Sex abuse onboard CGC Eagle

We have an international training program at the Coast Guard Academy where we allow foreign cadets to study with us. I was onboard the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle with a cadet that joined us from Northern Africa.  For most of the time on the Eagle I had to put up with his sexual harassment that included being groped, sexual comments, whistling as I passed by and an attempted rape. I was able to fight him off.

They tell you to report all cases of abuse. They drill in us that there is a zero-tolerance policy and support if and when we ever need it. When I took them up for their offer for help I was not helped. I was told that for foreign relation purposes that it’ll be in the best interest of the Coast Guard to not allow it to ruin his tour.  I was told by the so-called “support” that it was culturally acceptable in Islam culture to sexually harass women. In her exact words that repeat in my head to this day was: “In his country women have to cover their entire faces and bodies. This is a culture shock to him. Give him some slack.” They did not investigate my allegations.

8 thoughts on “Sex abuse onboard CGC Eagle

  1. I could care less how women are treated in his country. As the saying goes When in Rome…

    As long as he is on a US military installation as CGC Eagle is he follows the rules of the United States Military.

  2. In Islam, they have a word for this “zina”… a serious crime and a major sin which takes away the quality of faith from a person, and exposes him to punishment and humiliation unless he repents!
    The punishment 4 it, as described in the Muslim’s guidebook “The Qur’an” is STONING To DEATH!

  3. It is not culturally acceptable in Muslim culture to harass women sexually. Apparently it’s culturally acceptable in the US military, though. I work in a company owned by a Muslim family, in a male dominated field. There are about 45 men in my office – 8 women. I have never seen any woman treated with disrespect like this at work. At all. I have never felt less than safe at work. My daughters work in my office, too, and I have never had any concerns for their safety. I would, however, be very worried about sexual assault if they decided to join the US military.

    I am so sorry you went through this, but really glad you are speaking out.

  4. ” I was told by the so-called “support” that it was culturally acceptable in Islam culture to sexually harass women.”

    That is not true. Islam does not permit harressment towards woman. Sad to hear your superiors make excuses for him. Men always get away with shit like this.

  5. I am from Northern African country, More than half of female are dressed jsut like any westerne woman or better, other woman are covered but not from head to toes like it was described.
    agree with other comments, there is zero tolerance to such horrible acts in Islam , they want you to keep quiet and dehuminise other people .

  6. I have traveled extensively in Northern Africa and actually had the pleasure of meeting some Active Duty military women when I was in Morocco. Their culture is not how main stream media or Hollywood makes them out to be. I doubt whoever told you otherwise traveled to Northern Africa.

    Culture shock or not what he did was wrong and the Coast Guard should have taken appropriate actions.

  7. Perfect example of the Coast Guard’s willfully blind cultural ignorance being used as as excuse to shame you for having the audacity to enter into “a man’s world.”

    “You can’t call me a racist because I am being understanding about their weird heathen culture. You know how those people are? If you weren’t being all female and shit, he wouldn’t want to be disrespectful.”

    The Coast Guard has institutionalized mysoginy and racism. You did nothing wrong.

  8. The CG has no accountability. My ex was an addict and an HS1 on the eagle. I asked for help and received none. They push away or ignore deplorable issues that contradict military law and conduct code. I am utterly disgusted. I wish the state alone handled my personal and family issues. The command is worthless they facilitate a lifestyle that procreates onboard relationships and ignores family values. The eagle might as well have carnival cruise painted on the side.

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