Christopher Lagan, United States Coast Guard further abuses rape survivor

After posting The Coast Guard’s Response to talking about Sexual Assault  We were forwarded this blog posting from the Officer Coast Guard blog at I don’t think much explaining needs to be made. Below is a screenshot regarding a comment made on the Official Coast Guard blog in reference to Veterans’ Day. A Coast Guard rape survivor said that she’ll proudly be representing Coast Guard Veterans which was a huge accomplishment for her because being raped and like many survivors forced out of service for reporting a rape she had a difficult time coming to terms on calling herself a Veteran. As a result Christopher Lagan dismissed her pride for the service by calling her comments “an attack on the service”.

A Military Rape Crisis Center study estimates that 92% of all rape survivors are forced out of service. The United States Coast Guard continues to fall behind the other 4 military branches in how sexual assault cases are handled.

We believe that she sure is a Veteran. Thank you for your service.

written by M.O

11 thoughts on “Christopher Lagan, United States Coast Guard further abuses rape survivor

  1. Glad you posted this on the Coast Guard facebook page. I do not see anything on there that should have been called an attack on the service. I am sorry that you went through what you did. I know a woman that reported a rape and they kicked her out too.

  2. I don’t think her saying that she was discharged for reporting a sexual assault is an attack on the service. I think the CO that allowed this woman to be discharged for reporting a rape should not be calling him/herself a veteran. Thanks for posting this on the Coast Guard facebook.

  3. The only comment that was an attack on the service is telling a Coast Guard vet that she is attacking the service because she reported a rape. What is happening to the Coast Guard?

  4. I agree with everyone. I do not see anything bad with what she wrote. Lagan should offer an apology to this woman. Shame.

  5. I am in the Coast Guard and don’t consider what was said to be an attack on the service. My wife left the Navy after a year and a half because they found her to have a blood disease that required medication and medical treatment that would have not allowed her to continue serving. Even though she is a veteran she wouldn’t ever see herself as one because of how abruptly she left the service. I know exactly where this woman is coming from. Christopher Lagan should be supportive of this woman and not putting her down. I am ashamed for him. I showed this to two of my shipmates including a Chief and they told me that this woman didn’t say anything bad.

    To the woman that posted this. I am sorry for what was said to you. You did not deserve any of it.

  6. Chris Lagan is fortunate that the Coast Guard is going to protect him because doing such a thing against a veteran is not going to get him hired anywhere else. I support our veterans and have zero empathy for those that treat our veterans with such disrespect.

  7. This Coast Guardsman fought for our freedom. The reason that Mr. Lagan could say what he did to this veteran was because this veteran fought for the freedom for Mr. Lagan to do so. I don’t know what kind of family Mr. Lagan came from but I came from a family that respected our veterans. They earned our respect for protecting our freedom. I can’t say what Mr. Lagan did to this veteran was wrong. I do not agree with Mr. Lagan attack on a veteran but this is America land of the free because of our brave. Our brave just like “coast guard veteran”. If this was China and Mr. Lagan attacked a veteran that would be a totally different story. God Bless America.

  8. “We do not post anonymous comments”

    In almost every article there are people commenting that did not say their real names. If “grammarpolice”, “Guardian not shipmate” and “WomanoftheGreen” can post using their aliases why can’t “Coast Guard veteran”?

    1. Because “Coast Guard veteran” is a rape survivor and therefore a very, very, very bad person for speaking out against a very, very, very brutal rape. How dare she talk about her rape that the Coast Guard failed to sweep under the rug. duh

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