Recently separated Coast Guard veteran demanding changes in how the Coast Guard handles rape cases.

I was separated from the Coast Guard because I reported a rape.

I am not ready to share my story.  I do want to share these four concerns that I feel should be addressed by the Congress.

1. I was forced to pay out of pocket to attend my own Article 32 hearing. I was eventually reimbursed but I was given a hard time when I requested to be reimbursed and had to tell 3 people why I was traveling.  One questioned me on why the Coast Guard should pay for a personal matter.  Apparently you have to be rich to bring forward any charges against a rapist in the Coast Guard. Unless you are sitting on a pile of cash forget about having your parents or anyone there to support you.

2.  The retaliation was worst than the rape.  Almost everyone from an E-2 to an O-7 called me a liar.

3. After reporting my rape I was the one transferred not my rapist. You’ll think that the Coast Guard would have some common sense and not transfer a rape victim away from her friends and a unit she is familiar with. In addition to being the odd new girl that left early for counseling I felt even more isolated because I was at a new unit and in a new city.

4. The Coast Guard does not allow non-Coast Guard victim advocates to serve as victim advocates. I requested Panayiota as my victim advocate and the Coast Guard denied it. Instead they gave me 3 different victim advocates within a year. By the time I felt comfortable with one they gave me a new one.  The irony of it all is that at times they did not know the answers to my questions and they’ll ask me to ask Panayiota and then requested to know what Panayiota has said so that they can know for future victims. Even though Panayiota was not allowed on base with me and at the hearing she was the only one that was stable in my life and the first person I emailed or called after getting any updates about my case.  All of the victim advocates were very nice people but I felt that they were not trained enough. Every other branch of the military allows non-military members to assist rape victims why doesn’t the Coast Guard?

8 thoughts on “Recently separated Coast Guard veteran demanding changes in how the Coast Guard handles rape cases.

  1. Not ready to tell your story? If you were raped you should shoot off your mouth to the whole world because the same thing will happen to the next cute 18 year old fresh out of high schooler. You can’t go back and undo what happened to you but you can prevent it from happening to her. Make something good out of something awful.

  2. Hi,

    I, like you, was part of a court martial process (Coast Guard, was held at legal service command, norfolk) and was not only reimbursed, but also given federal witness pay (it’s not much, but something). Maybe I can let you know how it worked for us and I can help.,.? If your uneasy reaching out to a stranger Panayiota is familiar with me 🙂 My email is

  3. Shipmate I am sorry to hear how you were seperated after
    reporting rape. I reported sexual assault and am being referred to special courts martial even though my perpetrator was found guilty at mast but he was only given restriction. Ive been afraid to go to medical because of the things Ive heard about the CG processing victims out for.unsuitability. I cant believe I am being charged after everything. I am sure we shared a very similar experience.

  4. It all comes down to the CO trying to save face. If he/she can make everyone involved look guilty of something then they save face. I am currently active duty E-6 w/ 13 years in. I have hard many stories like this, The Coast Guard as an organization loves to eat it’s own. I am truely sorry this happened to you.

    1. The whole military eats their own and discards you once they are done with you. They have this slave plantation/robbery barron attitude that human beings are cheap, disposable, and they can always count on getting another victim. If people did not join the military as volunteers plus people having employment options other then military service, the military would be crying for the draft to come back in order to get their daily ration of fresh meat. It makes a mockery of our so called Christian religious values or any other religious values.

  5. I am a retired Chief from the Coast Guard and reading this turns my stomach. I ALWAYS looked out for my people and helped anyone that was in a bad situation.

    1. You may have looked out for your people on a singular basis. But, the Coast Guard as an organization is absolutely terrible at advocating and protecting its own people from its own people. It is a sad irony that a wonderfully humanitarian service can be so inhumane. I am also a Chief, and I became so sickened with the way the CG administers to the needs of its people that I walked away. I sometimes feel guilty for not staying in the fight, but found I could do more from outside than I ever could do within.

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