Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

We all know a rape survivor. A sexual assault survivor speaks about being stationed at Coast Guard Burlington VT

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard Station Burlington, VT Crew 2011

Updated September 16. 2011

Every summer my parents will ship me off for a week or two to stay with an uncle who owned a condo by the beach. He was a bartender and worked at nights. During the day we’ll hang out by the beach, go to the amusement park and play baseball. After work in the wee hours of the morning he’ll come to my bed and molest me. This went on from the age of 8-15. He told me to keep quiet about it. I was scared so I did. I also went through some sexual assault, harassment, hazing not sure what it was during basic training. No body else involved reported it so I kept my mouth shut as well to not stir up any trouble.

When I received orders to Station Burlington I did what anyone else will do; I went online and did as much research about Burlington, VT and Station Burlington. It was going to be my home for the next few years might as well know what the town and station is all about. I came across an article about a woman who was stationed here and reported a rape. I read it and thought how screw up it was what she went through and continued on with my research to find the best bar/restaurant/place to live in the Burlington area.

The town of Burlington hates us. Sorry but to be such a downer but that it is the truth. When the Station makes the news there are always a couple of folks that want to bring up the rape. I was wearing a Coast Guard tee shirt at Hanaford and was scolded by some middle-aged woman about the rape coverup. There is even a group called “Vermonters against Station Burlington, VT” they even have a facebook page. On the good side all the comments on there say that they have nothing against the station but are disgusted by the way the rape case was handled. My mom told a friend of hers who grew up in Vermont that I am serving in Burlington. Her first comment was about the rape. My mom was calling me asking me about the rape. We are not known for the lives that we saved or making the lake a safe place, we are only known as the place that a woman was raped and the Coast Guard covered it up. I have been at the station for quite some time and can say we deserve every single negative thing that has been said about this station.

Before someone from the station reads this and try to track down who wrote it let me say that you know what I am about to write is the truth. A week does not pass by without the crew saying some sick rape joke or blame the victim comment. This is nothing unique to Station Burlington-at my previous unit we had a woman who reported sexual harassment. When she left the rumor mill ran wild. What is unique in this case is the amount of folks that know about the Station Burlington case as opposed to the previous case. Kudos to the survivor for not shutting up about what happened to her.

The Coast Guard did a pretty messy job covering up her rape. Photos of her injuries are circulating the web and you can’t possibly tell me that those injuries were from a woman who “cried rape” or a woman who “wanted” it. If you brutally attack and break the tooth of every woman who is “willingly” wanting to have sex go report yourself to the police right now. For those that said she “deserved to be raped” I can’t imagine what she possibly could have done to deserve to be beaten, raped and watch the man be set free. I won’t wish that on my worst enemy. Not even Dick Chenny deserves to be treated in this manner. After seeing those photos, which by the way were taken at Station Burlington I recognized the room in the background, the man who did this to her should have at the very least be charged with aggravated assault. Town of Burlington I agree with everything that you are saying about this station. We fucked up.

Nobody that is serving here today has served with the rape survivor. The information that we have on her was handed down, washed down and twisted by those who served with her. They were as the victim put it, the core group of people who did the majority of the victim blaming. It is not difficult to find out who they were since most continue to be the same assholes today. I am tired of reading all those “she deserved the rape but she is also lying”-contradiction (I’m talking to you, Christopher Simays, Joseph F. Lydon and Stacy Houg) comments. There was an entire debate on facebook which over a dozen people came to the defense for the rape survivor after Stacy Houg went all apeshit saying she fucking crazy, the rape survivor deserved it rant. When people who heard about the rape being spoken by the Congress, yes the CONGRESS Stacy was so adement that this rape was not spoken about in Congress and called everyone that made mention that it was-a liar. That was until somebody posted a link for a video that shows no other but a Congresswoman speaking about this rape on where else but on the Congress floor during a formal hearing.

What I witnessed was a Coast Guardsman that served at Station Burlington attacking people without any merit and jumping to conclusion for what she thinks was done. Now you tell me that Stacy Houg did not jump to conclusions over what happened immediately after she heard about the rape? What I witnessed was BM3 Houg trying to defend her wrong doings by continuing to discredit the survivor. I am sure that I was not the only who was following Stacy trying to cover up her abuse towards the victim by further abusing her and all who came to her defense. BM3 Houg may no longer be serving here but her comments are doing more than just making Stacy looking like an ignorant bitch. What is this doing for Station Burlington image? A whole lot of damage.

As I was saying, not one person who is serving here today served with the rape survivor. You’ll think that we have better things to do than talk about the rape survivor but I can assure you that we do not. When Senior leaves for the day and we are on duty we get bored, like watching our flat screen TV bored out of our minds someone please go be an idiot on the lake kind of bored. For god sakes we are on a lake in Vermont-trust me most days pass by without any cases. There is so little to do here that we are nicked named Station Vacation. There are a handful that love to make mention of the rape. They joke and laugh about it. They call the survivor crazy and tell us that she deserves it. I wonder where they learned that one from. What they fail to realize, aside from the damage it does to the reputation of the Station is how it affects those around them that have to listen to their anti-victims rants.

This is a message for everyone that is currently serving at Coast Guard Station Burlington and those who came across this page because they received orders here:

This post would probably cause an uproar at the Station if ever found. I can almost hear it now, I must be gay or I must be a woman impersonating a man cause how dare a man actually defend a rape survivor. For my own safety keep my identity private. I also changed some identifying information. To my shipmates think what you want because I could care less about the opinions of someone who said that women deserve to be raped because they chose a career that is for men or because she chose to go hiking or (my favorite) because she is pretty. Your opinion does not matter because you already showed us that you are not on the side of sexual assault or rape survivors. You showed us all that you are nothing but a stupid, ignorant, hateful human beings.

When I hear my shipmates talking about rape, the rape victim who walked the very steps that I am today or any rape victim at all I know that those words could have been about me if they only knew what happened to me as a child. When my shipmates joke that rape survivors are to blame I go back to the scared 8 years old boy that I was when my uncle first molested me. I go back to feeling that I was at fault for his drunken molested nights. For many years I have buried deep inside me what happened and it was not until I came to this Station that I started to think about my uncle’s abuse and even had nightmares about it. All of this blame the victim talk is stirring up emotions and I am sure that I am not the only one.

When my shipmates say that women who are raped are all whores I think about the women at my stations. If statistics hold true one of them was raped or would be raped while serving in the Coast Guard. If statistics hold true two men that I am serving with was raped or would be raped while serving in the Coast Guard. If statistics hold true most likely they’ll never report it. Furthermore if statistics hold true there are 2 of us who been victimized as children. I am one of them. What in essence you are telling us is that she, she, him, him, him and me are all whores.

