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Coast Guard visits veteran at her new job; further abuses her.

While in service one woman in particular, YN1 Kori Heath, was one of the leaders of the abuse. On a daily basis I had to hear from her what a good for nothing non-rate that I am.  She’ll scream at me and be angry because according to her I have lied about the rape and that I am an evil human being. She did this to many women who were of lower rank than her.  Heath was also my victim advocate until they said that she was not the best or most sensitive person for the job and gave the position to someone almost as bad but with more rank.

After I was discharged from the United States Coast Guard for reporting a rape I got myself a civilian seasonal job with another governmental agency. At that job we have an event space that we rented out to agencies and organizations.

One day  I was at work and found out that the Coast Guard rented out that space. I was doing my job and it was time for lunch. Before I went outside for lunch I went down the hall to the restroom as the event was coming to an end.   I used the restroom, then walked down the stairs. The layout of this space was that we had one grand staircase with each floor overlooking the staircase. It is a historic building so think of something very grand and beautiful.

The Coast Guard hired civilian police agents (think mall cops) and they said hello to me as I was leaving the building. I crossed the street to the opposite direction of where I was to buy lunch to use the ATM to get some money to buy my lunch. I crossed my tracks back towards the building which is in the direction of the restaurant. The mall cop who just said hello to me called me to go towards him so I did and he said “a Petty Officer Kori Heath said that you were threatening her” I said that “I did not say anything to her” and he said “well I am telling ****” Who is my supervisor’s, supervisor, supervisor, basically the Boss of everybody.

I felt that I should tell my boss what happened before he hears it from somebody else. So instead of lunch I went to the other building (we had two buildings, the offices and the event space) and told my supervisor.

At first my supervisor, unaware of the rape, my horrible treatment in the Coast Guard, etc. and who is a hardcore Vietnam-era veteran was telling me “well, why would she lie?” I was trying to explain to him how horribly that I was treated but at the same time I did not want to tell my boss that I was raped.  He got angry at me at first and told me to go home. I went home.

Next day I went back to work and he called me back into his office and him and his supervisor was there and wanted me to tell them both what happened with YN1 Kori Heath so I said. “I went on my lunch break, stopped at the restroom before I went to get my lunch. I did not talk to anybody. I basically was running down the stairs not wanting anyone to see me. I was in uniform so it no mistake that I belong there in the first place.  I did not talk to anybody nor did I made any threats.”

My supervisor and his supervisor said that they believe me. It turns out that after I left the day before, they spoken to my colleague who was there and confirmed that I was no less than 20 feet away from anyone in the Coast Guard at all times so it not even possible for me to have said anything. The surveillance tapes also shows that I never confronted Kori Heath nor anyone in the Coast Guard. As a matter of fact the tape shows that Kori Heath was up in the balcony area with the Honor Guard team, looked down, saw me and ran out and told the rent-a-cop. The statement given from the officer  on what  YN1 Kori Heath told him did not match the description of the surveillance tape and the witness. In other words Yeoman Kori Heath was caught in a lie. My supervisor felt that it was in retaliation for reporting a rape and said that I handled the entire situation very maturely.

With my colleague as a witness, the tape and the statement we went and filed an official report against Kori Heath in case she ever tried to pull the same trick again.I chose not to press any charges against her. Even after what she did she is still my shipmate. You don’t do that to a shipmate. Of course if she pulls the same trick again I would press charges.

The remaining few months that I was working there was extremely awkward since everyone knew about the rape. My supervisor was trying to be supportive but I knew he did not know what to do. He said “you can take as much time off as you need to go to appointments” and I knew it was strange for him too. My supervisor was an awesome guy but I felt that he was treating me, with the best intentions, with kids gloves. I did not want that.

After the season ended I was one of the few who were invited to work under contract for a longer term. If it was not for the incident with YN1 Kori Heath I probably would have accepted it, but being so fresh out of the Coast Guard the last thing that I wanted was to be known as the rape survivor. I wanted a job where I can just be known for me and my work performance and not the woman who was raped in the Coast Guard.

Kori Heath eventually was severely punished for unrelated reasons regarding some fraud and unethical behavior on how she handled Honor Guard duties. I ended up backpacking Europe for a while and while there I faxed my resume and landed a job back in the US while still on vacation.

Everything did work out for me  but the main reason that I am writing this post is to show you how people are treating rape survivors in the Coast Guard in such an unethical and inhumane way even after they left the service! Heath’s behavior eventually caught up to her but this never should have happened in the first place.

The rape victim is never at fault for the rape but some members of the Coast Guard would go to great length to cover up the assault for “the reputation of the Coast Guard” that in the end the only ones that they are hurting are themselves when the truth come out.

