Sailor drugged and raped by 3 Army Soldiers

Rebcaa Blumer, United States Navy

On February 13, 2010, I was drugged and raped by 3 Army Soldiers the day before they shipped off to Afghanistan. I was beaten and bloody and bruised and washed by my rapists. I reported my rape to the ER the next morning. I decided to go unrestricted in my reporting. DNA was found on my underwear, since I was washed, all they had was proof they touched by underwear. From the moment I told my command, I was asked “Did you inflict these injuries yourself?” “Did you imagine or dream it?” On April 30, 2011, I was separated from the Navy because I decided to fight and not sit back and let the Navy do nothing about my rape. I was given an honorable discharge for misconduct(serious offense). What was my serious offense? Allowing myself to get drugged and raped against my will. Over a year of torture from my fellow Sailors and Command all came to an abrupt end when I left the Navy and moved 4 states away. Before my rape, I had an officer package in and was ranked #1 in my command. After my rape, I was a “dirt bag” “whore” “trouble maker” “drama queen”. My rapists are still in the Army and as far as I know, still serving in Afghanistan. Have they raped others? I am sure of it….My only wish is that some day, all my suffering will be worth something and they will be put away for life!

9 thoughts on “Sailor drugged and raped by 3 Army Soldiers

  1. really pisses me off, these assholes kicked my daughter out for misconduct after her rape and beating, she was so drugged on meds that were forced on her she couldn’t do her duties right! our military is the disgrace of the world, im so sorry this happened to you, you are not alone, we are here for you!!! these losers will get theirs! im not stopping till they do, GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE!

  2. Don’t allow the psy-ops to take you into “supporting” the perpetrators of these crimes. Your story is all too familiar. Worst is when the victim becomes convinced that the military is innocent and that it’s OK not to tell.

  3. I am so sorry you have to go through this. You are now a stronger person than any of they every would be because you took the first step in fighting corruption and that is by speaking out. I am very proud of you.

  4. Rebecca just know you are not a lone and there many of us here who are willing to help or lend an ear. *hugs*

    You found a place that is supportive and safe.

  5. Brave woman, thank you for your selfless service. Please do not let this halt your life any longer than it has. Get a law degree and let’s change this in our lifetime! Crazy how they honorably discharge for “misconduct”. Isn’t misconduct a bad thing? They could not corroborate why they were discharging you, and they wanted to silence you, so they gave you an Honorable. Nice move, guys. How this is still happening makes no fucking sense to me. I am sorry your perps may be still serving. I believe mine has retired with a full pension. This disgusts most Americans. Thanks to our continued strength and courage to share our tragic stories, we have not only an obligation but a right to seek justice and name names. I hope you do. You rock, sister. Thank you for your share. God bless you and yours and remember, you are a Veteran of the Armed Forces and deserve the VA to treat you for the rest of your life. I hope you take advantage of it and file a claim for 100% service connection for PTSD. I also hope you use Voc Rehab or GI Bill to further your education and use it against the “regime” that you attempted to honorably serve. If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to ask any of us survivors. XO

  6. I too am sorry and have suffered the same. Like irishcate, my perp is also retired with a full pension. I’m AF and fighting back as well. It’s such a hypocrisy when the military branches have these “values” – ours being Integrity First. Really?! The only people who have integrity are those of us who have become victims. I applaud all of us for speaking out. I’m going to use my GI Bill to further educate myself so I can help others who may have fallen victim as we have. Hugs!

  7. Rebecca….I just read your story in the Rolling Stones magazine, and my heart just sank. I wish I could be there to hug you and tell you how sorry I am that you’ve had to endure the rape and the treatment you received afterwards. You deserve to be rightfully compensated for your pain and suffering, and I hope any legal actions that are taken on your behalf will be victorious on your behalf. I’m sure you didn’t realized it initially, but through your pain you are making changes to prevent this from happening to other women in the future. All my love, Christina

  8. I’m so sorry to hear what you had to go through. I can relate to some of your story because I too I was drugged and raped bye for men all serving in the Air Force. The worst part about my rape was that 1 of the men involved what’s a First Sergeant a man who was put in a position to take care of his soldiers. Unfortunately I did not remember what happened to me until I started having flashbacks a few weeks after the fact. I wish that I would have been brave enough and strong enough to file a personal complaint against my abusers. This happened over 20 years ago when the date rape drug had not had a reputation as of yet. Even if I had remembered the day after and filed a formal complaint I think that’s what happened to you most likely would have happened to me. I think it is disgusting how men in the military get away what doing such horrible things to women . 20 + years later it still affects me to this day the fact that I did nothing about it and that these men got off scot free and most likely did it to another woman. The military is not a safe place for women nor do I think it ever will be.

  9. I’m very moved by your story in Rolling Stone. I can’t imagine the suffering and disillusion you have experienced on so many levels. It’s obvious your strength and courage remain undamaged. This journey is not in vain. Your truth is making a difference for all of us. Shine on.

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