Jennifer reports a rape in the Coast Guard, USCG refuse to investigate

Jennifer, United States Coast Guard

I was on watch and the OOD a Boatswainmate 2nd class came in and hit me from behind, I fell on the floor and he raped me. This was in November 2009. After it all happened I left my post to use the head and well I wasn’t really thinking. I know that I was not suppose to leave my post but I could not think properly.

After I used the head I went to the XO’s office to report the rape. Remember I was just raped. I was shaken up and crying and my mind was somewhere else. I reported the rape and the BMC laughed at me and told me “non-rate, you are acting crazy. Are you on drugs.” I went to my room and sat on the floor crying.

I heard another non-rate piping my name. I did not respond. I could not get up. Another non-rate came knocking on my door and she said that I must go to the watch room everyone is looking for me so I went to the watch room. The OOD who just raped me an hour ago was there and I was being yelled at by him for leaving my post. It turns out that the other non-rate came to relieve me from watch only to find the watch room empty. I could not respond as I just stood there crying. The OOD grabbed me by my arm, twisted it as he walked me to the XO’s office and reported that I left the watch room unattended.  Together the OOD and the XO decided that I was either on drugs or schizophrenic. They ordered a drug test on me. It came back clean.

The rape was never investigated. I kept on pushing it but they were not interested in investigating it. Then they said that it was investigated but I was never questioned and I never spoken to an investigator so I am not sure what was investigated. Instead they said that I was crazy, have a defective personality and my chief said all these lies to get my kicked out of service. The whole time the Chief is telling me how a great Chief he is and how he likes me a lot and won’t report me. He made himself out to be this superhero. He was not because behind my back I was crazy and should be kicked out of the Coast Guard. They sent me to Miami where I was being processed to be kicked out. I left the Coast Guard December 2010 right before Christmas. Literally right before Christmas. I got a call when I was home on leave and told to come in on the 26th of December to sign my DD214 and that I am on terminal leave. Was not even given the option. It is funny how every other post writes that they were called liars, whores and crazy. That is exactly what happened to me. Most just called me a liar and crazy. Heard it at least 2 dozen times a day since I was raped. Before the rape I never head it.

The Coast Guard also sent me for a psych evaluation and to a psychologist, a dirty old man who said that I am not schizophrenic.

I am now homeless and trying to get my life after the Coast Guard together. I am seeking treatment and have an official diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that resulted from Military Sexual Trauma. My rapist is still in the Coast Guard and got promoted to a BM1.

2 thoughts on “Jennifer reports a rape in the Coast Guard, USCG refuse to investigate

  1. More surprising than all the rapes happening in the military is the military response to the rapes.

    Keep on speaking out. It is making a difference.

  2. I knew someone that was raped and it was never investigated. They stick women at small boat stations without any support. At my first unit we did not have posted all the fliers from sector with phone numbers in case we needed to talk to someone or report something. Only when we had folks visit us from sector will the senior chief post those fliers then immediately remove them. Things are a little different now with the internet and you can look up those numbers but back in the early 90s you did rely on those fliers.

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