Rape at the Coast Guard Academy

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard Academy

My rapist is a star football player at the Coast Guard Academy.  It happened one night in 2010 after a night of (underage) drinking. We made our way back to Chase Hall where he stumbled into my room, held a knife to my throat and raped me. My roommate was staying that night at the home of a man that she was dating. After it happened I went to my friend’s room, HM, and told her what happened. She asked if I was drinking and then threatened to report me for underage drinking. She said that she knows ****** and that she couldn’t imagine such a wonderful guy raping anybody. She said that since she felt that I was lying about the rape that she could no longer trust me.

In the upcoming weeks I was terrified that I would be called out and punished for underage drinking; a crime that the Academy took far more seriously than harassment or rape.  HM gave me the cold shoulder while she was still friends with and hanging out with my rapist.

I left the Coast Guard Academy. Choosing to ditch my lifelong dreams of serving in the Coast Guard because of the way that one person treated me may make me sound weak but you have to had been there to understand how bad that it was for me. A fellow cadet raped me. He plays football and is very well liked by all. Almost daily I had to listen to what a wonderful person that my rapist is while in my head and at night in my nightmares I relive being raped by him. Whenever I have to hear or read about what a great person or football player that he was it was like a stab in my heart.

On facebook I am still friends with several at the Academy and see photos of my rapist partying it up with other women. It makes me wonder how many other women did he raped. How many of those women at the Academy are his victims? Perhaps I am the only one that was victimized by him which leaves me to wonder why he chose me. What did he see in me that made him feel that I was vulnerable?

I never reported my rape to the Coast Guard because of what HM said to me. I felt that if my good friend did not believe me that the Academy nor the Coast Guard would  believe me. I was drinking that night as was he, which was in violation of several Coast Guard policy especially being under aged. I knew by hearing of other women that was assaulted that underage drinking is taken more seriously than rape.

In less than a year if all goes as planned my rapist would be an officer in the United States Coast Guard. My rapist would be in a leadership position possibly supervising women. My rapist belongs in prison but the United States Coast Guard is protecting him because he plays football.

post has been corrected from original post as per survivor’s request.

20 thoughts on “Rape at the Coast Guard Academy

  1. I am sorry to hear that you went through this. It was not at all your fault and he did not target you because you were “vulnerable”. He did what he did because he is a very sick man and a criminal. I doubt that you are his first victim. The way you described what happened makes it seem to me that he is an experience and serial rapist. I am also concern about him swearing into the ranks of the military. He should be fully held responsible for what he did and I think you should seriously think about reporting it now. Even if he is not prosecuted at least if he tries this again and it is reported it’ll show in his record that he has a history of rapes. I wish multiple rapes were not the case of protecting women in the Coast Guard but the Coast Guard is absolutely horrific in caring for rape victims and has shown time after time that they are not capable of prosecuting rape unless multiple women has been victimized by the same guy. Horrible but the Coast Guard has only proven that to themselves.

    I am concern about “HM” and how she would handle a rape under her command. She should be punished for destructive of justice and should be tried and kicked out of the Academy as well. HM if you are reading this, you are the reason why your own shipmates are being raped.

  2. There are appropriate ways to report rape at the Coast Guard Academy, and if you had wanted him to be held accountable, he could have been. People take sexual assault seriously at the Academy, as evidenced in recent cases. There was no reason to believe that although your friend did not believe you, other people wouldn’t. CASA members, the SARC, chaplains, counselors, other friends….the list of people to go for help is long. HM may not have done the right thing, but she is NOT the REASON other cadets and shipmates are being raped. You cannot define people by their weakest moment.

    1. you are wrong, check the stats, talk to victims, saying there are things in place to help are not true, the are political bandaids to make the politicians happy. 1 out of 3 women will be sexually assaulted in the world in there lifetime. In my 27 year career I saw 2 hero’s (CO’s) that believed and punished the quilty. I personally have made phone calls to the CG SARC, and CG Chaplain concerning my sexually assualt, I recieved no phone call back from the chaplain and the SARC takes no less that a week to 4 months to get back in touch with me. So please educate yourself, men and wowen are both assualted. Don’t be a victim or make a victim. And please call all those helpful numbers how long did it take for the return phone calls.

  3. It is not too late to report it. It is completely up to you. if you choose to report it now I highly recommend that you speak to Panayiota or Stacey and get one of them or their lawyer to come with you when you report it. That way you can have their expertise and support so that the Coast Guard won’t try to screw you over like they do to most rape survivors.

    I disagree with “Anonymous” If HM did not scared off this woman from reporting her rape then perhaps this woman would have received justice and her rapist won’t be at the Academy possibly further victimizing women. This was not a drunken sex, waking up the next morning not remembering what happened type of rape: THERE WAS A KNIFE USED AND THAT IN IT SELF MAKES IT A VICIOUS RAPE. Yes, underage drinking may be “illegal but so is rape and coercing someone to not report a rape.

