Follow up to: Raped while on duty. Active duty Coast Guardsman fights to keep her career

Editor note: We received this via email as a follow up to Raped while on duty. Active duty Coast Guardsman fights to keep her career.  The survivor requested that we post the email on here.

I was walking around some 10 miles from the post on my way to an appointment. I was crossing the street and a woman rolled down her car window and screamed out:

“Hey slut. You lied about being raped. Get the fuck out of my way or I’ll run you over nonrate.”

She drove away. I did not recognize her. She had lightish brown hair in a bun. She was a bit chubby. She was driving a navy blue Ford Explorer with Coast Guard sticker across her rear windshields. Also has those stickers that are stick images of your family and it looks like it was 2 adults and one child. Massachusetts license plates. I think Massachusetts license plates. I was all shaken up and could not think logically.  I did not get her license plate number. That is all that I remember.

Tomorrow I am going up and down the parking lot on post and find that car but then what do I do? Everyone in the Coast Guard thinks that I am always lying and that I am crazy. They’ll tell me that I probably did something to deserve it. Every other time that I complained it turns out that it was my fault.  What have I done to deserve this? Why are members of the Coast Guard so rude to rape survivors? As if what I am going through at work is not bad enough I can not even walk down the street without death threats or being called crazy.

Sorry as I write this I am in tears. Can someone please help me. Please post this on my duty I need everybody to understand what we go through after reporting rape.

CGIS still does not want to investigate. Headquarters did not return my phone call. The VM said she is on TDY.



somebody help me.

11 thoughts on “Follow up to: Raped while on duty. Active duty Coast Guardsman fights to keep her career

  1. My sister in solidarity,

    If you came to me professionally, thisxwould be my advice to you:

    1) as best as you can, and as calmly as you can. sit down and make the best notes you can – describe EVERYTHING i.e. date/time/make model/color of vehicle/description of decals, stickers, markings, etc… your best description of the driver i.e. appx. age, sex, hair color, build, her comments, any accent – the term she used to yiou “non rate” is important.

    2) go to the STATE POLIC and request to speak to a detective, or at least some of the rank of Lieutenant or higher. Provide a full and complete statement to include THAT YOU ARE IN FEAR OF YOUR LIFE.

    If you get no help, contact the UNITED STATES MARSHAL SERVICE, listed in the front of the phone book. ASK FOR A PERSONAL MEETING! Tell them that you are in fear of your LIFE !

    3) Forv you further protection find and go to a free Mental Heqlth Clinic or at least the Emergency room.. ANYTHING you say to a CIVILIAN DOCTOR is PROTECTED by LEGAL PRIVELEDGE. ANYTHING YOU SAY TO A CG DOC IS N O T !!!

    4) Go to a civilian preiest, CVATHOLIC and request the PRIVACY ofv ther CONFESSIONAL. DO NOT go to ANY military chsaplain

    Anything you say to a civilian Priest is confidential. Ifv he violates this privacy he can be ex communicated!

    If yiu still need help, you may contact me by email through the moderastor of this site which someone is trying to screw withy because its giving mr thae same gd problems as before.

    I will TRY to email the moderator, give her permission to give you an e mail address for mer. Until I I am sure that you are not CGI you will only know me by an alias. My pledge to you is that, under penalty of HELL, I am NOT working for or on behalf of the coast guard or any government agency. I will give the moderator a name with the initials F M.

    God Blessc anfd Help YOU

  2. Since this happened off base she is subject to civilian laws. Contact the local police department in the town that this happened in. You have a very good description. I am actually very surprised that you can remember all that during such a time of distress. If you feel that she is from your base you can always go to the parking lot and try to find the car that you described and write down the license plate number before going to the police. I can’t imagine that there are that many blue Ford Explorers with family car stickers and Coast Guard stickers on that base. Also check with the police department and see if there are surveillance cameras that caught the incident.

    I have access to the Coast Guard base in Boston and if you need support I’ll come. I think any MRCC employee or volunteer would come and help you look for the car.

    If you see her on base DO NOT TALK TO HER. Try to see her name tag if you could but don’t talk to her.

    You did nothing wrong. She was at fault. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel that you did something wrong. I know that the Coast Guard likes to blame the victim but don’t allow them to.

  3. The military is extremly abusive, and very ignorant. Similar things happened to me when I brought charges against my boss. They say it was my fault and to drop the charges.
    The six years that I was in was very stressful. The only way I have been able to live each day is through counseling. I go ouside the VA for this, because my experiences have not been good.

    I am willing to talk via emails with this. If you want to let me know. There has to be a way to get each others email without posting it on this site. Hope to hear from you. Just remember you are not alone. All of us here, care about you. Just keep writing.



  4. I am sorry that you were treated so badly today. You are a wonderful woman that does not deserve how the Coast Guard is treating you. You did nothing wrong by walking around on a public street. You have every right to be there without getting death threats from an alleged shipmate.

    All the advice already given are wonderful suggestions. What you choose t do know that myself and my staff fully support your decision. Let us know how we can help.


  5. I am sitting here crying because it is so similar to what my girlfriend went through in the Air Force. The woman who report rape are lying and crazy game is getting so old. I support and believe you. I am in Boston (JP but I work downtown) so if you need support when you go to the police I am just an email away. Panayiota knows how to get in contact with me.

    I can not stress how important it is that you know that you did nothing wrong. You have so much support.

  6. Screw getting help from anyone in the Coast Guard, I’m a 27 years veteran, my father 22 years, so saying this is hard. Call the Navy Times, call the local rape crises center, write your representitive, write the local paper. There are a lot of sailors out there that have been raped and assualted, me being one of them. I’m a 53 years old retired CWO3. Please take care of yourself. Call me 843-822-8609, I’ll help you, I’ll listen. You are not alone, I’m sorry this happened to you, please start a journal right away, nothing you did caused this horrible act. If you are stationed in the Charleston area, contact me, I can listen. Take care, please take your time contact your local rape crisis center, please let me know if their is anything I can do.
    Linda Madson

  7. What is Rear Adm. Daniel Neptun the Commanding Officer doing about this? Let me guess he refuses to take accountability and blaming the victim? Perhaps even worse and he is denying it all?

  8. This seems to be the way of the way of the military, over 50 years ago, I was sodomised by my ‘chief’ in the navy. When I reported it to the next level, I was told that the chief had over a decade and I was a new seaman so who would the navy side with?
    I’m STILL trying to get disability for my resulting PTSD, seems I can’t come up with any eye witnesses!

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