No parents should lose a child like this.

This is Sophie’s Obituary:

Sophie Christine Lisa Champoux, 25, Fort Stewart, GA died September 30, 2011. She was born July 5, 1986 in Orlando daughter of Denis Jean Joseph Champoux & Suzette Perkins Champoux. She was a former Clermont resident & former member of Clermont Bible Church. In 2006 she relocated to New Jersey & currently was a Sergeant in the US Army stationed at Fort Stewart.

Surviving is her mother Suzette Champoux of Clermont; father Denis Champoux, Centennial, CO; brothers Ian Champoux, Orlando & Noah Champoux, Winter Park & paternal grandparents Paul & Celine Champoux, Dover, FL.

The Account of Sophie Champoux rape and death told to Jen McClendon by Suzie Champoux, who is Sophie’s mother. No parent should lose their child like this.

Sgt Sophie Champoux, 25

Sophie was the child of Suzie and Denis Chamoux of Orlando, Fla. She was the oldest of three children. Sophie was an honest young woman. She had a great relationship with her family.

Sophie played softball; she practiced Taeqwando, played both guitar and drums. She participated in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in high school. Sophie went to a local technical college and earned a degree in Graphic Arts.

She had always wanted to be a soldier. She scored in the 98th percentile on her Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). She was well on her way to success when she decided to join the United States Army. Sophie Champoux was an American sweetheart if ever there was one.

Despite a successful career and deployments, Sophie was raped three times by fellow soldiers. She died in September 2011. The DoD told her family that she committed suicide. Her family is demanding an investigation.

Sophie went to boot camp and excelled. At her boot camp graduation every thing seemed fine. She went to technical school at Fort Sam Houston. She became an Army Medic. She seemed excited to be at Ft. Sam Houston. She began to think about becoming a doctor or a Physician Assistant.

In three and a half years, Sophie was raped while she was on duty in White Sands, New Mexico, in Sharan, Afghanistan, and at Ft. Stewart, Georgia. The same man raped her in Afghanistan, and at Ft. Stewart. He stalked her from Afghanistan to Ft. Stewart. She could not get away from him.

The stalking rapist at Ft. Stewart confessed to CID (Criminal Investigative Division) and then he retracted his statements, stole an Army vehicle, and got arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence). This rapist was awarded a total of forty months in military prison for the rape, stealing an Army vehicle, going AWOL (Absent Without Out Leave), and having a DUI.

Sophie called her mother from Afghanistan and said, “Mom send me Ka-Bar because I cannot go to the bathroom safely. I have more to fear from my own (fellow soldiers) than any enemy Afghani with a grenade.” She was never scared of Afghani citizens. She was afraid of her fellow soldiers.

Sophie Champoux was an American sweetheart.

While she was stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia was found with a gunshot wound behind her right ear. Her time of death was 10:30 PM on Friday 30 September 2011. Her Mother was informed of her death at 1AM on October 2, 2012. Her death was ruled a suicide.
Army Investigators told Sophie Chamoux’s mother that Sophie committed suicide for the (SGLI) insurance money.

While it not good to editorialize, the person that is writing this account does not believe that this was a suicide.



14 thoughts on “No parents should lose a child like this.

  1. Sophie, I am so sorry that this happened to you and your life ended in such a senseless way. You are a hero and your family should be so proud of you. God Bless you and your family.

  2. The pain must have been overwhelming and then the military has the audacity to say it was a suicide for financial gain to inflict even more grief for your family? How dare they! May you rest in peace & get justice. You gave your life for your country, bottom line. Sorry. Blessings for you and your family.

  3. Investigators at Stewart were supposed to investigate the sexual assault, hazing, retaliations and multiple unlawful confinements that I wrote about in a jag report, but the investigator said to me that she lost the hard copies in the Kuwaiti desert , where my chain of command was unlawfully confining me over and over and where they worked on smearing my records in order to make me appear mentally ill. That false paperwork was later corrected regarding the alleged mental illness. I told the investigator when I got to Fort Stewart that I had copies. I tried to push for the investigation to be done but I was further stripped of my duty, unlawfully confined several times, threatened by a female mp in fort Stewart. My commander sent a paper back to Fort Stewart from the desert stating that he was requesting my discharge (for no reason). When I returned home to Florida to drill status for my National Guard Unit. While going to the store to get more paper to formulate an article 138 complaint against my commander, I was kidnapped and bruised. I also received death threats after the kidnapping. I was told that it would be safer to leave town by the Atty. General Victims unit and was told there was no safe house for me. I wrote a request for hardship discharge to my unit per the I.G. In Florida and that hardship discharge was completely ignored by the chain of command as they were busy trying to falsify paper trails (now mail fraud) to try to make it appear as if I was AWOL.

