Hazing at the Coast Guard Academy

I was at the CG Academy from 2005-2009.  In our first year we took part in initiation games that determined our status and acceptance for the next four years. One such game was that we had to stand in a circle and jerk off into a cup. The last person who came had to drink from the cup. If you did not participate you are called a wus and a faggot for the next four years.

I know many women that were raped.  Probably more than half of the women in my class.   Speaking from first hand experience I’ll never allow my sister or my future daughter or son to go to the Academy. I rather they go the enlisted route or choose another service Academy.  If I had to do it all over again I would have chosen the Air Force Academy or West Point. I am leaving the Coast Guard in a couple of years and fear that having Coast Guard Academy on my resume is going to hinder my employment in the corporate world. The Coast Guard Academy lost it prestige years ago.

15 thoughts on “Hazing at the Coast Guard Academy

  1. I am not sure if this constitute of hazing but none the less it is a problem that should be address. It sounds to me very fraternity-initiation like pre- 1985 (before educational institution started to crack down on bs like this, not all succeeded) . In this case it is your initiation into the world ‘s largest good ‘old boys club: the United States Military.

    the problem with this is two-fold. Obviously for a male not wanting to do it could lead to unnecessary bullying, abuse and being ostracized. One works his whole life to get into the Academy only to view it flushed down the drain cause he chooses to not masturbate in front of other men. The 2nd is the initiation into the good old boy club which leads to women being discriminated against their entire careers. The best thing that the Coast Guard Academy can do is to crack down on all such activities and stop running the Academy like it is a frat house. I am sure that they are all well aware of what is going on and it is a problem that started long before 2005. I won’t be surprised if the Captains and the Admirals have done the same thing 25, 30 years prior when they were cadets at the Academy therefore making it even more difficult for leadership to step in and end it if they themselves participated and view it as a right of passage.

    Out of curiosity what does happen to the person that drinks all the seaman? Are they viewed in a negative or positive light in the next four years?

  2. I think that it is very brave that you shared this. I was in the Coast Guard 1990-2011 and never once heard about what goes on inside the ivory tower at the Academy. Thank you for some insight in this secretive society. It does not at all surprise me. I feel fortunate to have went the enlisted route.

  3. Well, don’t think it is any better at the other service academy’s. They all are the good ol’ boys club. If you want not to do something it is your right, so you have to take a little harassing, do what we women have done, get stronger from it and do something about it. And it would your sister’s choice, etc.. to make not yours… The rape crisis has to change from within, each person who stands up makes a statement. It also shows how immature men really are, to take what is a junior high school, high school right of passage to the level of a military academy. And don’t put that on your resume.
    Coming from the academy will never hurt your outside chances, employers will look at it and say hey he made it through four years of hard work and then got more leadership training in the field. If not start your own business, stop crying poor me, you have not gone through what a lot of us did, try ten years of pure torture I had to live through and then try spending the next 21 years and still counting trying to get over it and live, I can’t even hold a job or work.
    And if you really want to make a difference get things changed, first by reporting it.
    I reported a lot of stuff that went on and for doing so I was tortured even more.
    Women don’t sit around in a circle and do anything as stupid as what you said, men are so strange, stop living by the penis and live by better standards, it is really that simple.
    When you stand up for women then I will listen to you, but this is minor, non-countable male bullshit stuff. At least you could walk away, I couldn’t. This Blog is for those who have been raped, not for circle games. Sorry this post pisses me off in a lot of ways and I am taking off the gloves.

    1. @coast SK5
      YOUR post pisses me off in a lot of ways. I don’t think you can group a person’s hurtful experience into “non-countable bullshit stuff” and I think you’re completely out of line by making such a negative statement. Who are you to judge that another person’s sexual experience is somehow less damaging and thus less important than your own?

      1. oh well that is your right… and I stand by my statements. circle jerk is not sexual abuse…

        I am not out of line, I have a right to what I believe who are you tell me any different. I am not judging, but you are. He still could walk away that is my main point. You have no right to judge me. He had options, women who are raped, sexally abused, etc.. don’t have a choice.

        And yes it is less important than mine and what other women go. There is a big difference. Please if you going are going to be abusive to me, stop reading what I am writing. I have had male who been raped, ganged raped and they agree with me. being called a wus or faggot is far from being called a whore, slut, bitch, because you got raped by a married man and you reported it and everyone says why are you trying to ruin his career. I am not wrong, it is the way I feel. Read what these women have gone through and all the years they suffered, many got out or were discharged, transferred, had their careers ruined because they told someone.

        So, you have not walked in my shoes and can’t tell me how I should feel, not now not ever.

  4. Coastie SK5,

    I see that the initiation into the Coast Guard as described by the author leads to abuse towards women. These are the future Coast Guard officers that are already, in their first year of the Academy, segregating themselves from the women in their class. This would lead to segregating and an “us v. them” mentality for the rest of their Coast Guard careers. This immature sex rituals between men (and we not talking about a sexual preference here-it is invalid) need to be put to an end so women can be viewed as equal. While men are ‘bonding’ the women are being left out.

    It is also sexual abuse. If a man does not want to take part in these sex rituals they are according to the author ostracized and abused–so they are forced often against their will to take part in these rituals or be an outsider for the rest of your coast guard career., Sex abuse is NOT always by saying NO but as well as a fear to say another but yes.

    Sure one may say that the Academy is for learning and who cares if you “not the popular one” well it does matter in the military world when your peers may one day become your command, where you are evaluated by your ability to lead and if you are the ostracized, lonely guy in the corner and not one person respects you how can you lead?

