Coast Guard District 1 is failing sexual assault and rape survivors.

From January 1st to July 31st of this year, 217  Active duty Coast Guards members from District 1 received some sort of assistance from the Military Rape Crisis Center as opposed to two from District 17. The range of services provided to these members range from anything from help filing a VA claim for a woman that is leaving the Coast Guard all the way up to a woman receiving alleged death threats.

District 1 is also the only district in the Coast Guard that ever received any complaints from veterans who been sexually assaulted or raped. Members from district 1 continue to abuse survivors of military sexual trauma even after they leave the service. One veteran from Boston was forbidden to enter the base because she reported a rape.  In another incident a Master Chief Petty Officer went on an on-line victim-slandering rant against a rape survivor.

Last year we even found a woman who was Active Duty in the Coast Guard sleeping in the lobby of our office building. She felt unsafe sleeping on base and made her way to Cambridge and slept in our lobby that night. For over 4 months she lived in a domestic violence shelter because the Coast Guard failed to give her accurate and safe housing or BAH for housing off base.

There have been numerous failed attempts to meet with both Shawn Wren, the Coast Guard Sexual Assault Program Manager, and the District One SARC to discuss ways to improve what has now been determined to be a failing Sexual Assault Prevention and Response department. We have met with or spoken to members and Victim Advocates from various districts in the Coast Guard expect for district 1.

We’ll like to know what is going on with District one of the Coast Guard. Why do the majority of the 217 men and women that came forward in just the past 7 months feel that they are being failed by the system that should be  protecting them?

Melissa O’Brien
Director of Military Rape Crisis Center-Northeast

7 thoughts on “Coast Guard District 1 is failing sexual assault and rape survivors.

  1. You forgot to mention that the military rape crisis center was started by a district one active duty woman in the coast guard cause they failed her.

    Playing devil advocate here but maybe you getting more cases in district 1 than district 17 because MRCC’s headquarter is the vicinity of district 1 and obvious everyone in district 1 know who you guys are but district 17 since you guys don’t have an office there they may not know you as well.

  2. Please read my response (if posted) reference the murdered female coast guard girl.

    Begging this goverment and heads of the five services “aint gonna do it”! Only shame and humiliation will bring action.

    We (america) has it’s nerve using us to bring freedom, democracy and justice to the rest of the world, but denying it to those of us who served and bled!

    only mass email campaigns to anyone who will listen, especially press and foreign countries/members of NATO will force this issue to be addressed.

    Even some of this countries allies consider america to be a cdountry of hypocrites. Lets give them the means to induce shame and embarassment.

    If the 1st Amendment really worked I’d suggest standing across the street from recruiting offices and pass out copies of some of these stories. But, all that will happen is us going to jail and tagged as “persons of interest”.


  3. I want to say that D-17 has their sh*t together and are all for equality and eliminating violence however I have a feeling that is not the case.

    D-1 also has the Coast Guard Academy and I can only imagine that increases your number. I’ll like to see a break down of how many cadets and how many of the regular Coast Guard population that you included in your D-1 statistics.

  4. Even if the stereotype about the men and rape culture at the Academy plays true-and let just be generous here and say that half of the 217 are from the Academy. We are still looking at 108/109 reports from the rest of the Coast Guard. That is a lot more than 2.

  5. Take what happened there with the veterans in all cases including what Master Chief Motyka said and the rape survivor(s) who been banned from the base. That is how they treat people who are now civilians and have certain rights restore to them that they may not have had when they were in the service. Do you think that they treat those who are in and may not have the same rights any better? Why should we expect anything more from people that have a history of further traumatizing rape survivors including those who are out?

    I have some friends at Kodiak (D-17) and they are the nicest guys that you are ever going to meet. They won’t ever do the crap that I personally have witnessed D-1 doing.

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