    The Coast Guard Academy does not take seriously rape allegations. I know that the support groups hosted by the Military Rape Crisis Center in New London is mostly cadets from CGA.

  4. what does it say that a DC-based rape crisis center having to send their counselors all the way to CT for the sole reason of helping cadets who are petrified of using the channels for reporting rape that is given to them. This is not an isolated incident. The New London support groups has a waiting list and most are cadets.

  5. I was raped at the Academy and not one person was able to help me. The “support” is a joke. When you are raped you are all alone. The only court martial for rape was that of Webster Smith in 2005/6 and he only been charged for a lesser crime. IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE COAST GUARD ACADEMY THEY NEVER ONCE SENT A RAPIST TO PRISON FOR RAPE.

  6. “former cadet” is right. Not one cadet was ever charged with rape yet most women (92%) that report rape been forced out of the Coast Guard. Where is justice in that? report a rape and kiss your career good bye while your rapist gets to remained in. I am serving with rapists and that makes me feel uncomfortable.

    If HM is Holly Madden then her and the other bullies (EY, TZ, AG, RT and the others, you all know who you are) should leave CGA. If you choose to not take part in their bullying you’ll be their next target.

    “Anonymous” what is up with the victim blaming? You must be HM or the other bullies.

  7. If HM has integrity she would withdraw from CGA. I highly doubt that she does. Every generation there is one woman that brings the Coast Guard to the grounds. HM is nothing more than the next generation of Patricia Tutalo-s.

    As a rape victim in the Coast Guard I can vouch that they do not do anything to help us. I was raped by an officer. I knew if I reported it that my career would have ended. My rapist is now living off a military pension.

  8. HM do America a favor and get the fuck out of CGA. We do not need you “protecting” our shores. You are doing far more harm than good. The same goes for the rapist.

  9. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for a cadet who was raped at knife point in her own bedroom to not be believed. After murder, rape is the 2nd most violent crime. For god sake this woman had a knife to her, threatened to be murdered and was raped and “anonymous” here is telling her that she should have gone through the proper channels? The proper way to deal with a rape is to help a victim who been raped and not turn it around and threaten to get her in trouble or give her the cold shoulder because the rapist is perceived to be nice. HM chose to not help a fellow cadet. I agree with the rest in that the CG is no place for a woman that refuse to help a fellow cadet immediately after such a horrific crime.

    Read the stories on here to see what rape survivors in the Coast Guard have to deal with. Hundreds of people in the Boston-area wouldn’t be protesting at Copley Square on a regular basis if the Coast Guard has done anything more than lip service to help survivors.

  10. Imagine now if HM is out on patrol and sees a woman drowning. Would she ignore her because the drowning victim because the water looks calm that day? I hope not but that is EXACTLY what HM did on this case. Because the assailant is in her opinion “nice” she refused to help someone in distress.

    HM does not have what it takes to be in the Coast Guard. As a tax payer I have the right to say that I do not like to see my money going to someone that can’t help a service member.

  11. Google the rape at Coast Guard Station Burlington VT and then dare tell me that the Coast Guard takes rape seriously. The victim was bruised up and bleeding and they called her a liar and locked her in a janitor closet after she followed procedure and did the right thing. Is that taking it seriously? I was there when it all happened.

  12. It is certainly not to late to report it. I was raped in the CG and am still going over my options if I want to report it or not. Chances of us receiving any justice is slim but as Caitlyn said it’ll show in his record and make it easier to prosecute him if he commits the same crimes again.

    Review your options with Panayiota and if you report it take her or somebody with you.
    There are many of us who are rape survivors and we have a huge support network. Know that you are not alone and that we are here to help each other. HM sounds like a lot of the girls at the Academy. The good thing is that girls like that don’t make it far in the Coast Guard.

    I grew up in an Air Force family and the Air Force is more about helping one another. In the Coast Guard it is more about putting others down to make yourself look better. We have to be there for each other and not do what HM did by threatening each other.

  13. I see that people at the Academy are having a field day ratting out on Holly. She should should punishment for what she has which I feel being booted out of the Academy is enough. Those speaking about prison and all that you’ll need a really good defense lawyer to prove that Holly’s lack of action contributed to the assailant recommitting acts of rape.

    The rapist though belongs in prison and when he gets out hopefully many years later he’ll have to register as a sex offender for life. Considering that the Coast Guard Academy has not once prosecuted a perpetrator-for rape or sexual assault even though one in three women at the Academy report being sexually assaulted or rape the chances of any woman ever receiving justice is slim to none. The Coast Guard view womyn as 2nd class citizen, as moral gear and not as Coast Guardswomyn hence why Coast Guardswomyn sounds strange since Coast Guardsman is primarily used. The Coast Guard is backwards in equal rights for womyn–have you ever seen a womyn Commandant? Thought so. The article written by Panayiota in Ms. magazine about women in the Coast Guard is a must read.