We now have a voice through this blog to share our stories to help us heal and to help prevent what happened to us to happen to others. I hope that the Coast Guard reads this and prevent others from being abused in this way by Kori Heath or anybody else.

My shipmates and I deserve better.

My Duty to Speak

Follow up to: Raped while on duty. Active duty Coast Guardsman fights to keep her career

Editor note: We received this via email as a follow up to Raped while on duty. Active duty Coast Guardsman fights to keep her career.  The survivor requested that we post the email on here.

I was walking around some 10 miles from the post on my way to an appointment. I was crossing the street and a woman rolled down her car window and screamed out:

“Hey slut. You lied about being raped. Get the fuck out of my way or I’ll run you over nonrate.”

She drove away. I did not recognize her. She had lightish brown hair in a bun. She was a bit chubby. She was driving a navy blue Ford Explorer with Coast Guard sticker across her rear windshields. Also has those stickers that are stick images of your family and it looks like it was 2 adults and one child. Massachusetts license plates. I think Massachusetts license plates. I was all shaken up and could not think logically.  I did not get her license plate number. That is all that I remember.

Tomorrow I am going up and down the parking lot on post and find that car but then what do I do? Everyone in the Coast Guard thinks that I am always lying and that I am crazy. They’ll tell me that I probably did something to deserve it. Every other time that I complained it turns out that it was my fault.  What have I done to deserve this? Why are members of the Coast Guard so rude to rape survivors? As if what I am going through at work is not bad enough I can not even walk down the street without death threats or being called crazy.

Sorry as I write this I am in tears. Can someone please help me. Please post this on my duty I need everybody to understand what we go through after reporting rape.

CGIS still does not want to investigate. Headquarters did not return my phone call. The VM said she is on TDY.



somebody help me.

My Duty to Speak

Raped in the Coast Guard. Another survivor from the alleged Patricia Tutalo and Kori Heath abuse regime.

I was raped  while on TDY.  I was raped by an officer after sightseeing at night. He took me to a memorial that was about freedom, we talked about freedom. He took me back to the hotel room and took away my freedom. Back in Boston a Yeoman (YN1 Kori Heath) called me a whore while her best friend Lt Patricia Brady (now Patricia Tutalo) laughed and agreed. Kori Heath said that she has a brother in the military, I believe she said the Navy, and she said that it was a slap in the face for her brother and all men who are serving when we regret having sex and “cry rape”. She said she needs to protect her brother from falling victim from a “whore with regrets.”  I reported them only for them to deny it. To protect themselves they said that I was threatening them. Two of them against me. I was told to not threaten them. I never threatened them.

My rapist was never prosecuted. I was discharged for bipolar disorder. A doctor confirmed that I do not have bipolar disorder.

I was a PO3 told to do a job that was not what I was trained for. I was okay with it and did whatever needed to be done for my country. My husband was in the Coast Guard as well and it was difficult for him to see what was happening to me and at the same time wanting to stay in and work with those that were abusing me.

Six years later a day does not pass by that tears do not roll down my eyes because of what happened to me. I read the stories on here and the same names and being published over and over again. How many more lives does Patricia Tutalo and Kori Heath have to ruin before they are sent to prison? How many more victims do they have? If you been abused by Patricia Tutalo or Kori Heath please tell someone. They can not get away with it.

My Duty to Speak

Ashamed to have served-Domestic abuse in the United States Coast Guard.

Ashamed to have served, United States Coast Guard

Googling abused by the Coast Guard upon its members, I found this web site. No I wasn’t sexually abused, but I witnessed domestic violence by one officer (male) upon another (female) and when she went to report it the Coast Guard tried to commit her to a psychiatric institution. What happened to me was not sexual in nature, but cried out for justice nonetheless.

I served in the New Orleans area for six years in active and reserve capacities. In 1992 I was injured by a drunk driver while in my POV and under orders. I was threatened with Courts Martial if and to quote “I rocked the boat”. a year later, I was injured in another accident while in the course of my civilian employment. I notified the Chain of Command in the CG. Without notice, I was “stuck in the IRR (individual ready reserve) and denied my rights to promotion to PS1, to keep my SGLI. I was threatened by a commissioned officer. In 1996 I was finally discharged.

