Abuse in the United States Army

SPC4, Anonymous Solider, United States Army

I joined the Army for a better life. When I arrived at Ft. Jackson, SC for basic training and assigned to a unit, as we recuits disemparked from the “cattle car”, two drill sergeants were separating the females into two groups. These groups were attractive and unattractive. The attractive females were housed near the drill sergeants office. We were given “special priviledges”, ie., able to leave the fort in the evening, going to the Drill Sergeants’ private home for partying ect… No KP, no guard duty… but with all this came a price, eventally, cohereced into sexual intercourse with a number of different drill sergeants. We complied for the fear the being “thrown out of the Army”, and charged with fraternization. When I finally went to AIT at Ft. Jackson also, the cycle began all over again.

When I arrived at my PDS, from the 1st Sergeant down to the platoon leader tried to seduce me and some of those were married men. I was working one day and one of DI’s from Ft. Jackson, tracked me down (he was reassigned to Germany) and began calling me. I would not take his calls and then he began showing up at the Kaserne on the weekends. Once I strained my ankle and went to sick call. I was put in a cast and awaiting the bus to return me to the kaserne. I was approached by a Major, who offered me a ride because “it would be difficult to board the bus”. I found out a few days later when he called my unit and asked to speak with me, he was the hospital administrator.

All of this was over 30 years ago, I was a young girl of 18 and contantly was harrassed. There was a Ssgt. who finally told me to report certain incidents to the commander. At that time I was lucky enough to have a commander who helped me with what I had gone through. One time I was suppose to attend a conference, along with my section superviors (SFC) and the 1st Sgt. was also attending. The 1st Sgt.s orders were cancelled and while at the conference, the secions supervisor entered by room dressed in a bath towel.. 4am. in the morning… there was no lock on the adjoining rooms. God Bless the women who are serving our country now. I hope they do not encounter the “idiots” that I did.

3 thoughts on “Abuse in the United States Army

  1. Thank you for your service. I am sorry it happened that way. I was at Ft. Jackson. Same shit, ten years later. I was in Germany. Same shit, a decade later. I am determined to stop this in my lifetime. Your sharing will help us do that! I had a hard time being proud to have served because of what I experienced, but over time, and with healing, I am proud to say that I was one of the only people in my graduating High School class to have served our country in a military capacity. That makes me proud.

  2. Sorry that this has happened to you. The military as a whole needs to dramatically do something to help ALL sexual assault survivors; past and present.

  3. SPC4 when were you at Fort Jackson? The same thing happened to me however I wasn’t one of the attractive females close to the DI but I was aware of what was going on. They were taking females out of the barracks every night. Sickening is what it is.

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