When we hear you saying that the rape survivor, or any rape survivor, is crazy. The 5 people who statistics show will be sexually victimized are also listening to you. Like me they me be thinking back to when they were raped or assaulted or if they are yet to be victimized they’ll think back to your victim blaming rants. No matter how close that you are with them now. When they are raped they won’t tell you. You have shown to them time and time again that you are not a person who is on the side of a rape victims. You have proven to us that you are nothing more than an ignorant jerk.

When you tell us that rape survivors lie for attention or out of remorse you never know who may be listening. You don’t know if the PO2 spent yesterday evening at the hospital because his wife was raped. You do not know if the non-rate, you know the one who is dreading being here everyday, may have spent the summer before basic in a court room watching his sister testify against a man she claimed raped her-and then was set free as most rapists are and you didn’t put the two together on why he want to get the hell out of the Coast Guard. You don’t know if the BM1 will get a call on his cell phone while you are in the midst of your rants to be informed that his daughter was rape. Is the PO1 going to believe your rants about rape victims and tell the one that he loves what a crazy lying whore that she is or is he going to believe her and think that you are a total dickhead? Either way somebody loses. We, every single one of us, knows somebody who been raped or assaulted. Most likely there are dozens of people in our lives that been raped or assaulted and when you go on your- the victim is crazy and deserved it rant you are telling us that you are not on the side of rape victims or their friends or family or anyone that has been affected by rape and assault. You are not helping to rebuild the great reputation that this station had before we were known as the place that rape occurs and the place that rape victims are blamed, not believed and further tortured.

Now if only more people knew that so that we can steer away from the reputation that we are nothing more than rape victim hating assholes and instead build a reputation that shows that we actually care about this woman and all men and women who been raped or assaulted. All the training and work that we are doing does not matter if we all go back to our old ways and deny the rape survivor’s claims. The rape prevention training that we do is a freaking joke. At least we agreed on something.

I have reached out to help her and am one of her volunteer. She is smarter, harder working and kinder than any person that is serving here today and probably who have served here in 2006. While you are sitting around telling your rape jokes she is working to make sure that you are never a victim of rape. Yes she knows the name of every person who been saying things and she also knows the names of those who are as guilty and turn the other way by refusing to help her. She knows more about what this station is doing than what Senior and his pets/worshippers knows-many who are part of the let ruin the reputation of the Coast Guard by going on rants crew. When she no longer wants to speak out about what happened to her there are many more of us who are willing to speak out for her, if she wishes, and we’ll talk about the victim hating rants that we witnessed. As I said earlier the Coast Guard did a horrible job in covering up this rape and what happened to her as a result of reporting the rape. Unless you are dumb as a rock, and trust me there are some here who are, we all know that there was a coverup of a very, very brutal rape.

All those “don’t rape your shipmates” comments that are so notoriously tied with Station Burlington hold true even to this day. Raping a shipmate is more than the physical sexual act of rape. All of your anti-rape survivor rants or those who refuse to partake in them and walk away without telling others how wrong that they are as guilty. Basically if you are not working to actively eliminate the rape culture at the Station you are taking part in it.

As someone who been sexually assaulted I know that you are also not on my side. You have proved it over and over again. For that I have no respect for anything that you have to say. I know that everyone who is from the Station that is reading this is trying to figure out who I am. I have changed some identifying information to protect my identity. When I get out of this hell hole I’ll speak more frankly.

If you are a member of the public reading this just know that Coast Guard Station Burlington, VT has not changed since the rape survivor was here. Many still get their kicks in blaming, denying and refusing to help her and all rape and sexual assault survivors regardless if the help is directly reaching out to her or not telling someone to shut up when they go on a victim blaming rant or refused to acknowledge or talk about the rape. Cause that is a whole other problem, refusing to talk about the rape only further cover it up.

Now shipmates repeat after me:

Rape victims are not to be blamed.
Rape victims are not crazy.
Rape victims do not lie. The percentage of women that actually lie about rape in the military is less than .1%
I will not say anything bad about rape survivors because I do not know who is a rape survivor and who is not.
I will actively work to eliminate the hate against sexual assault survivors at Station Burlington.
I will acknowledge that there was a rape that occurred here in 2006. By acknowledging it I am not taking part in further covering it up.
I will reach out to offer help to all sexual assault and rape survivors that I know of. This includes anyone that I ever served with, friends and family members, and the woman who was raped here in 2006.
I support ALL survivors of rape and sexual assault. Do not choose and pick which ones tohelp and which ones you can abuse. No “I support rape survivors and sexual assault survivors except for..” excuses. You either helping us all or you are abusing us all. It is that black and white. Can’t make it any simpler for you all.

and for god sake when she comes back say thank you for her endless work to protect every single one of us from falling victims.

Maybe if we start doing that we won’t be outed by the Congress as the Station that call rape survivors crazy lying whores. Now that looked bad.

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Slut-shaming the US Military way.

By Panayiota Bertzikis

Hey y’all did you hear I am a  “psyco [sic] jizz gobbler” and a “slam pig” Of course you heard it-rape survivor and name calling they go hand in hand. Its okay. I know that if Mother Theresa (RIP MT) was ever raped she would probably have been called a slut. My colleague and best friend in the whole entire world-sisters not related by blood but I love this girl to death-Melissa was raped in the Air Force and then rumors flew like wild (no pun intended) that she had slept with THE ENTIRE AIR FORCE-ALL 350,000 of them! That must be some sort of world record. Wait in less than a year time did you say? God damm it Melissa you were one busy lady. Yes, she knows that I am writing about her as we are both on FB chat as I am writing this rolling our cyber eyes at how dumb the rape culture is. This is just what the rape shamers, rape apologists, rape excusers-whatever you want to call them-do to rape survivors. They  come in any any rank, age, ethnic group-it can be a man as much as it can be a woman. It can be anyone.  They call rape survivors psycho, tell us that we are at fault for what happened and of course call us sluts. It is called rape culture and slut shaming, more on that later. To the Coast Guardsman that  called me a jizz gobbler-no hard feelings I can not take seriously anyone that does not use real words.

The person who allegedly called me this was a Captain (he must have teenage kids at home or something.) For those not up to part with the teenage slangs of the minute (its okay at the age of 29 I already look at teenagers with the utterly confused WTH does that mean look. Wait I did that when I was 16 too-god I was always such a dork.)

