My Duty to Speak

Air Force sexual abuse trial gets underway

Last night on NBC Nightly News Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Air Force rape survivor and My Duty to Speak and Military Rape Crisis Center staff member Jennifer Norris discusses the rape and sexual abuse epidemic at Lackland Air Force Base. Watch the video here:

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1 thought on “Air Force sexual abuse trial gets underway”

  1. Kudos to the Air Force for pressing charges and going ahead with the court martial. Let hope that justice is served. If he is guilty (and I have zero doubts in my mind that he is innocent-10 women lying about being raped by the same man is highly unlikely) then let hope for a long prison term-and if he ever gets out to be a registered sex offender for life. Time for the military to start handing out similar sentences to those charged with similar crimes in the civilian court.

    Now if only the Coast Guard can start taking rape seriously.

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