don’t know why it happened

*taken directly from the journal of a rape survivor who chose to share this with us*

2 thoughts on “don’t know why it happened

  1. “I may not see it now but when I do I will be in a better place cause I will be able to know what I have learned from this.”

    Thanks I really needed that today.

    I have difficulties reading the black ink-what does it say?

  2. It reads:

    Why are my shipmates staying away from me when I need them the most? I would have been there for them if they were raped so why are they not there for me? I am not a bad person for being raped. I did not ask for this. Please Coast Guard stop making it like it was my fault. I am not the bad one. Coast Guard please help.

    **It was written by a Coast Guardsman who was active duty at the time**

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