Coast Guard Petty Officer Federico Sanchez re-victimized rape survivor

HS2 Federico Sanchez was on officer of the day duty when he thought it would be funny to further victimize a rape survivor. According to the rape survivor she was invited on base for a meeting, followed all necessary steps including being on an approved guest list and provided a valid government ID. After realizing that the woman invited on base was a rape survivors that his friends/shipmates helped cover up her rape he did all in his power to further victimize her.
Rape survivors in the Coast Guard often don’t just have one victim-blaming act committed against them. It is often dozens of small act of abuse that do have life long psychological consequences for the rape survivor. It also builds an environment of intimidation that might defer others from reporting a rape.

This blame-the-victim culture at Coast Guard Base Boston needs to stop before more members of the U.S Coast Guard are punished for reporting a rape. All these small acts of making the victim be punished for reporting a rape do add up to a culture of intimidation.

Calls to HS2 Federico Sanchez were never returned. Electronic communications from Active Duty coasties that witness to the event confirm that forbidding the rape survivor to attend a meeting that she was invited to was because she is a rape survivor.

Our Coast Guardsmen and women deserve better. Time to fix the Coast Guard.


written by M.O

3 thoughts on “Coast Guard Petty Officer Federico Sanchez re-victimized rape survivor

  1. What an idiot! Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us that are trying to fix the problems in the Coast Guard. His lack of returning phone calls shows that he does not care to fix this problem. In the end the ones that are suffering the most are his shipmates that have to live with the reputation of being known to punish rape victims.

  2. I am sorry that he treated you this way. I wish I can help make the pain go away. I hate seeing a shipmate in pain. You have a lot of support at Base Boston. I am sorry that it did put you in so much pain. You did not deserve what Sanchez did. His career is pretty much over. Most in the Coast Guard are good people. My friends that are still in Boston do not like hearing about bad people that hurt one of us. It is not fair. Call whenever you need to vent.

  3. 49,0000ish in the Coast Guard. Ten or so people outed on here that are bringing down the rest of the Coast Guard. Why are they allowing the 10 anti-Coast Guard folks to bring down the rest of the Coast Guard by doing the unthinkable to the Coast Guard rape survivors? I can’t imagine that 48,990 others are very happy with the ten that are making them all look bad.

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