    I am deeply sorry that you had to experience such a violent hate crime. I hope that you receiving the treatment and help that you need to continue living this beautiful life. None of what happened was your fault. Underage drinking is something I think most Americans are guilty of. I drank since I was 8 years old having wine at dinner with my parents. That does not constitute it making it okay that if I was ever raped for my choice of beverage to be used against me.

    People try to find fault with the survivor because they do not want to admit that the person that they know could be capable of committing rape. If there is nothing wrong with you they would make up something as we have seen with the cliche of rape survivors being called “crazy lying whores”

    I know the support in the Coast Guard for sexual assault survivors is non-existence. It may perceive to have support but trying to access those services and going through all the red tape, phone calls not being returned and threats of loosing your career makes you wonder why they even have these services in the first place. I know a little too well the frustration of hearing “but we have all these services for rape survivors. We care about our rape survivors!” yep..that is exactly why I lost my Coast Guard career due to a medical condition that I do not even have and my rapist is still serving. Ninety-two person of rape survivors are forced out of service. That is not right.

    Now that you are out the entire country wants to help. The lawsuit against the Coast Guard has brought in awareness to what womyn in the Coast Guard have to go through and people are now aware of not only the rape epidemic but the Coast Guard’s response to the rape. Talk to Susan Burke and try to get into the lawsuit to demand changes to help our shipmates. We are doing this so Holly and crew, incase they ever get raped, won’t have to go through what the rest of us did.

    Please know that there is help out there. We believe you and you don’t deserve any of this.

  14. I’m a cadet at the Academy currently (2/c, so one year younger than yourself). I am sorry to hear about this; I’m sorry you had to experience what you did. It greatly disturbs me to know that your perpetrator is currently living in the same building as me.

    I too have experienced sexual assault at the Academy, but didn’t report it. I feel as though its an untouchable subject here; better to shut up and deal with it than get help.

  15. I am so sorry for all the pain this man caused you. I am a 2011 grad, so I was at the Academy when this happened. While I have never experienced any form of sexual assault, I was a member of CASA and a victim advocate. I truly wish one of you ladies had come to me. I would have fought tooth and nail to get you the justice you deserved, even if it meant getting myself kicked out. Please know that there are those who will support you no matter what. I highly encourage you to speak up and get the justice you deserve. If you know of no one else, my number is 7038508951.

    1. I am also in the class of 2011 and find this grossly distrubing. I wish that you knew there were those of us (like Jen) who would have believed you and fought for your safety and rights. I am so sorry you had to experience that. Please know that if you need any help, or for the cadet currently at the Academy if you need to talk, I am always availible.

      I promise you this: There are good people who graduate from the CGA and who do look out for others. I came to this sight to help out the women on my boat. . . I only wish I could have helped you.

  16. The military is filled with authoritarian ideologues in positions of ‘leadership’ — cowardly men of low moral character who value authority over truth. Trying to get ‘justice’ out of such a system is hopeless. Your best hope at justice is dealing with the rape offenders clandestinely, outside the system, through unconventional means. I won’t elaborate, but I think you understand.

    I would never allow my daughters to enter the military and serve under such weak and dishonorable ‘men’. While there are many good men within the military, those in leadership positions are too often the kinds of people described above.

    And yes, I did serve in the US military with honor and distinction, but I met too many despicable men in position of authority who were enamored with their own power and ability to subjugate others by use of the system.

    “They must find it difficult… Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority.” — Gerald Massey

  17. I see all these women reporting their stories of being raped in the Coast Guard… and all I can think is what could have been done to prevent this? In your case, I don’t think its your fault.. or that there was a whole lot you could have done to prevent this according to what happened. If you want to make a difference, maybe you should help teens learn what NOT to do… things that can prevent (if possible) a rape…. Have a battle buddy, don’t be alone with a guy you don’t know very well, alcohol is a huge factor, watch your drink, carry OC etc.

    1. Coastie,

      I am a man and was in the Coast Guard. I am extremely insulted by your comment. Throughout my life I have been around many, many, many drunk women. I have also seen many women walking down the street alone, even at night. I have even worked with women alone some were even on TDY and I hardly knew them.

      With all that said, I not once had the impulse to rape, beat, or assault a woman just because she was drunk, she was alone, or because she spent time with me and I didn’t know her that well.

      I am insulted that you hold military men at such a low standard that you feel that a woman needs to take precautions to not get herself raped. Believe it or not most men can control their sexual urges and don’t rape.

      What next tell women to wear burka’s because YOU have such low standards that you feel that a woman can’t walk outside showing some skin without being raped? Fuck you for insulting all military men that we are nothing more than raping machines that we can’t control ourselves for being around women.

      My heart goes out to all the men and women that been raped in the military. The only ones at fault are the assailants and their command that set them free to recommit.

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