Sexually Harassed, Hazed, Discriminated Against and DISCHARGED for reporting it-United States Coast Guard

Anonymous, United States Coast Guard

Entered the CG in 2005 with intent to serve 20 and retire.Got to my first small boat station in a depressed area in Maine not far from Canadian border .First day an MK3 said he hopes I am NOT like the other females that came through here. Thought nothing of it until comments because blatently discriminatory, sexist and degrading towards women. Male infidelity at that station was rampid and with everything I had seen, heard and experienced I felt very uncomfortable and unsafe. Kept my berthing room locked in fear I would be raped by one of the animals there. Comments became worse daily and anytime I asked for help or training, I was denied.

The word N@#$!R was constantly used by the unit and being raised amongst diversity in NYC, I took great offense to those comments as well. One offgoing day the OIC called me into office regarding sign offs and when he asked WHY I did not have much signed off that is when I told him about what was going on.His comment was that he heard I was a whiner and to keep asking for help.I told him I am not going to keep asking for help when doors are literally slammed in my face, being harassed, ignored or mocked.He dismissed me and said he did not want to hear it so I left.

I finally had enough after a conversation transpired between an MK3, SK2 and non rate pertaining to “knocking up” a local girl and how that all could have been prevented if they would have “put it in her pooper”. There were more comments about punching the girl in the stomach to induce a miscarriage also.Spoke to a chaplain and was advised to speak with the command Master Chief.Went down to the SFO on my offday to talk to him in the Chiefs Mess and told him what was going on. Everything was investigated by a YNC with NO EXPERIENCE at all AND was eventually demoted when I was on my way out for sexual harassment himself.

Was transferred to the SFO and worked with the HS1 there for a year while my shoulder surgery healed, an injury I sustained at my first unit because of the negligence of command and the “suck it up” attitude.Was promised a career change after numerous recommendations by Orthopedist to change rate because if I stay a BM I will destroy my shoulders and have major problems later in life.Career change NEVER happened and I was put back at the small boat station alongside the SFO.

The OIC there already knew who I was, the whole base did before I reported because the YNC that investigated my case blabbed his mouth to everyone and I was discriminated against again and everything that transpired was all bias based upon reporting the sexual harassment.I was a liar, rumors were spread about me on base and I had few friends of which later got close to me to find out dirt and report back to superiors.I became pregnant, was on maternity leave, came back and was forced to qualify boat crew AGAINST my orthopedists advice otherwise I will be removed from the HS”A” list.

I was removed from the list when I was #4 and due to attend the next class.I re-injured my left shoulder AFTER I had surgery and recovered 110%.Was STILL harassed about qualifying and threatened by OIC to be discharged.OIC even passed the comment “getting pregnant didn’t help my career”.I hired a private attorney and after 15k wasted THE CG THREW ME OUT at 20% with a major shoulder injury that has given me nerve damage and constant pain and migranes.The VA will not do anything for me because of the rating.My medical record was also NEVER sent to the VA and no one knows where it is at the SFO…SHOCKER.All of this is not even close to what I had experienced..too much to write.For all of those that are speaking up and fighting for all you have been through…KEEP FIGHTING and STAY STRONG..there is a light at the end of this tunnel!FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

4 thoughts on “Sexually Harassed, Hazed, Discriminated Against and DISCHARGED for reporting it-United States Coast Guard

  1. Remember that the Coast Guard has the lowest percentage of personnel with advanced degrees. You were probably reporting your harassment to idiots with just a high school or AS degree.

  2. I’m proud of you for staying strong! In 1992 I entered CG to do 20yrs, I spent my last year of high school training for it. I gradutated 1st in my company to get first pick at a station when I was raped on our off base liberty by a recruit that had been given 4 chances to pass the 4th week test, he should have been discharged way before meeting me since he couldn’t pass that test 4 times, he was arrested pled guilty and got discharged then parole from New Jersey. Someone told my station Senior Chief who sexual harrassed me, he thought women don’t get raped in some way I wanted it. I was called names taken to captians mast for something I didn’t do so it kept me from advancement, then the more I tried to file a complaint the worse it got! It took me 3 years to get my complaint filed. By then I was diagnosed with PTSD and discharged with 30% disability pay til 65 and given retiree status. They did find for me eventually mainly because a witness to the Chief finally came forward and I had kept a journal through the entire thing that I had to turn in, which was humiliating in itself but I’m glad I kept it since it helped in the end. I’m glad to find this website because although I know I’m not the first or the last I’ve felt very alone, even this many years later. Stay strong!

  3. I know this victim. I was not particularly fond of her, but she was indeed treated like crap. I was the HS1 she worked for, for a time. The local commanders did a bungling job at best in handling her case. The station she was at near the Canadian border was called “Station Statutory” for all the sexual predation by the male members stationed there on the young local girls (sometimes under the age of 16). Shortly before the commenter here was stationed there, a young lady was stationed there before her. She tried being as sexually promiscuous as her male shipmates at the station. She was also bisexual and had made a reputation for “stealing girlfriends” from the male members of the crew. After the initial excitement of having such a nifty piece of morale gear wore off, she was quickly cast out. She was sent to work for me about a year before the commenter here, and was an awesome person to work with.

    Bottom line: the culture of slut-shaming had lent itself to have one person (commenter) to have issues with remaining at the unit. And another young lady went the opposite direction and tried to join in. Neither were welcomed. That should tell us something.

    Also, the group, sector and other operational commanders responsible for this station were, in large part, responsible for Station Burlington and the rape of this site’s founder and the officer in charge there just a few years prior. See, this particular part of the Coast Guard was heavily laced with units run by Chief Petty Officers who just swapped jobs with each other every few years. While this was lovely for a Chief such as I was, it was awful for the people who suffered under their leadership. It was a huge reason I left the service. I knew the YNC the commenter talks about. He was a sexual predator. He tried to sleep with every young CG woman who came near him. I knew the officers in charge of the stations in northern New England and knew the things they were allowing to happen. I had another young lady work for me for almost two years who had been raped by a civilian contractor at her station in her berthing area. The command there tried to have her kicked out for underage drinking. She was the very best worker I have ever known, and one of the finest people I have ever had the privilege to know. I had no idea she was sent to me because she was a “problem”. I didn’t learn that until it was already too late. I wish I could go back and tell her that none of it was her fault. In retrospect, there are some things I certainly would have done different, but I am proud I didn’t treat her the same way as everyone else. Every one of these ladies deserved better.

    To the commenter: don’t feel too bad. I made a copy of my health record before I walked away from the Coast Guard. Because my health record never got forwarded to the VA, either. And we aren’t the only ones.

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