Here are the definitions according to Urban Dictionary

Jizz gobbler: One who engages in the act or practice of ingesting semen in a rapid or enthusiastic manner.

Slam pig: a girl that is such a slut and has been fucked so many times, that most men realize she has some kind of venereal disease and decide not to go near her

Jizz Globbler and Slam pig seriously Captain? This makes absolutely zero fucking sense when it comes to describing a rape survivor.

Let just say that I really am a Jizz Gobbler (isn’t that the funniest fake word ever?) and let just say Melissa really did sleep with the entire Air Force willingly then why will we be raped? Did Melissa sleep with 349,999 airmen and then the 350,000th she cried rape? Can someone tell me how this work? We’ll be sluts (I know women should be able to sleep with how many people she wants without being labeled but follow me on this)  and go about our slutty ways and we’ll like it cause well that is just what a slut does and that’s fine if that is what you are into.  Bottom line:  YOU CAN NOT RAPE THE WILLING.

But  all jokes aside we have been raped as have one in three women who are serving in the United States Armed Forces. Yes I know you probably all know this but  this is for you Captain I called my shipmate a psyco jizz gobbler. The definition of rape under the Uniform Code of Justice is:

Article 120, Rape, sexual assault, and other sexual misconduct.


By using force: That the accused caused another person, who is of any age, to engage in a sexual act by using force against that other person.

By causing grievous bodily harm: That the accused caused another person, who is of any age, to engage in a sexual act by causing grievous bodily harm to any person.

By using threats or placing in fear: That the accused caused another person, who is of any age, to engage in a sexual act by threatening or placing that other person in fear that any person will be subjected to death, grievous bodily harm, or kidnapping.

By rendering another unconscious: That the accused caused another person, who is of any age, to engage in a sexual act by rendering that other person unconscious.

Yep some heavy stuff there. Not one word about sluts, sleeping around or jizz gobbling. The use of one’s force in a sexual manner to control and imply fear onto another person. Rape is done against the will of the victim. Again, if we willingly sleep with every man who remotely glance our way then it is impossible to be raped. Sluts says yes, rape victims say NO. My very good friend Jenny, an US Navy rape survivor and kick ass woman, said it the best: “ If we all wanted it, we would be back for more and not reporting rapes.” I agree with Jenny and you should to!

However we are living in a rape culture and in that all women who are having sex are sluts. Survivors are  slut-shamed  into thinking that they are at fault for being raped–for no other than because they are sluts! Every woman who I know who reported a rape was slut-shamed, even women who were not raped are often slut-shamed. Basically if you are a woman living today you have been called a slut at some point in your life. She had sex (consensual) with someone and she is called a slut. Even if you are a virgin you are a slut! I heard the media calling 5 years old girls slutty–five years old girls? What message is that sending them and all who heard?.  If you say yes to sex you are called a slut or if you say no you are called a slut. Either way women who are having sex or not having sex are being called sluts. This is called slut-shaming.

Slut Shaming is attacking women for their sex lives. For rape survivors it goes even further in that it attack survivors of sexual assault and rape by shaming her and making everyone-including the survivor to think that she “asked to be raped” . I have worked with over 6500 military sexual assault and rape survivors and from my professional humble opinion I do not think any one of my clients ever asked to be raped. Again if we asked to have sex it is consensual and therefore not rape.

Slut shaming comes in so many different forms. If you are a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma you’ll probably could relate to any one or more of the following examples of Slut-Shaming:

Straight out being called a Slut: Can’t get anymore simple. Calling a rape survivor a slut because well you know only sluts get raped. They may say it to our face but more often they don’t have the courage to do so they’ll go around our back, tell the entire crew, maybe post it on-line and use cutesy made up fake words like Jizz Gobbler. It does not matter what the survivor’ sexual history is-if she was a virgin at time of rape or if she slept with 80 men-it does not matter. According to rape-shamers if you been raped you are a jizz gobbler slam pig and that’s that.

Morning After Remorse: This often, but not always, goes along with drinking. You went out with some guys in which you just spent over a year with in Afghanistan. You drank to being back home in the USA and after 2 drinks you start to feeling a bit light-headed. You not sure what is happening cause normally it takes you more than 2 drinks to feel anything. Next thing you know you wake up and are half-naked. Any sane person can see that you were probably drugged. Your comrades and rape apologists though will cry “Morning After Remorse”. According to them you drank too much, you slept around and then went “oops I slept with the wrong man last night.”  What they fail to see is that us normal folks, you know none-rapists, when we are out with a buddy that may have drank too much we make sure that they are safe, we take away their car keys, drive them home and not use it as an opportunity to have sex with them as they are passed out in their own vomit. Rapist though use it as their chance to have sex without your consent (you can not consent if you drank too much–or been drugged). NO CLEAR YES=RAPE.

Imaginary curfew: I understand that some military installations do have curfews for all and if you out beyond curfew time and you get raped it is still not your fault. At one point the military had “women only curfews” in that a woman can not leave her barrack room after a certain hour without a male escort. When they came to realize that over 80% of women are raped by somebody that they know so a woman has a higher chance of being raped by the male escort than by a complete stranger walking alone they scratched that idea. Today though most posts do not have any curfews. As long as you performing your duties and following all regulations you can pretty much come and go as you please. If you on liberty and want to make a milk run to the 24-hours grocery story at 2am you most likely could. Unless of course you been raped. Rape apologists will argue that you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation by being out when it is dark. If you are out later than when your grandmother goes to bed you are a SLUT just begging, wanting to be raped. They are more concern on why you were out and about at 2am than the fact that you been raped.

You consent once, you consent always. So you been dating a guy or you thought some guy was cute and was making out with him at the bar or you are married or you been with a guy but you no longer together or you totally crushing on a guy and everybody knows it and then he rapes you. Whatever sexual acts that you did prior to the rape does not make the rape any less of a rape. Rape excusers though would blame victim. You were seen at the bar making out with him-and then you went to his room. You were asking for it! Well not exactly,  just because someone was making out with someone does not mean that they consent to every single sexual act. You slept with him and been dating. Having sex once-or once a day with someone does not give consent to have sex every single time. You are married to him. When you take your vows you do not give up your right to consent. Stupid arguments from stupid rape-apologists trying to do nothing other than SLUT-SHAME a survivor.

