Raped in the Coast Guard. Another survivor from the alleged Patricia Tutalo and Kori Heath abuse regime.

I was raped  while on TDY.  I was raped by an officer after sightseeing at night. He took me to a memorial that was about freedom, we talked about freedom. He took me back to the hotel room and took away my freedom. Back in Boston a Yeoman (YN1 Kori Heath) called me a whore while her best friend Lt Patricia Brady (now Patricia Tutalo) laughed and agreed. Kori Heath said that she has a brother in the military, I believe she said the Navy, and she said that it was a slap in the face for her brother and all men who are serving when we regret having sex and “cry rape”. She said she needs to protect her brother from falling victim from a “whore with regrets.”  I reported them only for them to deny it. To protect themselves they said that I was threatening them. Two of them against me. I was told to not threaten them. I never threatened them.

My rapist was never prosecuted. I was discharged for bipolar disorder. A doctor confirmed that I do not have bipolar disorder.

I was a PO3 told to do a job that was not what I was trained for. I was okay with it and did whatever needed to be done for my country. My husband was in the Coast Guard as well and it was difficult for him to see what was happening to me and at the same time wanting to stay in and work with those that were abusing me.

Six years later a day does not pass by that tears do not roll down my eyes because of what happened to me. I read the stories on here and the same names and being published over and over again. How many more lives does Patricia Tutalo and Kori Heath have to ruin before they are sent to prison? How many more victims do they have? If you been abused by Patricia Tutalo or Kori Heath please tell someone. They can not get away with it.

12 thoughts on “Raped in the Coast Guard. Another survivor from the alleged Patricia Tutalo and Kori Heath abuse regime.

  1. I understand where you are coming from, I was assaulted by members of the clergy, and a boss sexually harrassing myself and another female who worked in the chapel with me. I tried to turn my boss in, but the end result was getting harrassed by my co workers. The situation turned on me, all of a sudden I was the bad guy. I totally understand.

  2. For those of us who are not in the loop. Who is Kori Heath and Patricia Tutalo? What exactly do they do in the Coast Guard?

  3. I’m a white male, 47 who served in D8 for several years until I got the shaft twice as it were – once during my service if you can call it that, I was placed on ice and stuck in the IRR where I lost 1 promotion – to PO1, possibly a 2nd to WO1, lost my SGLI,…2 years after my Honorable discharge – not a damn thing honorable it, I was a victim of spousal abuse, called the pigs and I ended up going to jail. Why? because in my former civy job I was chief of Internal Affairs for a State agency that had it’s own Police Dept./Inspector general for the entire agency. I served almost 4 days of hel! I did leave my story under the name “Ashamed to have served”, My ex, in concert with the pigs told the CG that all my medals (CG Achvmnt Medal, 2 Comdt’s LOC’s, 2 Good conducts, etc… were fake and that I had used an expired CG id (which was superglued in my shadow box) to enter military installations, get discounts, etc….

    CGI tried to convict me on at least 2 counts of Impersonating a Federal Officer. If I hadn’t the means for my own lawyer, I’d have gotten convicted. Even after my ex admitted in court and on a sworn affidavit that she lied about everything,
    the cg still tried to crucify me. And in doing so did a number on my professional and personal reputation .

    My efforts to get something back from the CG led to nothing. I am remarried to an Angel who was a victim of spousal rape. So I can at least partially undrstand and comisserate with all of you.

    As I told thur site moderator I’m trying to enlist the help of the Church at various levels and offices.. Maybe even get some peroidicals to do an expose’ of the hell you girls Nand guys went through.

    It occurred to me after watching the movie “The Valley of Elah” staring Tommy Lee Jones whose son was murdered, dismembered and torched. While on his way to the base where his son served, he passed a school where anew janitor, from S. America was raising the flag upside down. Jones , fomer military corrected the guy.

    After finding out the truth, and this is based on a true story, Jones stops back at the school and rehangs/flys the flag upside down as a statement of this cou try ands its military being in serious distress.
    I personally won’t fly our flag uless we all do it in solidarity upside down as a statement of all of us who got it from Uncle Sam!

    As far as you are concerned, the CG put you out as having a mental disorder and your doctor saying you don’t. At the very least you could claim PTSD, etc… and get some $$$ out of the VA/Social Security. It will never ever make you whole again, but at least you’ll get something back! You’ll need a lawyer, but it costs nothing upfront and by law the lawyer only gets 20% of your back owed pension/disability and only if you win. Nothing comes out of your pocket.

