Coast Guard petty officer murdered, blamed

In 2008 a woman in the Coast Guard was murdered by a civilian. The police said that it was a random act of violence and caught the man that did it. Those who served with her in the Coast Guard were determined to prove that the woman was at fault for what happened.

She had a reputation in the Coast Guard as being a party girl and “sleeping around” so when news first came out that she was murdered after a night of drinking everyone concluded that she must have “met the man at the bar, brought him home where he murdered her” and they continued to say that it was her fault for doing something so stupid. They said if only she learned to close her legs that she probably would have still been alive. They said that she was a whore that only got what was inevitable.

The civilian police said that she was followed home and murdered. That they believe that she had no prior communication with that man. We were watching the news on the mess deck and one petty officer went on top of his chair as we were all eating and said something like: “That bitch deserved it. Whores get what they deserve.”

Here we have a woman who was murdered and they all found it to be a joke.

When I came to the defense of the woman then my sexuality came into question. They felt that since I defended her that I must have slept with her, mind you that I am a female, and that they are not surprised because she is “freaky like that.” I told them that I did not sleep with her. Some of the men at the station probably slept with all the women in the city. Every day off they go to the bar, use their Coast Guard status and try to get laid-we were in Texas so it worked well there. When I tried to compare what that woman may or may not have done to what they are doing and to stop with the double standards they  called me a feminazi and told to ignore me.

In front of the media and to their family they were like totally different people. One person wrote on her facebook memorial wall what a wonderful person that she was and be missed and then shut off the computer and said the usual “that whore got what she deserved.”

Nobody deserves to be murdered even if they brought a man home from the bar.

If these men were willing to do and say this to a woman who was brutally murdered for no fault of her own (as if being murdered is ever the victim’s fault) then what do you think that they would say to a woman who survived a rape?

Stop blaming the victim.

6 thoughts on “Coast Guard petty officer murdered, blamed

  1. What kind of country has this place turned into? Hypocracy an Injustice for all! I liken it to Germany in 1938 – where the bad guys wore uniforms and sidearms.

    I’m sorry I ever I ever gave one day of my life to this so-called land of democracy.

    Yes, we have the “constitution” and the “bill of rights” but only when it suits our duly elected masters!

    More has to be done than just leaving comments. And yes, I know that if we go “too public” we could likely end up this our departed sister. Somebody with more computer skills needs to send emails, with a few example stories like this along with a link to this site to the local, national & international press. But It cannot be done from a personal
    pc. It must be done say from a pc at a public library.

    And lets not stop with the press.

    Send emails with a sample and link to foreign embassys and consulates.

    Thw world needs to know about the truth.

    Forget congressmen & senators.

    This is not a call for violence inasmuch as it brings us down to the level of our malefactors.

    The weapon needed is the “pen” as it were.

    Send the same information to churches of all denominations. If they truly represent God, then they have a duty to “pass thec word”!

    Only public shame and humiliation will force this country to act!

    May this girl’s soul rest in peace!


  2. This does not surprise me one bit. I know of a LT that was being honored by the Coast Guard, spoken well about to in the media for being the sole survivor of a helicopter crash and behind the media’s back they were treating him like dirt and trying to prosecute him for surviving a helicopter crash. Only after the charges were brought to the attention of the media and it made the Coast Guard look bad were they able to “drop the charges”. Google Lt. Lance Leone for the full story.

    The face that the Coast Guard put forward to the media is not necessary what they are doing behind the scenes.

    I think that I know who you are speaking about since this was just posted on her facebook wall. I do not think she deserves anything that was said about her but again this is not a shocker to me.

  3. Amy was my niece. I was there when she was a newborn baby and came home from the hospital in 1980. I was there the evening that my brother and sister-in-law were told about her death in 2008.

    Sure there is misogyny everywhere. Education is the answer. Educate girls and boys about sexuality and about responsibility. No woman asks for rape. No woman looks for it. No woman should have to fight to protect herself from unwanted sexual advances.

    Men need to step up to the plate and admit that the current behaviors and norms of our permissive society are not furthering the human race as long as women are seen as powerless and submissive. This is where the problem lies.

    Amy worked hard to be a member of the Coast Guard. She had many friends. She graduated at the top of her class. She had a loving and fun personality, she was smart and she was trusting. Trusting people is what gets women in trouble most of the time and I think trusting people might have been Amy’s downfall although I don’t like to call it a negative word like ‘downfall’ because trusting people is something that we all need to learn and practice without fear for our well-being. Yet when a woman is standoffish or selective, she is called ‘frigid’ a ‘dyke’ or worse.

