Raped and Pregnant at MacDill Air Force Base.

M.T FLorida

I joined the Air Force at age 18, in 1981. I after basic and technical school I arrived at MacDill AFB. I was the first woman in my career field assigned to my shop and was not accepted at all.

My first roll call I was told that I would not be there long as I had no business invaded this man’s career field. I was told that I would be carried out in a body bag, commit suicide, go AWOL, or be put in a straight jacket before they were done with me.

Within a couple weeks I was attacked at the barracks (not raped) and suffered a head injury which my attacker did this in front of a group of people and never was charged. While in the hospital one of the supervisors started to befriend me. He built my trust up. At a party off base he followed me into a bathroom and raped me. I left and couldn’t speak. Then in the middle of the night woke up in my barracks room to find him on top of me. I tried to say something but was told nothing will happen.

I became pregnant and was told I was to have an abortion. The supervisor was high fiving the other supervisors when they found out because they can get rid of me. I don’t believe in abortion and refused. I was dropped off every week at an abortion clinic off base and had to take a cab back to the base.

I had tools thrown at my head. I was harrassed by everyone. Even the guys wife would call or they would let her in the shop to yell and threaten me. I was sent to Eglin AFB psyc unit. The doctor said I was normal and gave me a month to regroup and sent me back to the Hell awaiting me.

When I returned I was told to never where maternity clothes. They tried to hide my pregnancy. My commanding officer (A WOMAN) asked me if she could send me to Europe TDY to get an abortion since I was 7 months. The harrassing and threats continued. I had to move from the barracks to get some peace and got an apartment off base.

The wing commander asked me what was happening and I told him. He had me moved from the shop to another location. Nothing happened to anyone. I had the baby and was forced to give him up for adoption.

In 2007 we reunited and I found out the person who adopted him was a doctor at the base hospital and he and his wife were well aware of the situation and raised him to find me. The rapist is retired from the military and was never charged. I have lived in hell for the last 30+ years and just in the last few years can really speak about this. What is the military doing about the babies from MST, not all of us believe in abortion. They are victims too.

13 thoughts on “Raped and Pregnant at MacDill Air Force Base.

  1. This is so tragic. I could not imagine surviving this. Sons-of-bitches should have been put away! I admire you for sharing. Thank you very much.

  2. This is so tragic. I feel for you. I do not think I could have ever survived such abuse. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I went the army in 81, I was raped at an off base party with the guys in charge of the in-processing center at ft Campbell, ky in 82. I am a survivor of MST and I applaud your bravery. it took me 30 years to get help for my “severe PTSD”. youre in my prayers.

  4. I am very proud of this woman, and very pleased to have heard a good doctor and his wife raised up this child for this honorable person to have access to. I too as a commander and witness saw and had women ongoingly attacked in their barracks; raped, sexual slavery by military members of all ranks. I would intervene in one woman who was an unwilling slave –by placing a 24/7 guard at the door. She would become suicidal and SHE would only speak to me. The ONLY way out of sexual slavery for single or married women without children was to get married and have a baby. But, this was not an answer either. The issues are larger then rape, the rest is being kept very quiet but since these were illegal crimes and inhuman war crimes of torture and abuse…no one had these rights. Yet, it was done through torture, druggings and ongoing brutality. As a Captain and Commander; over 30 years of abuse, murder of a loved one, attacks in jobs, denial of real help at the VA, has been like living in an enemy camp. No one had the right to brutalize me or the men and women who served with me. The criminals do not and have no ongoing rights to silence us. WE have had enough, our peers since WWII have been raped, murdered, and WE have been told by every court in this nation to shut up and sit down. YET, WE were in serve to assure rights for everyone, and those rights also pertaining to us as well.

  5. yes, you are very brave for posting this. I too, am a survivor of MST, my son is 2 1/2 (result from rape) and I am having a difficult time coping with this. I would like to follow this story and all other story’s alike. That last line really sinks in, “What is the military doing about the babies from MST, not all of us believe in abortion. They are victims too.”

  6. Thank you Amanda. I will pray for you. I had gone years not being able to speak about this because family and an exhusband wanted it to go away and any time I spoke I was told it never happened. It wasn’t until my son and I reunited that people around me had to face the truth. I am still jumpy over it.

    1. Thank you Maggie, I’m glad to hear that you are reunited with your son. It’s hard on a daily basis. My son’s at the age where he’s really starting to say, “Why don’t I have a dad?” I don’t know what’s harder, having to explain to your son (when he’s the appropriate age) that his father has passed on or that his father is a rapist. I know that’s nowhere in the near future but its constantly on my mind.

  7. Thank you for sharing. If it was up to me those bastards would be put away for life. But the military are obviously willing to protect these cowards.

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