Fashion Police: So you chose to enlist in the military, graduated with honors from basics and MOS school, and right before your first deployment you fall victim of a rape. Next thing you know you in a room talking about the “evil of miniskirts and tank tops” and its all going so fast that for a second you wondered how Joan Rivers got herself a Marine Corps uniform and an M16 until you realized that it was your NCO and he is talking about red mini skirts and low-cut tanks. Why is he talking about  fashion when you guys are deploying in 10 days? Two words: SLUT SHAMING. What we were wearing when we got raped, whatever that outfit was, is the reason we were raped or so they try to make us and everyone else believe.  If we were in a red mini skirt(totally slutty), jeans and a tee-shirt (slutty but depending on how tight our jeans are we may be playing hard to get but still slutty) or our BDUs (well it looks slutty on us cause you know we have boobs and all). By blaming the victim and slut-shaming into making everyone including the survivor feel that she is at fault for what happened then how could they punish the rapist? It was the sweatpants and t-shirt that made him do it! Just to let you know whatever a rape survivor wears is going to be viewed as slutty. We can never win.

There is a movement called Slut Walk. It all started last winter in Toronto  when a police officer told an audience of college students at York University that in order to not be raped women should “stop dressing like slut”. Were people pissed! We are living in a culture that tells women to not get raped, instead of men to not rape. They took it to the streets, there have been Slutwalks in DC, Dubai, London, literally everywhere and on these walks women and men can dress up however slutty that they desire-some wore miniskirts and high heels, others in Burkas. Melissa and I attended a Slutwalk wearing our military uniforms. The message is ‘My outfit does not consent to you raping me’. Women get raped regardless if they are wearing a burka, a red mini skirt or the uniform of the US Coast Guard. For those in the Phoenix, AZ area I’ll be a speaker at the Phoenix Slutwalk talking about slut-shaming in the Coast Guard. Holler back if you interested in attending.

The military likes to control it people. They tell us what to wear, when to eat, where to live, when we can leave the military regardless of what our contract says-so if they can breach our military enlistment contract and get away with it why can’t they tell men and women that it is not okay to tell a victim of rape that she is…a crazy, lying or a slut? The slut-shaming is starting from the top (Remember Captain I called my shipmate a psyco jizz gobbler?) and making it way down the ranks.

I want to give you some solution to make slut-shaming go away but it is so ingrained in the military  institution as well as non-military rape culture that it is going beyond just a few bad apples.

As I said we live in a culture that slut-shame women for their every move. What can you do to help eliminate the rape culture and slut-shaming. Here are some ideas:

1. Don’t tell rape jokes or sexist jokes. Tell others why they are not funny! Need help? Go here.

2. Don’t blame women for rape. We are not raped because we are out at 2am, went out for beers with the guys or because our uniform looks “sexy” on us. The person who is to blame is the RAPIST!

3. Don’t call someone a slut or use fake words that mean slut! Women can sleep with whoever she wants (as long as it is consensual for all parties involved) without being called names. Whoever you sleep with just make sure that it is safe sex!

4. Reach out to rape survivors on post. Telling them that they you believe them and that they are not fault is the most wonderful thing to hear for someone who has to deal with rape-apologists every single day.

5. Support rape survivors. Support people who support rape survivors. Volunteer at the Military Rape Crisis Center or a rape crisis center in your community or volunteer to be a Victim Advocate!

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Sexually Harassed, Hazed, Discriminated Against and DISCHARGED for reporting it-United States Coast Guard

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

Entered the CG in 2005 with intent to serve 20 and retire.Got to my first small boat station in a depressed area in Maine not far from Canadian border .First day an MK3 said he hopes I am NOT like the other females that came through here. Thought nothing of it until comments because blatently discriminatory, sexist and degrading towards women. Male infidelity at that station was rampid and with everything I had seen, heard and experienced I felt very uncomfortable and unsafe. Kept my berthing room locked in fear I would be raped by one of the animals there. Comments became worse daily and anytime I asked for help or training, I was denied.

The word N@#$!R was constantly used by the unit and being raised amongst diversity in NYC, I took great offense to those comments as well. One offgoing day the OIC called me into office regarding sign offs and when he asked WHY I did not have much signed off that is when I told him about what was going on.His comment was that he heard I was a whiner and to keep asking for help.I told him I am not going to keep asking for help when doors are literally slammed in my face, being harassed, ignored or mocked.He dismissed me and said he did not want to hear it so I left.

I finally had enough after a conversation transpired between an MK3, SK2 and non rate pertaining to “knocking up” a local girl and how that all could have been prevented if they would have “put it in her pooper”. There were more comments about punching the girl in the stomach to induce a miscarriage also.Spoke to a chaplain and was advised to speak with the command Master Chief.Went down to the SFO on my offday to talk to him in the Chiefs Mess and told him what was going on. Everything was investigated by a YNC with NO EXPERIENCE at all AND was eventually demoted when I was on my way out for sexual harassment himself.

Was transferred to the SFO and worked with the HS1 there for a year while my shoulder surgery healed, an injury I sustained at my first unit because of the negligence of command and the “suck it up” attitude.Was promised a career change after numerous recommendations by Orthopedist to change rate because if I stay a BM I will destroy my shoulders and have major problems later in life.Career change NEVER happened and I was put back at the small boat station alongside the SFO.

The OIC there already knew who I was, the whole base did before I reported because the YNC that investigated my case blabbed his mouth to everyone and I was discriminated against again and everything that transpired was all bias based upon reporting the sexual harassment.I was a liar, rumors were spread about me on base and I had few friends of which later got close to me to find out dirt and report back to superiors.I became pregnant, was on maternity leave, came back and was forced to qualify boat crew AGAINST my orthopedists advice otherwise I will be removed from the HS”A” list.

I was removed from the list when I was #4 and due to attend the next class.I re-injured my left shoulder AFTER I had surgery and recovered 110%.Was STILL harassed about qualifying and threatened by OIC to be discharged.OIC even passed the comment “getting pregnant didn’t help my career”.I hired a private attorney and after 15k wasted THE CG THREW ME OUT at 20% with a major shoulder injury that has given me nerve damage and constant pain and migranes.The VA will not do anything for me because of the rating.My medical record was also NEVER sent to the VA and no one knows where it is at the SFO…SHOCKER.All of this is not even close to what I had experienced..too much to write.For all of those that are speaking up and fighting for all you have been through…KEEP FIGHTING and STAY STRONG..there is a light at the end of this tunnel!FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Wall of Shame: J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard

Jonathan Scott Keene is currently employed by Boston University. When two of the survivors, alumni and students at Boston University brought this to the attention of the college they were told that if they continue to speak out about it that they will be charged with slander. Read the original email from Larry Elswit, Boston University Associate General Counsel.