    Amy was always selective about who she would share her time with yet she would give everyone a chance. She shared her wisdom about relationships with her younger brother and with my son who was very close to Amy. To this day, they both are selective toward and sensitive to the women they spend their time with.

    To say these awful things about her is to drag us all back into the dark ages. I think that the people who really knew her will read this article and put it out of their minds because of how utterly ridiculous these words against her are!

    I really feel sorry for the female friend who has turned against her. She has shamed herself and her fellow sisters.

    I thank those who wrote in Amy’s defence. You are the sort of people who will fight for those who have no voice.

    P.S. If Amy were here reading this, I’m thinking she’d be forgiving toward her persecutors and be strong in front of her family but she would tell those fellow Guardians exactly how she feels about what they said and they would then leave her alone.

  4. I want to thank the person that wrote this. I also want to offer an apology to the author for the way that some people in the Coast Guard treated her for coming to the defense of something that never should have been debated in the first place. I am sorry that for sticking up for a decease shipmate got you called names and black-balled.

    I did not know the woman but I was in the Coast Guard. With that said, the Coast Guard is notorious for the misogyny within the service. I personally have not met a woman that was not sexually harassed, sexually assaulted or even raped while serving. I am a victim of sexual abuse which did cause me my career. After reporting my assault I was blamed for it. My rapist, who is still in the Coast Guard, was given a promotion in the middle of the investigation. I was kicked out of the Coast Guard. It does not surprise me at all that they would blame a woman for murdered if they were willing to blame me and the dozens of other victims that shared their story on this website for the crime does to us. It is a blame the victim culture regardless if the victim has been raped or murdered. It is always going to be our fault in their eyes.

    I do not care if she invited this man home or if she did not. I do not care how drunk she might have been. I do not care if she slept with half of the state of Texas. None of that matter. Bottom line is she was murdered and nothing that she did prior to being murdered should matter. When I reported my assault my sexual history were a key factor in making sure that my rapist was set free. I only had sex with one guy before, a guy I dated throughout High School and lost my virginity at the age of 17. That made me a slut. CGIS openly told me that I am a slut. Everyone that I served with called me a slut. I was at a party when I was assaulted. I was not drinking but hanging out with shipmates at a house party made my assault case less creditable. CGIS even asked me what I was wearing and then proceeded to ask me how tight my jeans were and how low cut my tshirt was. My assault was fairly recent. This is not something that happened in 1955 even though it might sound like it. This is happening today in the Coast Guard even though in the media and in the public they are going to say that they have ‘zero-tolerance’, ‘the Coast Guard is great for women’ and other lies. Read the stories on here. Open your eyes and see what is going on in the Coast Guard.

    The only women that are ever not going to be told that it was not their fault for the act of violence against them are probably nuns. Unless you are a saintlike a woman is always going to be blamed for the crime especially in the Coast Guard where misogyny runs wild and those that are choosing to fight it, like the author of this post, is openly attack themselves.

    I know after my assault friends that I had in the Coast Guard were told by my command to stay far, far, far away from me and they followed orders. Nobody was going to risk their careers to help me. I was all alone while trying to deal with my assault, fight a discharge that would cause me my career and be thousands of miles away from family.

    I hate to say this but in a way this woman was lucky. She did not have to live through being reprimanded, further abused and blamed for the crime. The Coast Guard would not have had any sympathy if she went up to them on her next duty day to say that she was assaulted but was able to fight him off. Like me and many others she would have probably been asked what she was wearing and why she allowed it to happen. Like me and many others she would have been told that it was her fault. They would have process her out for a bogus mental health issue (I was kicked out on a personality disorder). It happens to every woman that ever reported a crime in the Coast Guard.

    After I made my rape case public the same Commander that called me a slut and told me to go kill myself told the news reporter that he cared a lot about me and tried to help me. Tried to help me by telling me to go kill myself? The reporter saw right through his lies (she reports a lot on rape in the military, knows all of their lies) and didn’t boast his ego like he wanted her to. I have zero doubts in my mind that the people that are telling this woman’s family what a great Coast Guardswomen that she was is probably laughing at and blaming her behind her back. The higher up you go the worst that they get. Officers are worst than Enlisted.

    I wish that the man that assaulted me have killed me. Living with the trauma of the assault and the added trauma of how CGIS and my command dealt with my assault is unbearable most of the time.

    I heard on the news once that a Coast Guard base is the most dangerous place for women than any other place in the entire country! I believe it!

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