault cases are handled.

We believe that she sure is a Veteran. Thank you for your service.

written by M.O