Nothing is good enough for this Coast Guard Chief

I wasn’t raped or sexually abused. I just don’t know where else to turn to. Since this past summer I have been having problems with a Chief. He is now on his way to make it to Senior Chief and I don’t understand why they are keeping and promoting a man with such bad leadership.

On Monday it was my turn to cook. I made hamburgers, fries and salad. I asked my Chief if he wanted a Cheeseburger or a burger, and if he wants fries and salad. I put the Cheeseburger on the plate and filled 1/3rd of the plate with salad and the remaining 1/3rd with fries and served him his plate. I did the same for the Bm1. Everyone else got their own food buffet style but the Chief and Bm1 always demand that I serve them.

The Chief was staring at the BM1’s plate and asked him how many fries did he get. Bm1 counted off like 32 or something and Chief freaked out. Threw the plate across the table, pulled me by my arm and brought me to his office for a scream fest. He was angry that I gave more fries to the BM1 than him. In all honesty I did not count how many fries that I gave to the Bm1 and the Chief. I put roughly 1/3rd of the plate of fries and what looks like even to me may have been 2 or 3 less.

Another incident I was washing a boat and Chief came and peed right on it as I was cleaning it. Then laughed and left.

Chief demanded that I give him my bank account information that I refused. He said that he was able to get my bank information regardless because it is in my records from direct deposit so I might as well give him my bank information to save him time. He said that he’ld write me up if I did not give him my banking information. He slapped me. I was scared so I gave him what he asked for.

Everyday there is something that triggers his temper. At times he’ll physically assault me. I feel that no matter what I do that it’ll piss him off. No matter what I would do something to piss him off.

Nothing is ever good enough for him.

I talk to others in the crew and their advice is to ignore him. They think that he is doing all of this because I am a woman and a non-rate. It is all part of the initiation process for enlisting in the Coast Guard. To me it is downward scary. I want to get out.

15 thoughts on “Nothing is good enough for this Coast Guard Chief

  1. Please don’t take it personal. As a former cook, chief, Chief Warrant Officer, I can tell you that he is just messing with you and everytime you show frustration, reaction;positive or negative, he loves it, If he wasn’t fucking with you it would be someone else. Ignore him, and remember to never grow up and be like that. He’s a chief, in my career I met a lot of great chief’s and even more dumb ass chief’s. At some point you are going to have to learn it’s not about you, he is a dick looking for a target. And your right he has no leadership skills. Document everything he says and does to you, if he touches you or make sexual suggestive statements write down and tell a senior person at the sector your attached to, they will have someone you can report to if anything tell the senior corpsman, PA or doctor. I suggest you call EAP make an appointment, french fries are hiding another problem, stress, homesickness atc. I know I’ve been there. E mail me. we can talk. Fuck that dumbass chief, Karma, believe in it, he’ll get his.

    1. WHAT?! I disagree. How could she not take it personally? Ignoring the problem is wrong and something should be done about it. Military or Civilian…it doesn’t matter. That should NEVER happen in a work environment.

  2. you need to go and get help, he can’t do that shit to you, has anyone witness his abuse, hitting you. he needs to be kicked out and no retirement. that is bullshit what others told you, it is illegal. that is the good ol’ boys club at work. I had a captain and chief that were like at my last unit, they tortured me until I ended up at the psych ward. the coast guard doesn’t seem like it has changed when it comes to women. such a shame that they can do this stuff to us to make us hate what we were so proud to be a part. Now they have this show on about coast guard Alaska, but if people really knew how women are treated they would not be happy. all of the women who have abused, raped, etc… we need to make this the next Penn State….

  3. You described half the Chiefs in the Coast Guard and basically described the majority of BMCs in the fleet. They are the most notorious for being abusive.

    I don’t think he cared much about how many fries that you gave him cause well if he was still hungry I am sure getting a 2nd helping was probably an option. It was not about the fries but about implementing fear in you to control you.

    Peeing on a boat while you were washing it is pure sickness but I have seen similar and even worse behaviors from Chiefs.

    I recommend that you keep a close eye on your banking info. If you can open a 2nd account and do an automatic transfer on the days that you get paid into the 2nd account. For a man that urinates on Coast Guard property I can only imagine why he’ll need your banking information. I could be wrong but I think he lied to you about it being in your record. I am leaning towards him probably wanting to steal your money so by transferring your money the second that you get paid he won’t be able to take it away. I’ll say to change your direct deposit information but i think transferring money into the 2nd account is safer. Also if you use online banking make sure that your banking login password is different than your Coast Guard computer login information and nothing that he can guess. Also check your credit score record to make sure there is nothing unusual going on with that.

    It is more than just his temper. He sounds abusive.