Update November 10, 2011

Two more women came forward with allegations that J. Scott Keene fired them as a result of them blowing the whistle on illegal and unethical behavior in the Coast Guard. A 2007 Coast Guard petty officer report being involuntarily discharged from the Coast Guard for reason of reporting a sexual harassment and rape. A civilian Coast Guard employee who blew the whistle on fraud was forced into retirement. Captain Keene was well aware of the fraud but chose to not investigate.

Update July 14, 2011

As if things could not get much worse. J was a civilian employee with the Coast Guard ending her employment in 2006 after experiencing sexual harassment in the workforce.  According to her victim statement she allegedly “reported it and it fell on deaf ears.” The further up she went the more she was blamed for the harassment. She reports that: “they questioned me on my looks and told me that perhaps I was dressing too provocatively. I usually came to work in slacks and a button down shirt or sweater. They even suggested that I cut my hair. It was never investigated and I won’t be surprise if it was never even documented.” Eventually she went to the Commanding Officer, Scott Keene, hoping that he could hear her out but he allegedly chose to not renew her contract when it ended several months later. Being a single mother she needed to put the entire incident behind her and get herself a job to support her children but not without still dealing with the pain and suffering that comes with victims of sexual harassment. She wrote: “I still think about what happened everyday. I even have nightmares about it. Working full time and raising 3 kids on my own I do not have time nor the money for counseling. I know that one day he’ll get what he deserves for ruining so many careers and lives.”

Original post February 28, 2011 @17:28

In 1989, a woman in the Coast Guard was sexually assaulted on board Coast Guard cutter Cowslip. The Executive Office, Lieutenant J. Scott Keene allegedly felt that because this woman reported the assault that she was no longer fit for military duty. She was denied medical and psychological treatment to process the rape and instead she  needed to fight to keep her career and to stay in the Coast Guard. Fortunately for her, coming from a Coast Guard family, she was able to use her family connection and despite being assaulted she was able to continue and had a very successful Coast Guard career retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer. J. Scott Keene was incorrect for trying to process a sexual assault survivor out of service and the survivor has proven that she could be successful in the Coast Guard.

Fast forward to 2006. A woman in the Coast Guard was brutally raped while at Coast Guard station Burlington, VT. As a way to separate the perpetrator and the victim, the victim was sent to Coast Guard Boston. While at Coast Guard Boston, the Commander Officer, now Captain J. Scott Keene allegedly felt that because this woman reported a rape that she was no longer fit for military duty. He abused his power and under his command J. Scott Keene allowed this woman to be further victimized, refused medical and psychological treatment to process the rape and instead she needed to fight for her career to stay in. This woman, not coming from a Coast Guard family did lose her career under the approval of J. Scott Keene for being raped. Not satisfied with the way her rape allegations were being handled by Captain J. Scott Keene she formed the Military Rape Crisis Center to offer support to her shipmates. Even though this woman never was given the opportunity to prove to the Coast Guard that she was able to be successful in the service she has proven through her non-profit organization that she is very hardworking, ambitious, successful and a great lost to the Coast Guard.

J. Scott Keene has a solid history of failing to protect sexual assault and rape survivors under his command. J. Scott Keene has violated  constitutional and civil rights of multiple sexual assault and rape survivors. For that we have added J. Scott Keene, United States Coast Guard on the Wall of Shame.

J. Scott Keene retired from the United States Coast Guard and was hired by Boston University.

To sign a petition to protect students at Boston University from also falling victim to this man go here:

written by M.O

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

The rape investigation the Coast Guard claims never happened.

PO3, United States Coast Guard

I reported a rape on a Coast Guard cutter in 2009. I was a lower ranking enlisted member and the perpetrator was an E-7. After reporting it a YN sat down with me to hear my side of the story. After I told him he spoken to the E-7 and then came back to me and said that the E-7 denied raping me and because I did not have any physical injuries he can not go further with my allegations. I was not treated for rape, a rape kit was never offered to me even though I reported it within hours of the rape and did not shower and followed all procedures like you are suppose to.  CGIS were never contacted which I later found out that they were required to do so. I requested my investigation files and they said that they do not have them. It was like my rape never happened. The YN should not have been investigating it in the first place and he didn’t tell anyone that he was. All I have is a statement from a shipmate that remembered that I reported a rape. That is all. They kicked me out because I have a personality disorder and with an RE-4 discharge I can not even re-enlist even after I found out that the personality disorder was a misdiagnoses.basically my entire life has been destroyed because of how the Coast Guard dealt with my rape. Maybe if I was able to have a rape kit or if CGIS were involved the outcome would have been different but who is holding these people accountable when they are not even doing their job for reporting it to the appropriate people? They do not teach you what to do when you are raped. All the training is about how not to get raped but how about if you are raped and your command does not listen. What do you do then? What was I suppose to do? The about section of this website states that there were 3230 reported rapes in the military last year however how about my case, does that count part of the 3230 or were it just covered up and not included? Cause if Coast Guard headquarters nor CGIS knew about it why will it be included in that number. How many more rapes that are actually reported that are not included in those numbers. The Coast Guard has to read this article by Panayiota and take her advice…. She the only one in the entire Coast Guard that believed me and knows what she is talking about.  Why isn’t she running the sexual assault program? Instead we have someone that thinks that everything is perfect and victims are respected. We are not. The Coast Guard is losing way too many women because they are clueless on how to deal with rapes. The Coast Guard DOES NOT CARE. Instead of saying that they screwed up and want to improve they constantly think that they take allegations seriously. No, they do not. Just like an alcoholic first step is to admit that they have a problem then they can get help, the Coast Guard’s first step in improving their sexual assault policy is to admit that what they are doing now is not working. Then they can work towards improving but they have not done that yet. Where is Shawn Wren? she never returned my phone calls. Where was work-life? they never returned my phone calls. Where are all these people who are suppose to be help. Why are they not returning phone calls from rape survivors? Not even the Chaplin returned my numerous phone calls. My mother called the Commandant and was concerned on why in over a year I was still on the same ship as my rapist and they never even returned her phone calls. My mother went into a recruiting office cause that is the only Coast Guard-related office near her home demanding to know what is going on and they kicked her out threatening her with arrest while saying that rape is a serious crime and that the Coast Guard always deals with it seriously. They looked at her like she lost her mind when she said that for over a year her daughter is still on the same ship as her rapist. They actually tried to say that she was lying! Why couldn’t they help her? Imagine if it was your daughter.

