Success: United States Coast Guard Captain Michael Husak, Rape Apologist, FIRED

The commanding officer of a Boston Coast Guard unit has been fired for what the service calls a loss of confidence in his ability to lead.

Capt. Michael Husak was temporarily removed from command of Coast Guard Base Support Unit Boston on Tuesday by Rear Adm. Ronald Rabago, the Coast Guard’s assistant commandant for engineering and logistics.

Capt. Husak has a history of blaming sexual assault victims, intimidating them and doing all he can to obstruct justice. His abuse against rape survivors often continued long after they leave the service. As reported first on MST news one survivor reported being forbidden to enter Boston Coast Guard base for an Auxiliary meeting because she was a victim of rape.

Husak, a 1984 Coast Guard Academy graduate, has been reassigned to the academy pending the results of an administrative investigation, according to a news release. A service spokesman declined further comment.

The executive officer of BSU Boston, Cmdr. Tobiah Taylor, has assumed temporary command of the unit.

BSU Boston handles functions such as buildings and ground maintenance, environmental management and security for shore units, ships and boats.


repost from MST News.

6 thoughts on “Success: United States Coast Guard Captain Michael Husak, Rape Apologist, FIRED

  1. Great news! One creep down. So many more lurking in the Coast Guard need to go. If they can not remain professional when dealing with a man or woman that been raped and feels the need to further abuse them then they should no longer be receiving a paycheck from our tax dollars.

  2. Congratulations! I read this a couple of weeks ago and was pleased to hear that survivors on COast Guard Boston may be a bit safer now from not getting revictimized and further abused by Captain Mike Husak. I know what he did to the rape survivor when she tried to enter the base for an Auxiliary meeting and also how Captain Husak said that people who help rape survivors and canvass outside the base are “horrible people who hate the Coast Guard”. The only people who hate the Coast Guard are those that refuse to help rape survivors and further abuse them. Those that canvass outside the base are heros. Those like Mike Husak who abuse not only rape survivors but also service providers and refuse to allow people to help his shipmates who been raped has no place in the Coast Guard.

  3. I only now heard of this. It was on the news this morning and I remember reading about this. I am assuming that it is only one woman that was refused entry to the post to an Auxiliary meeting because she was raped and it is not a regular pattern of behavior in the Coast Guard. They have introduced a new bill to Congress and one of the woman who the bill was modeled after was the woman who supposedly was not allowed entry onto the base because of the rape. I heard it on the news. She said that the abuse does not end when you sign your discharge paper and then gave banning rape survivors from attending Auxiliary meetings as one of the ways that the Coast Guard continues to abuse rape survivors. Zero-tolerance is such a lie.

  4. I heard that Captain Husak allowed those under his command to harass rape survivors on facebook and by email. One of the survivor has over 300 emails from members at Coast Guard Boston threatening her and harassing her. Three hundred emails is a whole lot of emails. Most were sent from Coast Guard emails. CGi did nothing.

  5. ‘CGi did nothing.’

    That is not true. Let not forget that Husak is FIRED. He is out of there, gone, done, thrown out, unwanted goods. That is doing something.

  6. Heard about this on the radio this morning (December 6, 2011). They interviewed the victim again and she spoke about Coast Guard Boston and not allowing rape victims to go in for Auxiliary meetings. The host called Husak behavior victim blaming and shameful. For it to have happened 10 months ago it sure is gaining the momentum in the media.

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