Coast Guard continues to discharge rape survivors, promote rapists

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

I am another survivor that reported a rape and lost her career. I was raped by a BM2 on August 17, 2011. I reported it like they tell you to and was told that I was lying and that it never happened. They ripped up my complaint and ordered me to not speak about it if I want to stay in the Coast Guard. I was not even allowed to have an investigation. I believed them until November 2011 when I was told that there is a medical review board recomandation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was ordered to write a rebuttal and handed to my Chief an 18-page rebuttal statement stating everything that I went through including the rape. My Chief ripped up my rebuttal statement and told me that for my own protection he can not submit such a rebuttal statement that he found offensive. Instead I was given admin. discharge. Getting the admin discharge instead of the medical discharge I am not eligible to receive any benefits from the Coast Guard.

My rapist is still in and is soon to be promoted to a BM1.

2 thoughts on “Coast Guard continues to discharge rape survivors, promote rapists

  1. I am sorry that you went through this. A woman should not have to choose between her career and reporting a crime. Your situation is far too common. This is why we need an independent investigation unit outside of the Coast Guard that you can call up and report the rape without having to go up your chain. In the civilian world a woman that is raped calls 911 or the police department. In the Coast Guard she has to tell her supervisors or call “help” that is notorious for mixing up facts, that is if they even call you back. No one should be fired for reporting a rape.

    If your DD214 says anything like “failure to adopt” or “personality/adjustment disorder” try to get that changed.

    Apply for VA benefits. Even if you can’t get CG benefits you most likely would be compensated through the VA.

    You are not alone. Thank you for speaking out.

  2. Does the fact that you wrote about being raped offend him? Want to know what offense me? Paying the salary of a man that covers up rape.

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