U.S Marine raped

H, United States Marine Corps

While serving in the USMC, I was raped by a Corpsman attached to our unit. I was on liberty one night with my mod-mate, and had seen the Corpsman at the bar. I had a few beers (I honestly, was NOT drunk…I knew very well what happened every moment that night!) We went back to our barracks rooms that night, and I got an unwanted visitor at my door.

I cannot count how many times I said “NO” or “STOP” or “PLEASE” that night. No one heard me. I reported it the next evening to my Chain of Command and the investigation was launched from there. The investigation went from June to January.

During these months, I was heavily alienated by my peers and my NCO’s. I was made fun of. I was referred to as derrogatory names by EVERYONE. I was severely depressed. My Sergeant Major even told me to my face that it was MY FAULT because I did not have a father in my life growing up, and that I need to learn how to PRESENT myself in front of men, because “I must have” given him a reason to think that I wanted it.

He was wrong. MY Marine Corps did not stand by me. Then shunned me, when I needed them the most. I selflessly gave myself to my country, and my country did not stand by me in return. My heart was broken. When all was said and done, the official investigation done by NCIS was “unfounded” because there was not a rape kit done (as I did not know I needed to go to the hospital to do so), and I did not have a roommate so there were no witnesses. Only his story and my story. Period. If it weren’t for my UVA (uniformed victim’s advocate) & civilian led support group that I faithfully attended weekly for over a year..I would still consider myself a victim. I am not. I AM A SURVIVOR!

2 thoughts on “U.S Marine raped

  1. I am so sorry this happened to you. I was in the Marine Corps and it happened to me as well. I was drugged and raped by a Marine officer and was too scared to tell anyone. I confided in my father and my best friend but they have since passed away. I finally have reached out for therapy and counseling and I am hoping it helps with the nightmares and the depression. I am currently taking medications but working with men has been very hard. Stay strong and continue to be a “Survivor”

  2. Nobody deserves this. I was sexually assaulted by two officers while in the Army. As a veteran I have just been raped and re-raped by two Army soldiers I had trusted. I didn’t see it coming and the retaliation was very bad. I’m going to post my story. If it changes the politics one bit then hurray. Him going to prison, big deal. He destroyed my only car in retaliation. It;s sad that we have to be ashamed when we are the innocent victims of some twisted jerk’s desire to put us in our place.

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