Coast Guardsman raped, ignored.

Amanda, United States Coast Guard

March 15, 2012 I was awaken by a Coast Guard Ensign that had one hand over my mouth and one hand playing with my clitoris. I could not scream and I struggled to get away from him hitting my head on the top rack. After what seemed like forever he left but not before telling me that I should report it. I reported it anyway and went up my chain but not one person felt that I was acting like a victim enough to investigate it. I went outside of my chain and called CGI and a Chaplin on my own. Neither returned my phone calls. Now I am fighting an admin. discharge. What should I do?

2 thoughts on “Coast Guardsman raped, ignored.

  1. go to the hospital, have them call the police, repot the attack to your CO, again if they don’t take action get to the nearest rape crises center.

  2. IG COMPLAINT,CONGRESSIONAL AND THE FBI. Federal is federal. Also contact RAINN AT 877-995-5247 Name your attacker then press charges against your entire chain of command for deriliction of Duty and conduct unbecoming. If the outfit is working against you, it is a conspiracy.

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