    My records were smeared by my command and some of the chain (who ignored a Red Cross message and who requests to change units or at least put off drills. Instead, the command smeared my files and falsely stated that I was allegedly a “non participating soldier” as they lied in paper work and falsely transferred me to IRR without my knowledge. my rank was unlawfully stripped to e-1. I was in IRR, or so they say, for years till I pushed to get an honorable discharge on my ETS date of February 2010. I was “organized Stalked” by state agencies and was also black balled for work for a long time when I decided to begin to legally fight for my benefits. I was hit with DEW’s (directed energy weapons) many times. I had to have a body guard for years due to all of the attempts that perpetrators who participated in the organized stalking, kept trying to unlawfully take my person under color and auspices of state law (kidnap attempts to silence me). It is year 2013 and the events at Fort Stewart occurred in 2003. I survived and although having been as loud as I could (no news teams would do a report on what I provided to them). The kidnap attempts (witnessed) went on up until last summer. A couple of times I was almost murdered, once at knife point in 2010. I am still in the military as I find out that I cannot have my benefits (the kicker education funds) because of the same slanderous files that my commander wrote. Hence, that means that because his fraudulent transfer out of my unit and “allegedly” to IRR was never corrected, and my records are still slandered, it means that I cannot have my kicker benefits that only are awarded once a soldier is out of a particular unit. Thus, the 2010 discharge is false because “no valid order can be predicated upon fraud from the 2005 fraudulent order that transferred me to IRR. I finally got my G.I. Bill after fighting for it for years. While fighting for my kicker in 2011, in one of my schools that I went to, some of the staff threatened me by saying “we don’t make waves in the military.” Following that unlawful statement, I was threatened with bodily injury if I kept opening my mouth. Then following that a professor sexually humiliated and harassed me in front of all of the students hoping that he’d get enough reaction from me to say I was a problem so he could have my person taken. I stayed non reactive. (These things only meant that I needed to open my mouth louder!!! When that didn’t work some of the staff tried hard to kidnap me under color and auspices of state law again. It didn’t work. I began to know the ins and outs of organized stalking and all of the techniques used to kidnap victims and witnesses in cases. I studied investigations prior to the Army. I also studied Paralegal 3 and 3/4 years. I now study Psychology as a third year student and my plans are to soon attend law school. Much, much more happened to me than what I have the room and time to write herein. I have asked for attorneys for years. No one wants my case. My case seemed too political. I was left as investigator and attorney of record for this huge 10 year long case with many residual cases due to the organized stalking that happened to me. I am not being afforded jag counsel because from the beginning, IG hid everything. My dad finally wrote to the Commander in Chief (President Obama). He got a response as a letter from Dept of Defense telling him that a Special Congressional Action would be done and that I need to approach the Army Discharge Review Board. That requires me to do a full brief of all of the events that occurred through the years. I must supply all records and evidence. I have been busy collecting witness statements, trying to locate witnesses, and I requested my educational documents from the VA almost two months ago. For some reason unknown, I was told that the agent with initial “a” is sitting on the records and not copying them and sticking them into an envelope to send to me. I view it as (someone may be trying to hold up my case writing). Title V, section 552 (i) (ii) states “an agency has twenty days to furnish records pertinent to a record request made per the freedom of information act. If the agency refuses the sending if records, the agency must notify the person requesting, with a denial in writing so the person requesting can appeal.” P.S. neither has been done so far. Now I must send a demand letter to the VA for the records. So who sends those soldiers to prison, who hurt and destroyed a brand new soldier’s career, along with them having destroyed years of the quality of my life? 2680 (h) in torts law is the “exceptions” rule that let’s a soldier /person sue when crime has been committed and the IG and MP’s conceal it. But guess how much witness tampering still comes at me while I try to write? Just like for the past ten years. I asked for a safe house again and I got no call back to be able to go to one that is now open. In 2009, I formed the “Safe House For Soldiers Petition online. Some are signing and we can’t get this petition signed fast enough. I really need an attorney to help with these cases but every time I ask, not one wants to take the case. Why is this?

  4. This is Sophie’s mom….just found out her rapist is up for parole next month, with alittle over 7 months in Leavenworth!!!!!! It is totally wrong and I am taking a petition to the ‘Truth and Justice’ summit for everyone to sign. As well, much to my dismay…no one notified me or other family members! We will prevail!!!!

    1. I, too am a veteran (USAF) and a MST survivor. I just want to express how sorry I am for your loss. What happened to your daughter, to so many of us, is shameful and unforgivable. All we ever wanted to do was to serve our country. To serve without being stalked and harassed and further harassed when we came forward. God bless your daughter and those who loved her. She deserved better…

  5. Absolutely NO ONE should EVER get away with RAPE or MURDER!! I’m praying for her family to get some justice for this horrible crime!! God bless you!!

  6. we can never forget a beautiful life, a beautiful woman. Even after she is gone people still love her. People who never knew her love her now because of her mother. It was an honor to meet you I hope to see you again very soon.

  7. My daughter knew Sophie from the army. I cannot imagine the heartbreak. This man should NEVER see the light of day again. I remember my daughter, Brandy, telling me about her “suicide”. Something wasn’t right. Someone, somewhere, has the power to keep him locked up forever.

  8. I’d like to consider sophie as one of my friends. I wish we had known this was happening, or that it wasn’t covered up. There would have been a wall around your daughter of people willing to kill anyone that tried to hurt her, I can think of at least one entire platoon that would have done it. I wish that the powers that be didn’t want to cover this up, I mean why? What purpose could saying these horrible and honestly completely unbelieveable things serve? Everyone who had the priviledge to know her was not only heart broken the day LTC Boggs called us into formation, but honestly in a state of disbelief, she was not someone we could ever picture doing that.

  9. My name is Sharonda Broussard and I was Sergeant Chapouxs battle buddy. We made the tank of Sergeant on the same date. She was loved and is still loved til this day. I think about her often and remembering her beautiful smile. I also all the details behind what happened to her and the evil guy who raped her on so many occassions. Sergeant Champoux was not only my battle buddy she was my friend. She had a journal in the car when they found her. I always wonder did her family ever get that. I know a lot about what really happened to my friend. Someone should be held accountable for what happened to her. To Sergeant Champouxs mom my number is 713-552-3410 if you have questions you want to ask.

  10. We never received the journal and the army destroyed her cell phone and computer before we could see them. I would call the number on occasion until service was disconnected

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