Who is holding the commands accountable who are ignoring the allegations? Who is making sure that rape survivors who been forced out of service are able to re-enlist despite if they were un-rightfully given an RE-4 or had to be in counseling to process the rape?

When we report rape they say that we are lying and were never raped. When we report that our investigations were not dealt with properly they deny that we even reported raped. It is a constant head game and they are wrong. So wrong. I never met anyone more evil than a person in the Coast Guard that say that all allegations are taking seriously. If my allegations were taken seriously why wasn’t CGIS informed? Why wasn’t I able to get medical treatment or even just a rape kit? No one even told me that I had the option of restricted or unrestricted reporting until months later when I found out from MRCC’s website. if you too been raped in the military please speak out. if you are thinking about reporting a rape do it but make sure that you carry a tape recorder with you at ALL TIMES cause they are going to come back and deny EVERYTHING. Heck they probably would deny the conversations in the recordings but at least if you have something to show the VA or the public it can make them believe you easier. I wish that I did that and envy those that I heard that did. The Coast Guard is going to say that you are lazy and crazy and not fit for military duty but it is all lies and you can not fall for it. You are going to be called a whore, a ho and a slut. They are going to assume that if you been raped you been drinking even if you were not. They are going to call you stupid. Your career is going to come to an end. You’ll end up with a bunch of bogus page 7’s. I received a page 7 for wearing a t-shirt  with yellow writing instead of white. Well the yellow writing was the ones that we all wore that we ordered with our unit’s name on it. I was wearing the shirt that I ordered from them and they wrote me up for wearing it.  I was not the only one that wore it. Some wore non-Coast Guard issue shirts from American Apparel or whatever and some were not even the same shade of blue but nobody cared about them. You need to do something for yourself each day to know that you are worthy and not the shitty Coast Guardsman that they are going to make you out to be. Get help and counseling from someone other than the Coast Guard. Don’t tell the Coast Guard that you are getting help. I wish that I knew that cause I received all of my help through the Coast Guard and am just so tired of them not believing me. They also lost my medical records, did I say that already? Yes they lost my medical records. The VA social worker called all over looking for my records and they said that they don’t have it. I recently found out that if you been raped state side or even if you are deployed you may be able to get free services through the state. I live in the same state that my ship was home ported at and the state’s victim compensation fund is paying for my therapy. Look into that and stay away from any military-related, tri-care related therapy. Just imagine how a rape victim is treated in Saudi Arabia or in the 1940s and that is how you are going to be treated in the Coast Guard.  I am not the best writer. Writing this has been very difficult but I know it needs to be said with tears falling down my eyes with each letter that I type.  that is all I have to say.


Editor’s Note: The 3230 reported rapes that we have posted on About My Duty to Speak are the number of reported rapes from the Department of Defense four military branches; Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. The United States Coast Guard which is under the Department of Homeland Security is not included in those statistics.

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Coast Guard ignored rape allegations cost young woman her life.

by NFM….United States Coast Guard

My niece was in the United States Coast Guard and was raped. She reported it and they told her that she was lying to get attention. They never did any official investigation even though many times she requested it. For over a year she had to work under the direct command of the man that raped her causing even further damage. Summer 2009 she was separated from service for reason of Personality Disorder, a condition that she does not have. She spent many months after getting out of the Coast Guard in a deep depression afraid to leave the house except to go out and buy booze to drink away her problems. In January 2010 she was found by her little sister. She had a fatal overdose on prescription drugs given to her by the Coast Guard that she held on. In her journal she wrote that she could not handle how she felt from being raped and the deep betrayal that she felt from the Coast Guard. She wrote of severe hazing on her ship, being raped, and the Coast Guard reaction to the rape.

I hold the United States Coast Guard 100% responsible for what happened to my niece and to the hundreds of other women that are raped. The Coast Guard still denies that my niece was ever raped and won’t take responsibility for her death.

Thank you for reading this. I sent this email to the Coast Guard Commandant and no response.

Editor note: The Commandant ignored her email like they ignored her niece’s rape allegations. Contact the Commandant yourself and say that this and all rapes in the Coast Guard are unacceptable and that the Coast Guard should do more to protect it service members.


Phone: 202-372-4411

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

A witness speaks out. United States Coast Guard

John, United States Coast Guard

We had a woman come on our base from another unit where she reported a rape. Before she even made it to our unit everyone knew why she was being transferred and we were told to stay away from her cause we don’t want to find ourselves in a situation that would have her accusing us of rape.

She was assigned to work at the on-base coffee shop and I saw her every morning when I went to get my coffee. Over time I would have small talk with her and she was very quiet and reserved but you can tell that she was a very nice person and not the “lying, crazy whore that was raped” that everyone made her out to be but I still kept my distance and only talked to her a  few minutes each morning.

All the buildings on base are connected to each other through walkways. One afternoon I was walking to another building and saw a group of Coast Guardsmen in one corner of the walkway towards the building. When I looked closer I saw the woman surrounded by the men crying telling them to leave her alone. They were calling her a “crazy, lying whore” and telling her that she will pay for “snitching on their friend” and one said that “you are hot, I’ll love to rape you too”. I made my presence noticed by asking what is going on here and soon all the men backed off and acted like they were not doing anything wrong. They greeted me and left. The woman, her uniform ripped up and her in tears ran off the opposite direction.  I couldn’t even ask her if she was okay but she was obviously very shaken up.

I went straight to the Coast Guard Investigative Office on base to report what happened and the special agent told me that he knows who I am talking about and that the “investigation is a mess” and it is best that I do “not get involved”.   I was forced to leave. Christine Sullivan and Patricia Tutalo from work life was not any better. I knew that if I pushed the issue that my career would be in jeopardy.

Soon after she transferred out of the coffee shop and sent to work in another department and did not see her as often. Then one day she disappeared assuming she got discharged or transferred.

A couple of years later I was on-line and read something about a woman writing about her rape in the Coast Guard. She talked about being placed to work at the on-base coffee shop and made mention of being told “you are hot, i’ll love to rape you too” and I knew that it was the same woman. I tracked her down on facebook and sent her a message. She was a bit hesitant  at first, I would be too but over time we started to talk. I saw this on facebook and decided to submit my story to get another perspective of what is happening in our military.

Some of us do want to help but we are threatened by special agents or military police that we should “mind our own business” and our jobs are on the line if we do not. Now that I am out of the Coast Guard I can speak more freely. I do wonder at time how her story will be different if I spoke up and tried to help her.

