Coast Guard’s response to sexual violence.

Anyone that ever attempted to work with the United States Coast Guard came upon these apathetic response from Coast Guard members. We hope to start the conversation so we can eliminate sexual violence in the United States Coast Guard.

8 thoughts on “Coast Guard’s response to sexual violence.

  1. HS2 Federico Sanchez and Captain Christine Cutter ban members of the street team including a Coast Guard veteran from entering the base despite being INVITED back on. Let that be known to all. You can not just invite someone on base only to humiliate them and say that they can not enter because they are anti-rape advocates.

  2. How dare you try to help Coast Guardsmen and women. You are such a horrible person for trying to help your shipmates! j/k of course. I still think you deserve to be shipmate of the week and honored by the Commandant.

  3. I posted this on Open Guard USCG Facebook group page because I have witnessed them doing the same exact thing as you guys have mentioned. Rape survivors came out and they were dismissed and been told that they are attacking the service by speaking about their own rape.

    I expect to be banned from the group cause you know talking about rape to help survivors is anti-Coast Guard and all.

  4. Nothing going on here. keep on walking with your eyes shut.

    I wrote something similar on my blog. Christopher Lagan, Public Affairs United States Coast Guard wrote to an anonymous writer who only identified him/herself as “Coast Guard veteran” wrote that she/he assertion that they were discharged for reporting a rape was “an attack on the service”

    You can read both the comment made by “Coast Guard Veteran” and the remark made by Christopher Lagan. As you can read in the screenshot the comment made by Coast Guard Veteran was very pro-Coast Guard and that he/she felt that survivors of rape should still view themselves as Veterans. I know from personal experience that when you been raped you wonder if you still belong or if you still even a Veteran.

  5. I was right. Open Guard USCG blocked me for posting this photo. Can we do an investigation to see if any rapists or rape apologists are in that group? Can’t imagine anyone being so anti-helping rape survivors unless they are rapists themselves. Can someone look at the MST offender list and see if Mark Dietrich is listed?

  6. Sounds about true. I served for 4 years. When one brings up sexual assault they automatically change the subject! Thank you for what you are doing. Hope this is an eye opener for those up top.

  7. @Isa. In the link provided Coast Guard veteran wrote that they will be proudly waving a Coast Guard flag when they march in the parade. How is that an attack on the service? Just because she is a rape survivor everything that she says is an attack on the service? Isa you need to make that viral. It is disgusting.

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