I am one of the lucky ones. I left for Basic Training at Lackland AFB in November a couple years back. I was older, 23 when I went, so already felt I had the leg up. I still try to put it behind me, act like it didn’t happen, so I can move on. No one Knows. I had the fortunate pleasure of having three training instructors. One day when I went into the dorm with just my wingman and me, while everyone else was in the chow hall, one of them was in there. Already nervous, he started yelling of course. Made my wing man stand in the first bay, While I was in the bathroom. You all know how long the bays are. My wing man was of course at the far end so he couldn’t hear me cry, at least that I know of. The T.I. Came in, I was at the sink, filling my canteen. He smiled. Asked If I was ok. Yes, sir. He put his hand on my neck. Rubbed it. What are you doing? It’s ok. There he goes hand down my pants. Get off me. He yanked them down. Crying already. Water everywhere. Something slimy. He prepared he brought lubrication. It was with him. It hurt badly. This is what you signed up for trainee sa*****.it was quick thank God. God can be merciful I guess. He left. I sat there washed up and left in a daze. M-wing man saw nothing and heard nothing I suppose. I got lucky. Real lucky. Went to the hospital the next day with a few excuses of not feeling well. Discharged out of B.A.S right there. I was stuck on med hold for a couple weeks, but I never had to see him again. Who’s going to believe that a male T.I? Raped a male anyway. I have never told anyone until now. YOU. This website. I feel a little bit of weight has been lifted off. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Male recruit raped at Basic Training

  1. I am so sorry this happened to you, and I am so glad you found the courage to share your story. I hate to see new victims…I’ve been a victim a lot in my life, starting at 8 years old and the last time being in the service. It helps to talk about it, to get it out of you. I hope you are able to find true peace.

  2. I am so sorry that this happened to you!! Please seek help because it never truly goes away! You are strong and brave! God bless you and heal you!

  3. Shit! The same thing happened to me at Lackland in February of 1981. During the day we had a female TI (Staff Sgt. C) train the male companies. Male NCO’s were taining female companies during the day. At night they switched. TheTI or ATI male of the female day squadron would sleep in a little office with the male companiesat night. I was sodomized while going to the toilet one night. There were two men I could not see cause they grabbed me frm behind using a towel around my face. Painful, terror. My stomach sinks to this day when i think of it. I don’t know who it was and I feared it would happen again. I could not face that so I cut my wrists in a toilet stall one night. When they found me they took me to the base hospital. I got put in the psych ward, The doctor asked me what happned and goddamn I could not say the words. He wrote a bunch of bible verses down and said I should read them in the Gideon Bible they gave each airman recruit. After two sessions they said I could go back to the squadron (sick feeling) or they would put me in a new squadron. I had to toughen up I was told. I just wanted the hell out so they discharged me. When I went home I attempted suicide three times in four years. Not looking for attention but was punishing myself for being such a weak loser. If I wanted to die I know could have. Somehow I had hope it would get better. Time passing has helped very little and I never can forget. I was always involved in my children’s lives to be sure that they had a protector with them. I would not let my son go to boy scout camp because i was afraid for him (I know,,,stupid). He went the next year and had fun.

    Due to the times (men don’t cry, or “you were fag if it happens to you” attitudes) there was no way in hell I was going to come forward to talk about it. Still feel shame and hurt.

  4. Yesterday My Son 27 years old told me he was raped in basic training three years ago. My World turned over. He’s became an alcoholic and wants to die. His was Baker acted today. I just came back from the hospital. I am broken , so broken. I will die if I loose my Son.

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