Rape at District 1 Coast Guard

We received this as a comment. Felt that it should be it own post:


I have a friend who reported an assault against an YN1 in Maine. It went up to a court martial where he was found guilty of lesser charges. A Captain and a CWO were extremely angry at her for ratting out a “man of great honor” and she was advised that the only way to keep her job is to get pregnant and go on leave. By the time she comes back many who were angry at her for blowing the whistle would be retired or transferred out. She did just that and had her 2nd kid to save her career.

When she was on leave the rumors spread like wildfire even wondering if the kid belongs to her husband or if she slept around to ruin yet another man’s career.

When I was raped at a holiday party the first thing that I did was go to the hospital. At the hospital there was a woman from a rape crisis center here in Maine. She advised me to call the Military Rape Crisis Center and talk to them before I speak to the Coast Guard. She did not know much about the UCMJ and highly recommended MRCC. I called them the next day and Abby went over my options.

I spoken to the woman who was advised to have the child and she recommended that I do not report it. Abby gave me the option and told me to do what is best for me. I wrote down all that happened and with the rape kit I can delay reporting it to the Coast Guard. Speaking to Abby alone is sufficient evidence needed if I want to file for compensation.

I am in therapy now and am happy that I can heal without being told by my shipmates that I deserved it or that I am lying or that I should have a kid to save my career. I can heal without the added stress of fighting for my career. Once I process my rape and am emotionally ready to report it I’ll be reporting it.

I am replacing the phone number of the SARCs to the military rape crisis center 24 hours hotline. I do not think there is a woman at district 1 who would report it to the coast guard before going through mrcc. They did well outreaching here and are making their way to the other districts.

The reason why you receive so many from district 1 is because we know who to go to first instead of blindly going straight to the Coast Guard. Thank you for being there.

One thought on “Rape at District 1 Coast Guard

  1. A woman from Maine has been posting the same thing all over facebook. Forcing someone to get pregnant to keep their career is a violating of their reproductive rights. Not sure if you talking about what happening in Maine. It is sick that it happened once, sicker if it happened to multiple women.

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