Coast Guard Investigative Service blames victim for her rape.

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

As an E3 in Alameda (5 years ago), I was assaulted at a party. I was drinking, and the person who assaulted me managed to have me leave the party with him- several friends saw me leave and did nothing to stop me- and I ended up in his apartment. I remember vaguely being on this guy’s floor with my pants off. I graduated from a well known college before joining, so its not like I had never had a drink with the opposite sex before. I’ve fallen asleep on fraternity house couches and was never treated with anything but respect, because I am a sister not a piece of meat. The next day I reported it to my supervisor (completely unaware of the restricted and unrestricted reporting guidelines) and he launched a CGIS investigation. During the investigation I was told that it was my fault because I was drinking, and that I welcomed it because I had previously told someone that I thought the guy was cute. This incident cost me my relationship, friendships, and eventually my credibility. I’m still in, but I can’t shake the anger and disgust at this organization for the way rape survivors are treated. CGIS is a joke, the reporting requirements are a joke. The only person who helped me was the Victim Advocate. What’s amazing is I had no follow up medical care, no counseling, nothing. I only hope I can save other females from experiencing this as well.

3 thoughts on “Coast Guard Investigative Service blames victim for her rape.

  1. Call military one source. They offer free counseling with civilian counselors. You get 9 sessions. Please please document your trauma so that when you decide to get out you can get your VA benefits you deserve. I had 3 therapists after my assault. 1 at the military hospital, a civilian with one source and also 1 at the local rape crisis. They all worked together and kept in contact to afford me the proper treatment. I do not know if I would be here today if it was not for those 3 women. Please get the help you need to regain your strength. You are very brave for coming forward and if you need anything, an ear to listen, please contact me @ You do not have to let that one night haunt you! And know that you did absolutely nothing wrong!!!

  2. I stayed in also after my assult, 27 years I retired CWO3, the pain was awful, but I survived and did a damn good job, even though I was labeled a whore you name it. When I retired I wanted compensation for having PTSD from the assult, all the evidence had disappered from my record, medical record and the ship was decommisioned. I wrote over 168 letter to everyone from Obama down, the Coast Guard jerked me around, it was unbelievable. I served 27 years my dad 22 years thank God he was dead and didn’t have to see what I went through. Long story short the CG found my assult records at Micheal Hunt’s house, my old captain from the COWSLIP, he had them, go figure it was over 25 years and he still had them in his position. Well finally after 18 months of being dicked around the VA recognized that I was assulted and suffered PTSD, October 1, 2012, I received a check from the CG for $3,000.00 and the VA $50,000.00. Compensation I am 100% disabled. Karma is a bitch.
    My suggestion, document, document, document! Copy you medical record and any other paperwork pertaing to the rape. Don’t listen to what people say, I was called every name in the book, but if you are a good hard worker, hold your head high the talk will stop. Go to a support group, pray, whatever it takes to survive. You much appear to be beyond reproach. It will stop. Call me if you need help 843-763-9858.
    Peace be with you,
    Linda Carroll Madson, CWO3
    USCG (ret)

  3. You will get your credibility back. You never called this upon yourself. Do you need someone to talk to? We can help with that.

    There is community counseling. I went to the YWCA when I was branded a whore etc.

    Trust me. Time will reveal this as pattern behavior on the part of the perpetrator and not you.

    An alcoholic beverage is not a license to rape.

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