  4. I reread my comment and I want to correct two things.

    1. When you transfer your money keep a couple of dollars in your account so that they won’t close it. Make sure if you have any auto payments and stuff to transfer them to your new account.

    2. Get the fuck out of there. Put your name on an A-school list or anything to get yourself out of that toxic environment.

  5. I have served in the Coast Guard for 22 years and my experience is that your first duty station is just an extension of basic training. You described the life of every non-rate. Throwing a plate across a table because of the amount of fries that you gave him is probably just an act to scare you and to teach you to pay attention to details. If next time you have to count every fry that you put on a plate then let it be. Urinating on a boat is to help you manage your stress. You were probably cleaning and felt that your job was finishing up until he urinated on it and you have to start all over. He was trying to see if you’ll get angry or if you’ll continue and clean it without whining. I have seen too many nonrates crying and screaming when they are tested in that way. Hold your emotions together and do your job. Your Chief did nothing wrong.

    1. Where is your moral compass AK? Your statements are misguided. This behavior is not and should not be the life of every non-rate. This behavior should be deemed unacceptable and accepting this behavior demonstrates that you also reflect the concerns of many of that CGL leaders should have higher moral standard in the Coast Guard. Being in the Coast Guard for 22 years you must of assumed leadership positions which is unfortunate for those who have served with you and for you with this type of mentality. If you serve in the Coast Guard now I advise you to read the Commandant’s tenents. In addition the CG motto…. Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty should be held to higher standards This Chief does not honor himself, the CG or the crew with this behavior, nor does he demonstrate respect for the CG. This behavior is not testing this behavior is demoralizing and feeds a hostile work environment, and has absolutely no place in the CG or any workplace. Behavior like this does not breed mission accomplishment it breeds ineffectiveness and inefficiency. There is a good book called the “No A**hole Rule” by professor at Stanford that also wrote the book “Good Boss, Bad Boss”. These 2 books articulate how this behavior and accepting this behavior works against all organizations goals of productivity and effectiveness. If you are not out of the CG yet, I hope you depart soon and being complicit to bad behavior as a leader you should be held accountable. I write these words as AF MSGT child and as previous Army Officer now Coast Guard Officer with 18 years of Active Duty Service. I recommend the writer of this complaint to seek out EEO, EAP, Medical, Chaplain…continue to use your voice.

  6. If he’s abusive to you then more than likely if he’s married he’s abusive to his wife and I bet she’s too scared to come forward and tell the command or she may have told them but because he’s performed within the regualtions they have no reason to believe her. If you report it than they will see that she isn’t lying and perhaps save her from a life of misery and yours. I hope things work out for you and like Linda said Karma will prevail. Stay strong.

  7. I read the article and the comments. I don’t think you should have to put up with that crap. Your Chief is wrong for screaming at you over fries, pissing on the deck and asking for your bank information. He is wrong! It is unnecessary and I don’t care if you are in the military or not. If you are the only one who is being treated like this and it continues in this way, I would definitely take it personally. Even if the fries and the pissing scene is part of the training, where does the personal banking information come in. He has absolutely zero right or a need to know when it comes to your finances. I would turn him in for that. That is not okay! WTF is wrong with people?

  8. This is a case of sexual harrassment. He may have not touched you sexually, but he did touch you physically and emotionally. You have every right to be scared. He is using his power, by rank, to demeaner you. Is there a advocate there that you can talk to, of the record. How long have you been in. This is such a violation of rank, that makes me angry.
    If you need or want to talk just email me. starkeyterri65@yahoo

  9. Report him, get him out of the military, so he does not continue his abuse. This guy is a turd and needs his ass kicked.

  10. I have had quite a few bad bosses in and out of the military and not one of them have ever urinated on governmental or corporate property. That is not a training. That is not bad leadership. It is abuse. Report him.

  11. In regard to your comment about Coast Guard Alaska based in Kodiak. Rape is rampant on this base! We are currently dealing with our own daughters rape by shipmates on the Alex Haley. We have been informed of at least two more rapes. I’m sure there are many more. We will do everything in our power to ensure that justice is served. We are not & will not be backing down and we are prepared to contact anyone and everyone to shed light on their dirty little secret and the way victims are treated.

  12. I can’t believe what I am reading here. Is this what the Guard has become??? I retired after 20 back in ’05 as a Chief Petty Officer. I have NEVER seen a so-called “Chief” act this way. This man should be immediately brought up on charges! Go over his head, document these incidents, talk to the CEA, whatever you have to do to get this turd dealt with! Boot camp is over, you graduated, you made the cut. Now is when your professional development should be happening…your Chief should be guiding you, teaching you how to be a member of an elite team. There is absolutely NO excuse for the behavior you have described. I am sickened by all this. I wish you the best, and please don’t let this deter you from your goals.

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