My Duty to Speak

United States Coast Guard Chief Gregg M. Marsili

My Duty to Speak

Massachusetts National Guard rape survivor reaction on Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter sex abuse claims.

I am not doing well. Ever since the allegations about Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter sexually assaulting and raping a woman in 1984 was finally made public my emotions has been at an all time high. I checked myself into an intense residential program for rape survivors where everyday I had to talk about the monster that raped me and the monsters that covered up my rape, which includes Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter.

I am NOT Gen. Carter’s victim. I want to make that loud and clear. Who I am was a soldier that was raped while serving with the Massachusetts Army National Guard. I was a soldier that had to watch her rapist walk away scotch free. The man that raped me and almost killed me were treated as the victim and I was told that I was at fault for no reason other than because I am a woman and should not have been walking alone. You read that right, I am a woman and therefore because I took the risk of walking ALONE I was at fault for being raped. I was not out partying. I was not out drinking. I was simply walking alone-in uniform-when he grabbed me and raped me.

My victim advocate, SARC whatever you want to call her was career-oriented. As a result she cared more about pleasing the command, making the MANG look squeaky clean and problem less that she would step over anyone that might have any dirt on the Massachusetts National Guard, including me—I certainly had dirt on the Massachusetts National Guard—I knew of a soldier serving with MANG that is a rapist.  As a result of her covering up rapes and making the MANG “look good” she was rewarded with the SARC of the year award.

She made me look crazy, my investigation magically “went missing” and she praised to all how Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter “cares so much about rape survivors.  She alleged that Gen. Carter wants all at MANG to take rape seriously. MANG has a zero-tolerance policy. General Carter is making sexual assault prevention a priority!” Wait hold on, you mean the same Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter that just this week was forced into retirement because it have been found that there was probable cause that he abused his rank and power to sexually abuse a woman? Correct. Same guy.

While the National Guard knew of the allegations all along the SARC and others wanted to convince everyone that advocated for me and other sexual assault and rape survivor that Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter actually cares about rape survivor. Yep, exactly why my rape investigation was lost. Cared about rape survivors that you blame a woman for getting herself raped because she walked alone? Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter cared so much about rape and sexual assault survivors that he was forced into retirement for sexually assaulting a woman!

When the SARC deployed she was replaced by I believe a 1st Lt. What I knew most about her is at what intervals I should hand her a tissue as she used my time that was suppose to be used to  help me with MY rape and get ME resources and help so she can vent about how she “just got married and her husband was deployed” boo ho sorry to hear that but remember me? I was the one that was raped and you are the SARC that should help me get resources. Well, she did was recommended a yoga group for COMBAT VETERANS-MOSTLY MEN aka male combat veteran just like my freaking rapist.

Of course she also let me know how Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter cared so much about rape survivor. Did you know that at one point the Massachusetts National Guard alleged that they had the best sexual assault prevention program in the ENTIRE NATION because Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter cared so much about women like me? That was until there was an outside investigation done on the Massachusetts National Guard that found that the 24-hour hotline listed on their website is actually not 24-hour and the emails that a survivor can email victim advocates were indeed false and made up. Fake email addresses given to survivors to report rape, the emails are later bounced back and never read. How many victims were not able to report a rape because the contact information on the official Massachusetts National Guard website was incorrect? The Massachusetts National Guard refuses to help any victim that was misguided or was not able to report an assault because contact information to the proper authorities were false.   In case that did not make any sense to you let me reiterate. Massachusetts National Guard posted fake email addresses on their website telling victims if they need help to contact the fake email addresses! Victims had their emails bounced back to them unread and undeliverable.

My rapist has been promoted since he raped me.  He is on his way to a prosperous career within the Massachusetts National Guard.  The Massachusetts National Guard still claims to have the best sexual assault prevention and response program in the entire country.

I was forced out for  reporting a rape. I had fought for years to be able to receive services at the VA. Only recently was I granted permission to go to the VA for my treatment for PTSD.  Maj. Gen. Joseph C. Carter has been forced into retirement. He will be collecting $86,000+ a year of our taxes as a reward for his hard work in covering up sexual assaults and rapes; including his own.

My Duty to Speak


S.K, United States Marine Corps

I reported to my first duty station in Hawaii and met an NCO from my unit. He invited me to a bbq to meet other marines from my unit and I accepted. I didn’t drink, so I was offered a soda.. 3/4th through the drink,I began to not feel good. I tried to go outside for air but could not walk. The NCO and 4 other marines forced me down the hall into a small room. I passed out and came to many times. All of the 5 men were raping me as I was unable to move or stop them. They kept me at the house from Friday through Sunday, beating, torturing, threatening to kill me.

My Duty to Speak

Coast Guard Captain calls rape survivor “liar” and “nut case”.

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

I am in desperate need for some help. I reported my rape and it went nowhere. I was told that there were not enough creditable evidence to bring this case to trial. They have separated the two of us and I am safe from him. My problem is since my allegations came back as not having enough creditable evidence to bring the case to trial I am being viewed as a liar. I am called a nut case and a liar every single day often by CWO and  a Captain.

Yes, I made some mistakes that I am beating myself up for such as not going immediately to the hospital and waiting some time before reporting it. I was scared. According to the CWO and the Captain the reason why I took so long to report it was because I was making a plan to lie. I did NOT lie. I can’t stress that enough. After the rape my rapist told me that if I told anyone that he’ll kill me. It was not until I felt suicidal and that I no longer could keep it in that I finally told somebody. I did not expect the allegation to go anywhere when I did report it but I needed help and needed to get away from him. It went unrestricted because I told some friends that are also in the Coast Guard wanting their advice on what I should do and support to help me report it. Since I told people it automatically because unrestricted and they had to investigate it.

I requested some time off from my Chief so that I can attend a counseling session in town. He told me that he doesn’t know why I still go to counseling since it was determined that it was a false allegation. He forbid me time off to attend counseling.

I am an E-3. How can I stop the bullying from those much higher ranking than me? They are slandering my name, tearing me apart and everyone believes them over me because of their rank and position with the Coast Guard.

This is much worst than even the rape. Can someone offer me some advice?