Wall of Shame: Coast Guard Commander Joseph Segalla

In documents obtained by MyDutytoSpeak.com, Commander Joseph Segalla was caught victim-slandering, slut-shaming and spreading misogynistic lies about a rape survivor. Due to recent media attention on the topic of gaslighting women that report rape in the military this survivor came forward with documentation that proved exactly just that.

In an email sent by Commander Joseph Segalla to several members of the United States Coast Guard Commander Segalla has used and abused his rank to slander a woman and eventually kick her out of service because she reported a rape.

According to Commander Segalla: even though the rape survivor “performed acceptable” he was concerned about “interpersonal relationships” (or in reality A BRUTAL RAPE THAT LEFT THE SURVIVOR BRUISED, BLEEDING AND WITH A BROKEN TOOTH) that he felt that she is no longer should be fit for military service.

Commander Segalla admitted in this email that consideration of putting a rape survivor on MAA force, where Coast Guardsman serve while awaiting Court Martial-two were there waiting trial on child pornography charges. Shame on you Joseph Segalla that it was even considered to put a rape survivor on MAA force with sexual predators.

Joseph Segalla continued with the victim-slandering email by saying that the woman (rape survivor) “does some really strange stuff” but did not elabarate on any speficics-which leaves us to wonder that probably there wasn’t any. Within days of sending this email, the survivor was involuntarily discharged from service (FIRED FOR REPORTING A RAPE) and has since been awarded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs a full disability for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of Military Sexual Trauma.

For his role in kicking out women that reported rape, Commander Joseph Segalla (now retired with a pension) is on the My Duty to Speak Wall of Shame.

We have tried to contact him at his last known phone number in New Canaan, CT but the woman who picked up the phone said that she did not know him after demanding to know who we are. We contacted his sister at a family owned Sand and Gravel shop twice and left a message. He did not return the phone calls at time of publishing.

written by staff member of mydutytospeak.com

13 thoughts on “Wall of Shame: Coast Guard Commander Joseph Segalla

  1. Hope she sues. Not only is he anti-women and pro-rape he is also an idiot for putting his views on supporting rapists in writing. If you don’t support the survivor you support the rapist.

  2. Any man that calls a brutal rape an interpersonal relationship is a sociopath. Glad he is out of the Coast Guard so this psycho won’t have anymore victims. He won’t return your phone calls. Men like this are on power trips until they are confronted and then they run away like a scared little child.He must have been a real shitbag when he was in to retire only as a Commander. At least 20 and was only a Commander? There is more dirt on this guy for sure.

  3. Rape is the 2nd worst crime one can commit. It is not interpersonal relationship problems. With such a response no wonder 90% of rapes are never reported.

  4. I can’t even imagine the trauma of losing one’s job because of a crime done to them. God bless our troops.

  5. Bottom line is that her work was viewed acceptable. That in itself should have made her stay in the Coast Guard. The rest is blame the victim crap. My heart goes out to this woman that was raped twice; once by a rapist and 2nd time raped from her career.

  6. I hope he has the dignity to call back not so much for our sake but because it could be helpful to the survivor. Nothing to going to help her get her job back but maybe one day she can heal from what Commander Segalla did to her. I will pray that he does the right thing.

  7. Horrible that he is stooping so low on not returning phone calls. Perhaps the only way to speak to him is in court. The email, him not returning phone calls, etc…would be enough evidence that this man supported rapists, punished rape survivors and have zero remorse for what he did. I see a big pay out in the survivor’s future.

  8. Thank you to whoever the mole is that gave you guys the email. There are certainly good people in the Coast Guard who are as fed up with the pro rape culture as you all are.

  9. My father, mother, 3 uncles, grandmother and both grandfathers all served Honorably in the United States Armed Forces. It is a shame that creeps and sickos like Commander Joe Segalla and the few others mentioned on here are wrecking the reputation of the service. I wish that the media would focus more on the sickos mentioned on here instead of clumping us all together like we are all rapists; we are not.

    I served and have witnessed one sexual assault cover up. I tried my best to defend her until my own career was on the line. I did not care. When my four was up I got out of there. The victim was discharged as well. To this day we still keep in touch and she thanks me for being there for her. It is out duty to help our shipmates especially at their darkest time such as after a rape. I won’t ever do what Commander Joe Segalla did nor the 3 or 4 others mentioned on here. I have integrity. Most of us do. If that was not the case then there would be a lot more than just 3 or 4 names mentioned.

    1. The majority of those in the Coast Guard are good, honest, trustworthy people. It is the perverts like Segalla and the others mentioned on here that is sadly giving the others a bad name. Nobody but a sick man would call a rape an interpersonal relationship. There is something seriously wrong with him.

      The right way to handle a rape case is to be supportive for the victim. Imagine instead an email that asked: “how can we help this service member” and “She was brave enough to come forward. Kudos to her” instead of an email that was circulated on why a rape survivor should lose her career because she reported her rape.

      Imagine the trauma that she must have experienced at the hands of Commander Joe Segalla. Imagine trying to heal from a very brutal rape while also fighting to keep your career. This is the United States of America where it is NEVER okay to blame a woman for rape–especially not a woman that was beaten, raped.

      90% of all rapes are not reported. 2% of all reported rapes in the Coast Guard are referred to a Court Martial. 92% of women that report rape are involuntarily discharged from service. Those numbers are from the United States Congress. Those statistics should piss you off.

      Joe Segalla you are an embarrassment to all who worn the uniform.

  10. He from Sailsbury. Check that town to see if there is a phone number listed. If he does not return phone calls that is a sign of guilt.

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