Ashamed to have served-Domestic abuse in the United States Coast Guard.

Ashamed to have served, United States Coast Guard

Googling abused by the Coast Guard upon its members, I found this web site. No I wasn’t sexually abused, but I witnessed domestic violence by one officer (male) upon another (female) and when she went to report it the Coast Guard tried to commit her to a psychiatric institution. What happened to me was not sexual in nature, but cried out for justice nonetheless.

I served in the New Orleans area for six years in active and reserve capacities. In 1992 I was injured by a drunk driver while in my POV and under orders. I was threatened with Courts Martial if and to quote “I rocked the boat”. a year later, I was injured in another accident while in the course of my civilian employment. I notified the Chain of Command in the CG. Without notice, I was “stuck in the IRR (individual ready reserve) and denied my rights to promotion to PS1, to keep my SGLI. I was threatened by a commissioned officer. In 1996 I was finally discharged.

It took a while but I was finally able to come to terms about the crappy way I was treated. I was’nt a slaker, I earned the CG Achievement MEdal as an E4, Eanrned Two Commandant’s LOC’s, a few COPT letter of commendation. In 1998 I was a victim of domestic battery, Yes I happen to us guys too! I called the local cops and I ended up going to jail – Why? Because In my former civilian job, I was Chief of Internal Affairs for a local police agency. She lied about everything, including making false sworn stastements that ALL my USCG awards, etc… were fake and that I had misused a expired reserve id card that was superglued in my shadow box. The Coast Guard actually attempted to charge me with Impersonating a Federal Officer. If I hadn’t been able to afford my own lawyer, only God knows what might have happened. Eventually my ex, in court admitted she lied. My lawyer sent the Coast Guard CGI her sworn statement, and they still tried to prosecute me. I was out of over $7,000 in legal fees, and lost all pride I ever had regarding my service in the Coast Guard. Yes I’m still trying to get justice, but in this country it’s liberty & justice for all that can afford it.

All I want is an apology and my insurance and lost promotion. will I get it, probably not, even through I’ve enlisted the help of the Church – all they care about is money too. My heart goes out to each and every one of you gals & guys alike who got the shaft. Too bad the late US Senator Byrd of Werst Virginia died. He was actually trying to disband the Coast Guard. And for good Reason. Lastly, I’m working on formalizing my dual citizenship in a european country. In my will I have strict instructions for my wife to refuse the flag for my coffin and to very unpolitely explain why! God Bless All of You!

One thought on “Ashamed to have served-Domestic abuse in the United States Coast Guard.

  1. Oh yes, I almost forgot, if ANY of your or your families went to military chaplains and were ignorred or brushed off, I’d like to know about it. I’d like the name, rank, religious affikiation, especiakky if it was a Catholic chaplain! Please excuse my typos. Im on a new lap top and this site is acting up today.

    I asked the moderator to get me this info because I may have some influence in having bad chaplains removed/disciplined, especially if they were catholic.

    This applies too ALL branches of the service

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