I hope one day that she can submit her own story but for now this is how I witnessed what happened to her. I am a father, a husband and a brother and one of the women in my life were brutally raped and I know how rape affects victims and their families.

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

My rape at TRACEN Cape May, United States Coast Guard

By Stacey, United States Coast Guard

Joining the Coast Guard seemed only natural for me. My Grand-father was a retired United States Coast Guard officer, my father and my three uncles all served with the Coast Guard, with an uncle that was a Master Chief. I grew up in a fundamental evangelical home having been home schooled by my mother and father who has become a pastor since leaving the Coast Guard. At the age of 17 I was on the bus to TRACEN Cape May, NJ to continue the family tradition.

I do not remember much about the rape. It was week six. I was called into the office of my Company Commander. He closed the door and raped me. I don’t remember much else. I remember after it all happened sitting on the floor of my squad bay watching my shipmates as if everything was in slow motion. Sitting there, numb. I could not cry. I think they called us to go somewhere or something cause I remember them all leaving. I remember just sitting there and my lead Company Commander (not the rapist) coming in looking for me. He was angry that I was not in formation and kept on asking what was wrong with me but I could not respond. He sent me to medical. I remember the medics asking me questions. Ridicules questions and I could only nod yes or no. I was sent to the hospital in town. A friendly nurse asked what was wrong but I could not respond.I was mute. I could not talk. She finally asked if I was raped and I nodded yes and started to cry. A rape kit was conducted at the hospital. Because of the level of emotional distress that I was feeling I was required to stay several nights in the psych. unit.

When I returned to TRACEN Cape May I was reverted to an earlier company. It was their way of separating us. I still saw my assailant at the chowhall and he found it fun to pick me out in line and question me on Coast Guard-related material. It was not much different than what every other recruit had to do only difference is that I was doing this with the man that raped me. He was eventually told not to speak to me and by doing so they moved my chow hour till after everybody left the mess deck. Not only was I being pulled away from my company to be investigated and questioned but was also ordered to eat alone. That Sunday I went to the religious services that was offered for all recruits. The Chaplin allowed me to use his phone to call home. I left a message for my parents.

On Monday and every Monday after that for almost six months I was reverted to an earlier company. I received orders to Seattle but because of the rape allegations I had to remain in Cape May until the investigation was complete. Instead of allowing me to graduate and assigning me a temporary position somewhere in Cape May they instead decided to revert me. I know week-six of Coast Guard bootcamp like the back of my hand, I did after all repeated it 23 times.

The investigation was a very difficult process. They questioned me close to 20 times often repeating the questions as if they were hoping that I would give a different response and change my story. I did not. I was asked why I went to my Company Commander’s office. What recruit will say no when her Company Commander calls her to their office? They asked if I was flirtatious to him. I was 17 years old being raised and homeschooled by conservative fundamentalist evangelist I do not think I knew what being flirtatious even meant. They also asked what I was wearing and told them my uniform just like every other recruit. The rape kit was “misplaced” and eventually they blamed me for losing the rape kit. It is against policy wherever you go to give the rape kit to the survivor but was to be kept by the hospital or law enforcement officials to review for forensic evidence yet somehow it was my fault for it being misplaced Almost six months later the investigation was concluded and they found “not enough creditable evidence to prosecute”. Years later I was unable to find a copy of my investigation and medical records from the Coast Guard. I was able to locate my hospital records from the civilian hospital that shows that a rape kit was performed. I was allowed to graduate and during graduation I could not find my family in the stands.

I had two weeks off before I had to report to duty. I went home and my mom answered the door and acted like it was any other day. My dad did not even get up from the couch. My Grandfather that lived upstairs in our duplex did not make an appearance. Something was wrong. This was not the welcome home that I was expecting. I went to my room and went to bed. The next morning everybody in my house exploded. My family was embarrassed and angry at me. My Grandfather, in his 35 years of service knew of only three rape cases and in each case the woman was “lying”. He was angry that I became “one of those girls”. My uncle agreed with him. My mother, being very fundamentalist religious was most concern about my virginity-or lack of and how pre-maritial sex looks in God’s eyes. I guess there is a quote somewhere in the bible that says that women who are raped are at fault and we should have fought till we die cause we are useless if we are rape victim and better off dead. I just remember her repeating it constantly to me. I was now a sinner. I spent the remaining days crashing at a friend’s house before making my way to Seattle.

In Seattle a shipmate picked me up from the airport and first thing he asked me was what did I do to get in trouble. I did not understood his question. It turns out that TRACEN Cape May told the crew of my unit that I was being delayed in Cape May due to an investigation, that is true, but it was interpreted by the crew that I was the one being investigated. Less than six months later I was being separated from service.

I was not welcomed back home. Because of my age and no job I was having difficulties renting an apartment in Seattle without a co-signer. I did not even own a car that I could live in. I met some people and went through a downwards, self destructive path. They introduced me to drugs and alcohol. The VA rated at 100% for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I used the disability money to self medicate because the pain that I was feeling from the rape and betrayal was so severe that I only knew how to numb it with alcohol and drugs. I knew I needed to improve my life. I ended up in a college class room. I never completed that semester. The kids in my class were around my age and living without a care in the world while I was dealing with a rape, being betrayed by my shipmates, my family and my country as well as being homeless. I moved constantly, mostly with men who were no good for me. I was battling severe addiction problems. I ended up in Boston at a party where I met my future husband who was a junior in college. We hit it off pretty well and I crashed on his couch for several weeks till he told me to get myself a job or move out. With his help I went through intense treatment for alcohol and drugs and finally made my way back to college and this time I graduated. We got married and moved to Washington DC for Graduate School. I landed a job working with the Congress where I am still employed today. I have a two years old son and another on the way. I have been sober for close to 10 years.

It is not all a happy ending though. My family is still not speaking to me, not even to see their grandson. They are even angrier that I went public with my story. However I do have a new family now; my son, my husband and his very supportive family. I also have my sisters, not sisters by blood but sisters in that we all served and all we been raped. Most importantly my little sister and the only person that I can call shipmate. I met her when she stood on the steps on Capital Hill telling America that she was Active Duty Coast Guard and a rape survivor. I remember just turning around and telling her “me too” and automatically we knew what each other went through and built a bond that won’t ever be broken. That is my family now.