    1. Ohhh there are a lot of hidden problems in the Coast Guard academy. Many who wanted the other service academies but could not get in learn that there is a Coast Guard academy and try out for it. Once these clowns are in they want to prove that they are tough and bring their stupid ideas in with them. The Academy usually would start with about 325 Cadets by graduation day they are down to usually less than two hundred. Most cadets that do not make it to graduation left because they see the idiot cadets as a bunch of bullies and clowns. They leave because they are serious about their education and future. Many leave on anti depressants never to be the same from hazing as one reads above. Parents if you read this save your child the abuse, send them to a normal school.

  5. Kelli, I just don’t agree with what you wrote, it is not sexual abuse, he still has a choice not to take part. No one touched him, no one was going to ruin his career. Are you a sexual abuse expert? I am not and this is they I feel, circle jerk off is far off from being touched, sexual assaulted or raped. If it was such a problem he would have dropped out of the academy.
    Women are left out for a lot of reasons and not just because of some game. Once out in the field this does not follow them, oh no he didn’t do the circle jerk, we can’t talk to him, give me a brake. And like I said nothing will change unless you do something about it, each person has the power to change, put in a complaint, form your own group, I am sure he was not the only one. I was abused for most of my career, I had to hide what was going on, but I did what I need to do and still did my job, what happened to me was a million times worse than what he went through. I was more worried about the other women, so I talked to them and helped them out and all a great cost to myself. I was sexual assaulted when I was younger and had to deal with it on my own, no one ever helped me. I was called a trouble maker and some people wouldn’t talk to me, I would move on. I fought all the way, stood up to captains, commanders, chiefs, I was worried about my career, I wanted to protect others as best as I could. I just can’t feel anything for him and stand by what I wrote. And my story is just like a lot of others who write on here, no one cared.

  6. Men that been victimized are called “wimps”, “pussy”, “gay”, “wus” and “faggot” while women that been victimized are called sluts, whores, bitches, etc.. It does the same effect because society teaches men that they must be “strong” and “brave” and therefore not be victimized either by rape or FORCED masturbation. Women are taught to be “pure” which is why women are later slut-shamed.

    i am putting myself in this man’s shoes. He either had to masturbate in a circle or be ostracized. So basically he worked his ass off throughout high school, applied to and got accepted to what was probably his dream school only to see it thrown away if he chose to not do this sexual act. If he was not 100% oh yeah masturbating in front of others that is awesome! then it is abuse.

  7. it is not the same, he didn’t have to do it, end of story and he never stated what he did, all his is worried about is putting the academy on his resume. you don’t have to get nasty about what I feel and think. and that is such a cop out that men are taught to be strong and brave and women to be pure bu society. I grew up with a mind of my own and knew what is right and wrong. forced masturbation come on, HE STILL HAD A CHOICE. I think you are making this out to be more than what it really is. It is nothing compared to rape, NO ONE TOUCHED HIS PENIS. his career wasn’t thrown away he made it through the academy and will be finishing his career and then end up with a great career. Kelli this is not what a lot of men and women go through when they are harassed, raped, so comparing a circle jerk to ME is an insult. I have been called dyke, lesbo, and forced in two years of hell because the person who was in charge of me found out I was a lesbian. and that is was not the only time that anything had happened to me. He will go on and have a great career, like he already has had in the CG. I bet they all move on after that and spend most of the academy years worrying about getting through. while I have spent years trying to be able to have some kind of life. so please don’t attack me for what I feel, I am not going to change my mind or ever feel it is even close to being the same.

  8. i never said it the same same but every case of sexual assault and rape as the FORCED masturbation is sexual abuse should be investigated and the Coast Guard needs to take all cases seriously. Again nobody ever compared what you went through to what he went through. By saying that his FORCED masturbation is not serious or should not be investigated shows your insecurity and selfishness. He deserves justice as much as you and every single other survivor of sexual abuse. The key word here is FORCED.

  9. I said he should have reported for it to stop, gee. You know nothing about me to call me insecure or selfish, I spent a lot of time making sure the women I knew were protected and for all those who would follow that the policies were taken seriouly. why are you getting so nasty for voicing what I feel, you are acting like I am attacking you or him, I am not. And tell me WTF the Academy is doing to stop RAPE, SEXUAL ASSAULT or even investigate or do anything about the RAPIST. for that matter what is CG doing anything about protecting women and men from this abuse.

    I am not going to change my mind, no one FORCED him, read what he said and the key words; WE TOOK PART, he does mention the other games. no matter how many times you use the word force, I will not change my mind.

    I know no one compared what I went through, that is not fair for you to use that against me. not sure why you feel you must try to prove this point to me, which is your right, but I would respect you more if you didn’t attack me for the WAY I FEEL.

    You are really are not being fair because someone doesn’t agree with your take on this, but to say the things you are to me are uncalled for and not necessary. You have a lot of anger direct at me and I ask you to stop.

  10. Kelli and coastie SK5,
    I don’t really think you should be arguing with eachother about this on this forum. This is a place for people to come and share their stories without being judged for it. No one is in the wrong for posting what they went through. You both have valid points and I am sure they are backed up by experiences you have both been through. BUT don’t fight eachother…… you are not eachothers enemy. The rapists and the people who abuse others are the enemy.

  11. I am very disturbed by the 2nd paragraph: “I know many women that were raped. Probably more than half of the women in my class.”

    What is CGA doing about that? I am sad to think nothing or as Kelli wrote maybe they just going to continue to blame the survivors.

  12. I was a victim of 3 rapes during my time at the Coast Guard Academy. I have heard of circle jerk before from two men that attended the support groups in 2010.

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