Coast Guardswoman raped, beaten May 2012.

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

I was raped in May of this year. My rapist and I were both drinking. I am 20 years old and he is 19. I woke up naked and in a lot of pain in my shipmate’s room. There was a used condom on the floor. I asked my rapist if we had sex and he said yes. I went back to my room and looked in the mirror and saw my black eye.  I also had bite marks on my neck and scratches on my arms and neck. On my stomach it looked like a knife was used to carve out symbols.  I broke down in tears and called a friend. I was off duty that day. Later that day I started puking and felt very weak. I am not sure if it was related to the rape but it was certainly much more than just a hangover. My friend took me to the doctor in town that asked about my injuries. I told her that I was not sure how I got them. I told the doctor that I drank a bit too much and that I don’t remember. She questioned me about my drinking. When she found out that I only had two beers I was tested for roofie which came back positive. I also had an entire rape kit done. I was given the morning after pill which only made my vomiting much worst.

I do not exactly know what happened. I was slipped a roofie. While I was passed out my own shipmate not only raped me but physically assaulted me as his personal punching bag and etching canvas.

I reported the rape to the Officer in Charge, a Senior Chief, and he immediately wrote me up for under age drinking. I was threatened with a Captain Mast if I chose to go forward with reporting the rape. I still live next door to the man that raped me. There is nothing that can be done about it.

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  1. do not stop there, you need help, go to the chaplain, go to the local police they have to document it, handle it. Get it in your medical record, you OINC can be removed if he or she doesn’t do the right thing. Call a local support group get help don’t stop, it’s now time to be brave, that sex offender must be stopped, you are not his first or his last. Stop him before he rapes another woman. Same thing happened on my ship, that mother fucker got left at the brow with the sheriff while our ship pulled away, but I with over 20 years was not scared to raise hell and reming the CO of his responsibilities, and I’m not special, just a woman that was sexually assualted 2x in the Coast Guard. Tell your parents, tell his, hell call me, email me and request my number. He will not stop, on my ship my offender was found quilty over 20 years ago, they didn’t do shit, he assualted a female officer and they thew him out. Email me please, there is a lot of help, call the police, your city has a rape crises line call it, you will never be unraped, stand tall, it’s hard. And underage drinking did not give him permission to rape you, you didn’t ask for it and you did not cause this treatment. Please get help. I’ll help you.

  2. The United States Coast Guard where harsher punishments are given out for underage drinking than RAPE. This is not the first time that this happened.

  3. He may be bluffing about the Captin’s Mast. Call his bluff. Press charges, follow up on the complaint, and go over his head, if necessary. Talk to a chaplain, and to a JAG officer. Get copies of the medical records from that visit to the doctor – especially the lab report that showed Rohypnol in your system. Take and keep notes of EVERY conversation you have with your chain of command about this subject.

    Do I think that will be easy? No, of course not. It will be very difficult… but it is the right thing to do. Don’t stop until that rapist is properly punished. Do it for yourself, and do it for every other woman that he might attack in the future. Do it for every sociopathic man out there, so they see that they can’t get away with that crap.

    Most of all, reach out and get help. I’m not the right person for the job, as all I can do is provide moral support, but there ARE people out there who CAN help you. They can help you recover from the trauma, and they can help you with the legal nosense that you’re going to face. They can help you face the future, and face yourself in the mirror. LET THEM help you.

    I’m sorry this happened to you. Good luck with the struggles to come.

  4. Drinking underage and on base is a serious offense but not as serious as rape. If they are threatening you with legal actions against your drinking if you choose to go forward with rape then your command is wrong. If I was in command of your unit I’ll certainly write you up for drinking but I’ll also follow protocol to report the rape to the proper authorities.

    What sounds to me is a leadership that does not have the control of it crew and allows drinking, sex and rape on base.

    1. Agree! She should be punished but so should the man that raped her. He should also be charged with underage drinking.

      1. and rape! He should be sent to the brig for a very, very long time, receive a dishonorable discharge and be a registered sex offender for LIFE.

        The Senior Chief should also be court martialed out and receive a dishonorable discharge and jail time.

        However it won\’t happen. The Coast Guard does not care about it women enough.

        Sad, misogynistic and pathetic organization that the Coast Guard is for forcing it members to continue working with men that been accused, sometimes multiple time, for rape. I can\’t even tell you the number of contacts that MRCC receives from Active Duty Coast Guard members that are terrified to have to work with men that been accused of rape and set free. Almost daily at least 1 more women in the Coast Guard is contacting Panayiota or me asking \”am I his next victim? He did this to my shipmate. I still have to work with him. He only received a negative page-7 for rape, they transferred the survivor but I and others still have to work with him.\”

        Coast Guardsmen and women can not do their job the best to their ability if they have the constant fear over who is next on the rapist\’s hit list.

        Rapists belong in prison.
        Rape survivors should not have to choose reporting an assault or their career.

        Where is Shawn Wren? Where is CGI? Where is all the support that the Coast Guard alleged that they have to help survivors? Well here is a survivor. Panayiota knows of hundreds of other Active Duty Coast Guard rape survivor, many that do want to go forward with unrestricted reporting but the Coast Guard not returning phone calls or threatening to punish survivors for reporting rape.

  5. Nothing has changed since I was in 42 years ago. It is still the good ol’ boys club. The people who turn their heads to the rape of a female soldier are the same ones that believe women should be home, barefoot and pregnant and most certainly not in the military! You are alive, you did get checked out and you did get the morning after pill. Those are all positives in your favor. It will not be easy but today, there are many that can help you along the way. Do internet searches for MST Survivors, advocates, etc. Stay alert and be careful who you trust in your command.

  6. Sorry to say this but your career is over. Right now your command is already processing you out for failure to adopt if you not at the 6 month mark yet or building your file to make it out that you are too crazy to serve. I know cause it happened to me too.

    1. You are going to rise above this adversity, Sister Warrior. Do not let anyone discourage you under any circumstances. Take back your power. Seek out a spiritual path that will enable you to cleanse the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds that you incurred (by NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN). You are a Queen and your beautiful body is a temple. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU TO REMEMBER IS THAT YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME YOURSELF FOR THE ATTACK. YOU SIMPLY TRUSTED THE WRONG INDIVIDUAL. Too many MST victims blame themselves and lost the beauty and power of their lives as a result of blaming themselves. I lost 25 years of my life because I blamed myself. I do not wish that fate upon you. Seek out help now. There is no shame.

      Please remember, that that evil individual (the rapist)found it necessary to DRUG you in order to gain NON-PERMISSABLE ACCESS ergo–RAPE–to your physical body. NOT YOUR FAULT. Regardless of you drinking a beer. How many men in your command drink beer while they are underage? What would happen if they were drugged and sodomized by other men for simply drinking a beer???!!!!!

      Regarding the “TOO CRAZY TO SERVE”…The only “crazy” aspect is the GUILT and SHAME is incurred by the Coast Guard command..for they are haunted by the fear that something so hideous could happen to THEIR daughters/little darlings……..and the karmic load is unbearable for them. The way they deal with that guilt/shame/fear is blame YOU for the attack….like making it seem like you somehow “ASKED FOR IT”.

      So, once again, be strong and hold your head up high.

      USMC veteran

  7. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are thousands of us who have suffered the same fate. Be strong. Pursue justice. You have the right to justice. You can do it! You are worth it! You have already done SO MANY things right. God bless you!

  8. Contact your local GCIS agent as well as SARC…I can help you with contact information if you need.

    Currently serving

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