About My Duty to Speak

Every four hours a sexual assault or rape is reported in the United States Military. In 2009 alone there been 3230 reported cases of sexual abuse among our service men and women. According to experts from the Department of Defense, the Military Rape Crisis Center and the Department of Veterans Affairs many more rape cases go unreported or are under reported.

Award winning blog, MyDutytoSpeak.com  started as a writing workshop in Cambridge, MA for Military Sexual Trauma survivors that was hosted by the Military Rape Crisis Center in November 2010. The day workshop was taught by some of the greatest trauma and writing specialist in the country. By writing about what one went through while wearing the uniform the silence of abuse has been broken liberating ourselves while also might be helping someone else who is feeling the same way.

By March 12, 2012 over 90 survivors shared their story about surviving rape in the military. Testimonies on MyDutytoSpeak.com has been used by the Department of Defense and the United States Congress to help improve the sexual assault prevention and response office. They also been used by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to improve and train physicians, psychologists and social workers on Military Sexual Trauma.

Each testimony posted on here has been verified by a team of experts to determine that only factual information is posted.

If you have any questions or concerns email: panayiota@stopmilitaryrape.org. If you are interested in submitting your testimony go here. Be Heard