Navy recruit RAPED

Anonymous, United States Navy

I was 21, in a bad situation, and the military looked to me to be the best solution … I went to the Navy recruiting office in Nashville Tennessee, and joined up for 6 years. While on DEP, I was invited by the head recruiter in the office to their fancy dress Christmas party.

The party was held at a large hotel, and there were lots of people in dress uniforms, I was dazzled – they looked great and I wanted to be just like them … After the party, I was a little buzzed, but ready for my ride home … THEN he tells me – “I have us a room in the hotel tonight – I don’t want to drive” I was uncomfortable, but figured he was my recruiter, right??

We went to the room, and within 10 minutes, he had me on the bed raping me. After it was done, I was told if I wanted to STAY in the military, I would keep my mouth shut … if I told anyone, I would lose my 6 year contract, and he would talk to all the other recruiters to ensure NO branch would take me. I was pretty much homeless and jobless at this time, so I did what he said … I brought it up to other women later in my career, and was told by at least 5 other women that the same thing had happened to them … it has been over 25 years, and I still think about it on a regular basis.

7 thoughts on “Navy recruit RAPED

  1. just to prove that the idiots who say they are protecting you are raping you sisters, daughters or mothers!!! I’m happy not to be an american!!!!!!!

  2. you surprise me. always i dream that America is this high civilization country, where this kind of rape is scarce, even if rape is there in America, that will be punished with the utmost severity. i had never dreamed that the government know very well the things and cover the makers. it’s serious this case…

  3. hi!!

    i’m 23 and i saw your story in newspaper in France. I’m chocked , they are monster they don’t deserved to live. I hope you find the strenght to move on.

  4. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you, but you have to report this, its RAPE not petty theft..
    Being a victim of such a degrading crime myself whilst in defence I was hesitant on reporting it, took me almost a year to, but know he got six years and I can finally put it behind me..
    I’m so angry that this happens and that people cannot respect others rights..
    Try and do the right thing he deserves what he gets..
    My prayers are with you xx

  5. i was at work when my drunk recruiter told me he wanted “pussy”…. i am only 18 years old. i dont trust the navy completely and i probably never will. im glad to see im not alone when it comes to recruiters being out of line.

  6. I’m sorry that had happened to you.I’m getting scared now because I just sign up for the NAVY and I’ve been doing some research about woman been in the navy so far I haven’t find anything positive I’m not as excited anymore because I keep asking myself what the heck did I just sign myself up for

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