Nobody to turn to.

Wronged Recruit, United States Army
I had loved hanging out at the recruiting station, chatting with my recruiter, SFC H. He seemed like a nice guy. Always willing to come to pick me up across town since I didn’t have a car, let me use his computer since I didn’t have internet, answer any questions I may have even if it wasn’t military related. It took me 6 months from when I first walked in that door to when I swore in. SFC H was in the process of leaving for deployment with his wife and kids. I swore on June 27, 2012. A week or so later, SFC H wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate. He said he took all his recruits out. I agreed. We went to a pizza place and chatted for a while.
We talked about the online training I had to complete and that I didn’t have internet. He offered to let me come back to his hotel room and use his computer. I was hesitant. He insisted, saying it was for military business/training. I was still hesitant but agreed. We did most of my training, then chatted about basic and AIT for a while. He started talking about how I needed to “get my lovin done before I went.” Then he offered to help me with that. I declined and said I had to leave. He reminded me that he had the power to get my contract cut. He made me sleep with him. He told me not to tell anyone.
When I got to basic, we had our SHARP training. I finally broke down and told our liaison. She took me straight to the 1SG, who had me go to CID. They took my statement and said they would be in touch. I received one call via my CO during basic from CID. My Drill Sgts told me to get over it and that I should be fine with them running their hands from hips to ankles during shakedowns after the range, etc. I wasn’t. The DS constantly singled me out and belittled me for having those issues. I ended up being discharged after my “battles” told me I was lying and to kill myself to save them the trouble.
I received a couple of emails and one or two phone calls from CID after that. Then an email stating that they had closed the case with no repercussions for SFC H. I was crushed. Not only was my trust in my NCOs shattered, but my trust in my battle buddies and the UCMJ. JAG didn’t do anything. Anytime I tried to talk to somebody about it, I was blown off. The VA isn’t much help, helplines aren’t much help, I’ve even tried civilian sources. The second I mention the military, they stop paying attention. I have constant nightmares about him coming after me. I am so jumpy it’s now a joke and game to my coworkers to see me jump out of my skin when they sneak up behind me. I can’t sleep, I eat so much I’ve gained over 50 lbs since basic. I’m at a complete loss as to what to do anymore. It’s a nightly battle convincing myself that suck-starting my pistol won’t solve my problems. I feel so alone.

4 thoughts on “Nobody to turn to.

  1. Hello. I admin an MST support forum on Facebook, that is comprised of military assault survivors. My email is .. Feel free to reach out anytime. Thank you so much for your courage to speak out.

    Elisha Morrow

  2. You are not alone. There are those out there who can help. Since, I am not aware of what agencies you tried to get to help you. I would suggest the nearest Womens Domestic Violence center in your area. They maybe able to point you in the right direction. Also, try your Rape Crisis Center again. Ir seems you are suffering from a form of PTSD. There is someone out there who can help! Don’t give up keep looking!

  3. Bottom Line: Contact you local congressman. Go to their office, which shouldn’t be very far from your home, and ask to see/speak with him or her.
    Before you go, google that representative and know a little about them so they take you more seriously.
    Sexual assault with the militry has hit mainstream media and has recieved Congressional attention. They will listen and you will be heard. Things will move quickly at this point so be sure to have your records together, statements and case summary from CID which they MUST give you upon request, memos typed up by yourself detailing each occurrence with your attackers AND relevant conversations with your superiors outlining your comments and their responses. Do your best to remember what you can for Dates and Times but put it in a typed format and sign it.
    After you gather ALL records/info, head to your Congressmans office. This WILL yield results. If not, call your U.S. Senator

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