Command rape at US Navy A-school

Felicia, United States Navy

My story was a bit different than the others. I don’t call what happened to me rape because I voluntarily chose to sleep with him but I also felt that I had no other choice.

It started May 2006 at  A-school. I wasn’t doing that well academic-wise even though I was giving my all. For some reason with all the stress that comes along with A-school and a roomie from hell I had difficulties concentrating and doing well. An instructor in a class that I was doing quite badly  in asked if I needed any extra help. I knew that if I didn’t get the extra help that I would have flunked out so of course I said yes.

In exchange for the extra help I had to perform sexual favors. At first I said no and was going to report him. Within an hour I was called in and was being written up for disrespecting my instructor. He straight out lied and said that I cursed him out when he said that I was on the path on not graduating A-school. I tried to defend myself but with his 12 or so years of working there his words were believed over mine. After that whatever he wanted-sexually wise I did what I had to do. It was the only way to save my career.

Somehow with all of this I passed. I am still in the Navy. Which leads me to the problem of sexual harassment. Everyday on my ship I am being harassed by the men. They wanted me to do a train and I refused so they resorted to calling me a cum dumbster.

One 0-3  did sexting to her boyfriend who is also in the Navy and her photo has been circulated by every man on the ship from the Captain down to the non rate. Instead of punishing the men for circulating this photo she was severely reprimanded and put on probation. When she dumped the douchebag he told everyone that she was a slut that wanted it in all of these kinky positions.  She is being harassed as bad as I am.

Men in the Navy act like horny little boys going through puberty.  That must be because most are not getting any and believe it or not most 18 years old enlisting are virgin and their first sexual experience is with the prostitute in a foreign port town that speaks 3 words in English and is probably a victim of trafficking so she obviously not into it so their experience with girls is slim to none and sure act that way!

Major reform needs to be done from the top down.

8 thoughts on “Command rape at US Navy A-school

  1. They do act like horny little boys. 🙂 Sex in the military is complicated. Everyone knows who you’re dating & everyone has an opinion. I’ve seen men get on their moral high horse & lecture me about men like I’m their little sister, while at the same time I’m getting the vibe that they want to “do” me, That was my experience, anyway.

  2. I am sorry about what happened. Men abusing their rank, position–even civilian employees is very common. I have seen it numerous times with sexual assault and just other issues in general. I am very happy that the admin of this page put command rape in the title because that is exactly what it is. Command rape is not what you and I may think of rape-the screams of no but forcing sex onto a woman but instead Command rape is exactly what you described: abusing your position and power for sex.

    I was in the Marines and yes they do act like horny little boys. That is also because they are not getting any especially when you are deployed. I have seen some Marines paying for sex even those that have wives and children waiting for them at home. I read somewhere that 2/3rd or some outrageously large percentage of men who serve in the military would at one point in their career buy sex. Probably almost every conversation outside from work-related conversation was about sex. Women always talking about a wide range of topics but for men in the Marines it was always about sex. I have male friends outside of the military and they more than just single-minded sex but they also more sexually active than military men. Navy is probably similar.

  3. Serving in the military there are some things that one has to sacrifice and that includes sex. You can not bring your spouse to a war zone. You can not go bring a woman from the bar home if you are in Afghanistan. It goes with the job and one must accept that. If you can not then don’t enlist!

    What I do have a problem with is that men think that it is okay to hire a hooker. I am assuming that this is not happening in Afghanistan due to the religious laws (please correct me if I am wrong) but I can see it if a Navy ship is on a southeast Asia tour and when there are port calls they get themselves a 12 years old girl to release their sexual tension. It is NOT okay to exploit a girl/woman in that way. The Coast Guard has the same problem and they were under fire last year when they were in South/Central America and Coast Guardsmen hired girls/women for sexual acts. This woman’s instructor has the same mentality that the only thing that matters was his sexual needs and instead of currency he used his position in the Navy to have sex with this woman and probably many, many more.

    How your shipmates is treating you and the other woman is not okay.

  4. Felicia, I was raped at my Navy “A” School as well but it happened to me in 2002. If you don’t mind me asking, what base were you at for “A” school?!? I am here for support. You can e-mail me at if you need to talk.

  5. A person who commits an act of rape is known as a rapist. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or with a person who is incapable of valid consent.

    You were raped, and by proper definition. It should not be regarded as any less horrible because you were not surprised on an alley. People need to stop projecting stereotypical images of rape.

  6. You refused to do a train on your shipmate and they resorted by attacking your sexuality? Your shipmates are not the brightest light in the harbor

  7. Felicia,
    Since you were pressured into performing sex acts by your superior it is regarded as rape not consensual sex.
    There isn’t a detective or prosecutor in the US who would call it consensual in front of his peers nor his supervisor, nor in front of a judge or jury.

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