Coast Guard can’t investigate “bad sex”

I was raped in March and my  Senior Chief said that it could not be reported or investigated because well he said that the Coast Guard has better things to do than investigate bad sex.

My rapist is a BMC and I am a MK3. Not one person seems to care what happened. I called the Chaplain and my mother called headquarters and we were not able to get helped. Phone calls are not being returned. Where can we get help when the command refuse to acknowledge that there is a rape and the support unit is not returning phone calls?

10 thoughts on “Coast Guard can’t investigate “bad sex”

  1. That is horrible. Whatever the numbers that the Coast Guard release of sexual assault reported multiply that by 5 and that is the number of sexual assaults and rapes that have been reported to the Coast Guard but not to SAPR or CGI.

    What gives a Senior Chief the authority to decide if a rape should be investigated or not. We not talking about prosecution or sending them to the brig. Rape survivors are reporting rapes and they are being told that they can’t even get an investigation? Where is the justice in that?

    I thought that the Coast Guard has seriously “improved” since 2006 when they locked rape survivors in janitor closets. I see that is nothing more than the Coast Guard lying and refusing to take accountability for how screw up they really are.

    The Coast Guard is a national disgrace.

  2. it’ll be difficult to talk to Work-life is she is on a ship and underway or at a small boat station. Sure if she is at a sector she can walk to work-life and talk to them but if people not returning her phone calls and she is hundreds of miles away from work-life what does she do? That is basically what happened to the majority of the women in the coast guard that posted on here. Rapes are happening at small boat stations where they do not have support and not at district or headquarters.

  3. Senior Chief does not want to admit that he mismanaged his crew and promoted an atmosphere that allowed a rape to occur. Rape is not bad sex but a very vicious crime. 802-578-4769 is her personal cell phone number. Call her she’ll hook you up for services.

    What Senior Chief did *should* be illegal but it is happening more often than rapes being reported and being investigated. I don’t know of anyone that was ever punished for not reporting to CGIS or the SARC that a rape happened or a SARC that been punished for not returning phone calls.

    Call Panayiota and let her deal with the CG for you. She won’t let you get victimized again. 802-578-4769 is her cell phone number (yes I do have permission to post it).She is not like the CG and actually cares about survivors. I know cause she was the only one that cared when I was raped.

  4. Poster, I’m very sorry your CoC failed you horribly here.

    You can call CGIS directly: 1-800-323-7233.

    CGIS is operates outside of your command, what your command thinks happens doesn’t matter to CGIS.

  5. I guess I am seeking an outside opinion. I was sexually assaulted 8 years ago in the Coast Guard and I never reported it. I am having difficulty dealing with what happened. It is preoccupying my head 24/7. I self-diagnosed myself with depression and probably anxiety. I think about the assault all day nonstop and when I am home I am not motivated to do anything. I sit on the couch all night. I can not even sleep. When I do sleep I have nightmares of the assault. I lost interest in everything that I used to like. I need someone to talk to. I am still in the Coast Guard and so is one of my two assailants. I am a male survivor living in Seattle, Washington. If you have any support here or suggestions on what I can do. I do not want to report it. I do not want anyone else to know what happened. Are there any counselors in Seattle that work with male sexual assault survivors? The Coast Guard can not know.

  6. Before you go to CGIS (that is if they even pick up the phone!) make sure you get someone to go with you. When CGIS were investigating my rape they asked me all of these inappropriate questions such as if I found my rapist to be attractive or if my parents are still together. Luckily I had Melissa O’Brien with me who was like “WTF does that have to do with rape” What I did not know was that they were trying to build a case against me to find my rapist innocent. I didn’t know so if she was not there I was going to answer those questions and be completely screwed.

    @Anonymous. Not sure where you are located so can’t recommend a specific place but if you are in Maryland I know of a really good therapist. Post back and tell us what state or city you are in and we’ll help you out. You don’t need to be alone on this.

    I know exactly how it feels like to think about what happened 24/7. I wake up in the middle of the night screaming “Why did the Coast guard did this to me. I am not a liar or crazy” Thank god I live alone 😉 You have to constantly remind yourself that you are strong for having to survived something so horrible. If we can get through this we can get through anything. Stay strong and we are all here if you need to talk..

  7. And to the Poster, Im very sorry for this to have happened to you. Were supposed to look out for eachother, not assault eachother. Stay strong and justice will be served to the BMC. Just always remember that there are good coasties out there who actually care! Best of luck!

  8. He said he lives in Seattle. I don’t know of anyone specific in Seattle however you can always try the VA or the Vet Center. They have counseling for MST and it is confidential.

    Here is their contact info:
    Seattle Vet Center
    2030 – 9th Ave. Suite 210
    Seattle, WA 98121
    Phone: 206-553-2706

    It looks like they have two counselors on staff for mst. They are:
    Arthur Satterfield
    Military Sexual Trauma Counselor
    Marcia Vergin
    Military Sexual Trauma Counselor

    You can also ask Panayiota if she knows anybody. Often therapists in the community would offer free counseling to service members. She knows a lot of people so it is best to ask her if she knows a civilian therapist that can see you without insurance. I personally wouldn’t see anyone paid for by Tricare-or Tricewest in your case. I think it’ll be too risky for your command to find out.

    Also just to let you know and double check to see if this is the case in the Coast Guard, it was for me when I reported a rape in the Army, that when you are applying for security clearance that you are required to report all mental health treatment and then state why.

    Good luck. Keep us posted.

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