S.K, United States Marine Corps

I reported to my first duty station in Hawaii and met an NCO from my unit. He invited me to a bbq to meet other marines from my unit and I accepted. I didn’t drink, so I was offered a soda.. 3/4th through the drink,I began to not feel good. I tried to go outside for air but could not walk. The NCO and 4 other marines forced me down the hall into a small room. I passed out and came to many times. All of the 5 men were raping me as I was unable to move or stop them. They kept me at the house from Friday through Sunday, beating, torturing, threatening to kill me.

2 thoughts on “USMC Rape

  1. SK, I am sorry this happened to you, this is horrific and as a former Marine and current police officer, I am sickened. I hope you know you are a survivor. Not sure if you reported this to your chain of command, but these criminals need to pay for what they did. Stay strong, Semper Fi.

  2. SK my heart goes out to you. Please know you are not to blame for any of this. Please seek out a sexual assault advocate or the 24 hour rape crisis hotline. I pray that u have the courage to report this because it is a crime and you need to begin healing.

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