    People may hate for this, but i don’t care anymore, I wont go to any function where the Pledge of Allegiance is said, until they add until it is modified to say “Liberty and Justice for all WHO CAN AFFORD IT!”

    I’m not a budding or wanna be terrorist. Hell, a few weeks ago whike looking for books on the web, I came across some company selling products that could be used to facilitate acts of violence and/or terrorism! I’m gonna be turning this stuff over to the US Marshals soon.

    For what its worth my wife and I pray for all of you to find peace and get justice.! Please keep my true identity confidential. A lot of those who screwed me still carry guns and badges!

  4. I am one of Tutalo’s victim. I witnessed a sexual assault and Tutalo threatened my career if I did not keep my mouth shut over what I witnessed.

    @CR. Patricia Tutalo was in charge of worklife for the entire District 1 for several years. Under her command close to 100 men and women in the Coast Guard were in some way emotionally or verbally abused and belittled by her. It was not just sexual assault or rape survivors. One woman was on crutches and Tutalo ordered her to do things that was further harming her injury such as forcing her to stand for others while she had a doctor note that says to not stand much. There was one man who was having marital problems that Tutalo laughed at and then told the entire base that he was a wife beater (both his ex wife and him denied that it was true).

    Heath is her sidekick. They both have a history of trying to dismiss all complaints against them and straight out lie to protect each other (are you surprised?) with the most common lie so to speak is that they are “attacking them” or “threatened them” well giving a doctor note or reporting someone is not attacking or threatening. They overused both claims so often that it became their signature line. YNC Kori Heath also came under fire when she was incharge of Honor Guard. She accepted money from members in lieu of standing Honor Guard or would give those in her circle the “prefer” treatment. If the Red Sox wanted Color Guard she’ll send herself and her good friends. If there was a funeral on a Sunday she’ll send someone on her shitlist. What Coast Guard policy is for Honor Guard is to go down the list and assign in order instead of what she did. Hard to explain so I hope you understand.

    The Coast Guard refuses to investigate so the survivors are taking it to Congress. Melissa O’Brien already collected testimonies from many members of the Coast Guard and going to hand deliver them to the Congress.

    I feel that Patricia Tutalo may very well be the for lack of a better word-“meanest” person in the Coast Guard.

  5. Patricia Tutalo reminds of Capt. Holly Graf. She was in the Navy and we got rid of her for reasons of maltreatment and cruelty.

  6. I hope that they are still not serving. Where is Shawn Wren and special agents from CGIS? Survivors need their help.

  7. This post reminds me of the song Mean by Taylor Swift. While all us survivors are going on with our lives and excelling LCDR Patti Tutalo and YNC Kori Heath are still just going to be mean 🙂

    Keep on speaking out survivors. Tutalo and Heath are the laughing stock of the Coast Guard.

  8. A few months back Tutalo received a media request. She filed a complaint of harassment and complained that the email was of a threatening matter. The email basically said. I am so and so from so and so news agency. I’ll like to speak to you about the rape of so and so. please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

    The emails and her cries made the rounds and to this day people still make fun of her. The emails were just a request to speak to her. Not threatening, not abusive, not harassing. Just a request to call a number. Everyone was laughing at her for how psychotic she turned.

    What I am trying to say is that I believe everything that you wrote about Tutalo. All we can do when she goes psychotic like that is nod, tell her she is right and put the report of complaint right into the trash barrel. Just pretend to be on your side so she won’t go psycho on you.That woman has a few lose screws in her head.

  9. Every victim regardless if they are still in or veterans should each file an Inspector General Complaint. http://www.dod.state.ga.us/igweb/pages/filingacomplaint.html Get this woman out of the Coast Guard. Patricia Tutalo, your career in the Coast Guard, and the civilian sector are limited. Even when you get out do you really think anyone want to hire you after this all came out??

    Practice saying: “Do you want fries with that?”

  10. Kathy. I spent many years in the Coast Guard and never once heard of the Inspector General. I went on the website and it looks like it is a DOD only program. Before everyone writes letter to the IG I think it should be confirmed if that is the appropriate route for a member of the Coast Guard and if not who should they talk to.

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