A friend of a rape survivor is disgusted by the treatment from the Coast Guard

Jael, friend of a rape survivor of the United States Coast Guard

Update: September 15, 2011

Thank you all for your help. My friend is finally getting counseling that she needs and is doing much better. Some of the name calling is still going on but for the most part it stopped after so much attention was brought to this case. We are hoping for a fair and thorough investigation. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

Original Post August 10, 2011

My friend was recently raped in the Coast Guard. Everyone is laughing at her and telling her that she deserved to be raped. She is thinking of dropping all charges because of how badly she been treated. I read every single story on here and I feel that they do this on purpose so victims don’t pursuit the allegations.  The rapist told everyone that she is crazy and cried raped.

The Coast Guard can be so cruel. This is the Coast Guard that we are suppose to respect? I never served and after this I plan on never serving.

3 thoughts on “A friend of a rape survivor is disgusted by the treatment from the Coast Guard

  1. Did anyone else catch Hells Kitchen last night that shows the Coast Guard? The first thing that came to mind is wondering which one is a rapist and which one may be a rape victim.

    Anyway, you should tell your friend to talk to a victim advocate outside of the Coast Guard to discuss her options before she does anything to dramatic. Don’t force her to not drop the case or anything like that. Let this be her decision but make sure she talks to someone before she does anything. She may be concern or worried about something that she really shouldn’t be worried about.

    Tell her to call Panayiota. Her number is floating around somewhere on here.

  2. She is in Hawaii and I am in New York. Things are getting considerably worse. She was punched today by a woman who is friends with the rapist. Not much that I can do for her. I told her to come on this page to see that she is not alone.

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