I was 19 yrs old stationed with 157 QM Unit Ft. Hood Texas. I needed a ride somewhere the next day. I asked a group of guys sitting at a picnic table that I knew. I said I would give gas money. One of them asked me to follow him, and we could talk about the details. I followed him to his barracks room. He tried to kiss me. I pulled away. He told me I was beautiful. He then choked me and threw me to the ground. As he was raping me from behind, I was yelling for help and yelling stop. It was so painful that I then began praying in my head for him not to kill me until he finished. It was painful. When it was over, he tried to hug me and told me not to tell anyone. I ran out of the room, past the guys at the picnic table to my room. I took a shower and cried. The next day I walked to the police station. I told them what happened and they called my First Sergeant. She called me to her office and said this was all my fault for going into his room. I also told the Commander, but nothing was done.

5 thoughts on “Raped at Ft. Hood

  1. First of all, I compliment on your courage of telling your story. There are women veteran advocacy groups. If you live in California, you can look up on Facebook or website: California Statewide Collaborative for Military and Families. You might be referred to a local state organization. You are not alone. My USMC daughter was also an MST victim and now a survivor. I have saddened that your chain of command was not helpful. I had to call the Battalion’s Chaplain to explain the situation of my daughter. He was very supportive and helpful to her since we lived far away. He was able to guide and accompany her to appropriate authorities while on active duty.

  2. Thank you. I told the chaplain assistant also. We became friends, but after he asked if I wold sleep with him I no longer trusted him either. I live in Arizona now. I am receiving VA benefits for PTSD that were reduced significantly. The VA can be just as cruel as the military. I also had my head bashed ino the cement repeatedly in Iraq and my commander was upset that I went to the medical station. Nothing happened to the higher ranking female. I was threatened if I told anyone I would have extra guard duty. I was sent home for R and R for 2 weeks, then back to Iraq again. This was over ten years ago in 157 QM Unit. My name is Kelly Sundell. Thank you.

  3. Hi Kelly, is there an email I can reach you in regards to what you posted. I am a reporter for KWTX. We cover Fort Hood. I would like to know who you spoke with and if this matter was addressed to other officials. Thank you.

  4. If you havnt gone to CID yet you can still report. Even if you arnt in military anymore a agent will assist you in every step.

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