It took a while but I was finally able to come to terms about the crappy way I was treated. I was’nt a slaker, I earned the CG Achievement MEdal as an E4, Eanrned Two Commandant’s LOC’s, a few COPT letter of commendation. In 1998 I was a victim of domestic battery, Yes I happen to us guys too! I called the local cops and I ended up going to jail – Why? Because In my former civilian job, I was Chief of Internal Affairs for a local police agency. She lied about everything, including making false sworn stastements that ALL my USCG awards, etc… were fake and that I had misused a expired reserve id card that was superglued in my shadow box. The Coast Guard actually attempted to charge me with Impersonating a Federal Officer. If I hadn’t been able to afford my own lawyer, only God knows what might have happened. Eventually my ex, in court admitted she lied. My lawyer sent the Coast Guard CGI her sworn statement, and they still tried to prosecute me. I was out of over $7,000 in legal fees, and lost all pride I ever had regarding my service in the Coast Guard. Yes I’m still trying to get justice, but in this country it’s liberty & justice for all that can afford it.

All I want is an apology and my insurance and lost promotion. will I get it, probably not, even through I’ve enlisted the help of the Church – all they care about is money too. My heart goes out to each and every one of you gals & guys alike who got the shaft. Too bad the late US Senator Byrd of Werst Virginia died. He was actually trying to disband the Coast Guard. And for good Reason. Lastly, I’m working on formalizing my dual citizenship in a european country. In my will I have strict instructions for my wife to refuse the flag for my coffin and to very unpolitely explain why! God Bless All of You!

My Duty to Speak

Coast Guard can’t investigate “bad sex”

I was raped in March and my  Senior Chief said that it could not be reported or investigated because well he said that the Coast Guard has better things to do than investigate bad sex.

My rapist is a BMC and I am a MK3. Not one person seems to care what happened. I called the Chaplain and my mother called headquarters and we were not able to get helped. Phone calls are not being returned. Where can we get help when the command refuse to acknowledge that there is a rape and the support unit is not returning phone calls?

My Duty to Speak

Rape at the Coast Guard Academy

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard Academy

My rapist is a star football player at the Coast Guard Academy.  It happened one night in 2010 after a night of (underage) drinking. We made our way back to Chase Hall where he stumbled into my room, held a knife to my throat and raped me. My roommate was staying that night at the home of a man that she was dating. After it happened I went to my friend’s room, HM, and told her what happened. She asked if I was drinking and then threatened to report me for underage drinking. She said that she knows ****** and that she couldn’t imagine such a wonderful guy raping anybody. She said that since she felt that I was lying about the rape that she could no longer trust me.

In the upcoming weeks I was terrified that I would be called out and punished for underage drinking; a crime that the Academy took far more seriously than harassment or rape.  HM gave me the cold shoulder while she was still friends with and hanging out with my rapist.

I left the Coast Guard Academy. Choosing to ditch my lifelong dreams of serving in the Coast Guard because of the way that one person treated me may make me sound weak but you have to had been there to understand how bad that it was for me. A fellow cadet raped me. He plays football and is very well liked by all. Almost daily I had to listen to what a wonderful person that my rapist is while in my head and at night in my nightmares I relive being raped by him. Whenever I have to hear or read about what a great person or football player that he was it was like a stab in my heart.

On facebook I am still friends with several at the Academy and see photos of my rapist partying it up with other women. It makes me wonder how many other women did he raped. How many of those women at the Academy are his victims? Perhaps I am the only one that was victimized by him which leaves me to wonder why he chose me. What did he see in me that made him feel that I was vulnerable?

I never reported my rape to the Coast Guard because of what HM said to me. I felt that if my good friend did not believe me that the Academy nor the Coast Guard would  believe me. I was drinking that night as was he, which was in violation of several Coast Guard policy especially being under aged. I knew by hearing of other women that was assaulted that underage drinking is taken more seriously than rape.

In less than a year if all goes as planned my rapist would be an officer in the United States Coast Guard. My rapist would be in a leadership position possibly supervising women. My rapist belongs in prison but the United States Coast Guard is protecting him because he plays football.

post has been corrected from original post as per survivor’s request.

My Duty to Speak

Male sailor went AWOL to avoid being repeatedly gang raped

Heath Phillips, United States Navy

I joined the Navy at 17 yrs old. 5 days after my 17th birthday I was in boot camp. I went aboard the USS Butte AE27. Within the first weekend I was sexually attacked by a group of 6 men. I reported it to my command to be told I was a liar, and was homesick. The attacks became worse and my complaints were not helping. I decided to commit suicide and failed. My parent urged me to leave and come home. While home I had a Congressional Investigation done. Behold I didnt lie! 2 where caught and 1 was shipped away and 3 remained. Upon my return the sexual attacks became worse and like before fell on deaf ears. I kept going AWOL to avoid attacks and threats of death by being tossed off the fantail. I then was given the asked to chose between a Other than Honorable discharge or 6 months confinement to the ship. I got out! Now because I went AWOL I have been denied everything in the VA. They dont deny the attacks but justify the denial because I went AWOL to avoid being repeatedly gang raped.