I am lucky, I have a fairly high position working for a Congressperson and access to the entire Congress at my fingertips. But what about other people? It’s my duty to do whatever I can to stop this abuse and I hope by sharing my experience that anyone who feel that they are at the very bottom and do not see a way out that there is help out there and you can continue to live a very successful life despite what we went through in the military. If you told 19 years old me living on the street that one day I’ll be working for a Congressperson and be married with kids I wouldn’t have believed it but as long as you surround yourself with people that want to help and get professional treatment you can get better. It does get better but we need to work for it. I still have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and extreme anger by what happened to me in the Coast Guard but I need to take that anger and channel it in a positive way that would make changes for the better.

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Raped by a Coast Guard Captain and why I didn’t report it.

by Bethanny, United States Coast Guard

I was a 21 years old MK3.  A Captain (O-6)  in my unit solicited the crew for babysitters for his three young children. Myself and an E-3 volunteered to do so. Alternating weekends as our duty schedule allow us we’ll take turns babysitting. This went on for over a year and I grew to love the children, his wife became my mother away from home and I was sad when I received orders to another unit and had to leave the children. On my last day of babysitting I was at his house watching TV, the kids were already upstairs asleep when his wife and him came home from a wedding. The Captain was slightly intoxicated. His wife went upstairs to check on the children while the Captain remained downstairs with me. Since it was my last day I wanted to say a proper goodbye to his wife so I stayed downstairs for her to come back down. The Captain said he has something for me in the kitchen, I assumed it was a good-bye gift or something so I followed him into the kitchen where he threw me against the wall, ripped my clothes and raped me. As soon as I could I ran out of that house and drove home. I never said good bye to his wife.

I don’t know why I did not report it. I was an E-4 and he was of higher ranked and very liked and well respected in the fleet. I also were PCSing to a unit within 03 weeks and he was set to retire in the upcoming year or two. I knew that I wouldn’t see him again after these 03 weeks. The next few weeks were difficult though and he was on my case for everything. He ended up giving me a negative page 7 for being late, something a man of his rank would never had taken the time to do  if it was any other situation, the two shipmates that I car pooled in and arrived at the same time as me were given a free pass. I knew that he was only trying to ruin my credibility in case I ever chose to report what happened.

I spent the next three years on a 210′. His wife sent me an email telling me how the children misses me and how I am always welcomed at their home. I deleted that email. Sometime during that tour I read an article that the Captain retired and quotes from others on how a wonderful human being that he was and how he always put his crew first. It just went on saying how a great person and leader that he was. You know, typical words of praise that someone gets when they retire. I ran to the head and vomited.

I ended up advancing to MK2 and my contract was up. I spoken to the Chief, my mentor at the time, who were encouraging me to re-enlist and stay in the Coast Guard. He saw how passionate I was about the Coast Guard and my job and felt that I could go really far in the service. I think it was a shocker to all when I declined to renew my contract.

What I did not allow anyone to know is how I felt inside. How I go in complete panic mode when I see a man with a Silver Eagle. How I wake up each night from a nightmare that I am back at the Captain’s house being raped. I knew that I needed to leave the Coast Guard to get help and get my sanity back. The summer of 2009 I left the Coast Guard and made my way home to where I grew up in Southern Connecticut. I enrolled in the VA system and sought counseling for Military Sexual Trauma. I attend support groups in New London hosted by the Military Rape Crisis Center and hear cadets and other Active Duty Coast Guardsman on why they too can not report their assaults. I applied for disability compensation and was denied because I did not report it and therefore there is no record that it ever happened. Everyday has been a battle just to live and often I am barely making it.

I do not regret leaving the Coast Guard. I knew that I had no other choice. I do not regret not reporting. the rape. Remember how a wonderful person and leader that this Captain was said to be? Why would anyone believe an E-4 instead of him? I do miss his children though and his wife and fear for his daughters. I just wish that there was a better system in place where we could feel safer to report it. I am now married and have a child of my own and just trying to get my life back together but the pain from the rape is still there and probably would forever be.

Coast Guard, My Duty to Speak

Sorry, my fault.

I was raped and they said that I wanted it then they said that I was lying then they went back to saying that I asked for it so I told them to make up their mind-Was my rape a lie or did I do something to ‘get myself raped’? and they went back to contradicting themselves; that I wanted it, that I am lying but I deserved it- then they discharged me from service.

That was how it went. That it how it always goes. Every survivor, every story. We are all told that we deserved what they think never happened. Cause you know we deserve being raped or being assaulted or being killed just cause we are the female

and we are the ones that chose to drink- but it okay for our comrade to spike it with GHB?

Our fault cause we are the ones that chose to go hiking with a shipmate-but it is okay when our shipmate throw us down on the trail, punch us in the face and rape us?

Our fault cause we are the ones that chose to use the latrine in the middle of the night – but it is okay when a fellow soldier follow us and rape us?

and we are the ones that are fulfilling every man’s fantasy of seeing a “hot woman with a rifle”.

Yep, our fault.

Cause we wanted to serve our country, cause we been raped and beaten–or killed.

Our fault cause we are young or lower ranked or pretty.

Our fault cause we chose a career that is male-dominant.

Our fault that our shipmates, our comrades, the very men that we signed up to take a bullet for choose to rape us instead.

Never mind you did say that–we are all liars, right?

that we are just out to ruin a man’s career-cause you know we signed up to defend our country, attend basic training, MOS training, deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan or out at sea for months without seeing our families, get raped just because we wanted to RUIN A PRECIOUS MAN’S CAREER. Yep, that is exactly why we walked into a recruiter office when we were 18NOT.

Or we are lying out of regret and remorse for “getting drunk and sleeping around” cause you know, it is our fault for being drugged, after all you did consent when you are passed out from being given a date rape drug, right? Well not exactly.

When we watch our rapists be set free with nothing more than an Article 15, it is our fault for not receiving justice, cause after all you claim to have a “zero-tolerance policy“so if we did not receive justice it is something that we have done wrong even when about ninety-percent of all accused rapists never see their day in court?

and when we are found dead you claim it is suicide, cause a 5’1 woman can shoot herself with an 40 inch long M16, cause it is still our fault when we are no longer breathing for doing what is physically the impossible?

Ninety-two percent of sexual assault survivors report being INVOLUNTARILY DISCHARGED FROM SERVICE FOR REPORTING A SEXUAL ASSAULT but it is the man’s career that matters? Cause we are the ones with “personality disorders” and “adjustment disorders” or whatever the bogus misdiagnoses is of the week.

Cause it is the man’s military and a woman has no place in it, right?

One in three females in the military report being sexually assaulted, so are we all liars or are we all sluts or maybe, just maybe the thousands of women that reported rape in the military were telling the truth?

my fault for thinking that the military actually cared about its sexual assault survivors. sorry.


Written by Panayiota, United States Coast Guard