Julie writes about her Rape in the US Navy

Julie, United States Navy

I was 25 years old when I enlisted in the Navy. I worked so hard to lose the weight and to achieve a dream which was serving my country. I left for boot camp in August 2004. I graduated from boot camp and then went to CS A school in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base. I had only been in the Navy for four months. It was the first time that I took leave and came back to the Navy. One of my friends asked me to switch duty days with her because her family was coming to see her. I told her that I would switch with her. I stood my duty day and got off of duty. Him and me left from base and went to get a hotel room. I just gotten phase three liberty because I had graduated and was just waiting for orders.

We went to Super 8 hotel at 410 and Marbach. We put our stuff up in the room. He had to go back to base for something. I took a cab to the Riverwalk where I walked around by myself for a while. I then ran into some people from A school and we went to Hooter’s. There I ate and drank two Smiroff’s. After that I went my own direction and ended up at Hard Rock Cafe. I ordered some more drinks and had a bartender’s speciality drink. It was starting to get into the evening hours. I then took a cab to a bar called Pegaus. There I orderd a couple more Smiroff’s and drank a couple more bartender’s shots. I was totally wasted. Some how I made it back to where Mac Trans picks up to go back to base.

I went to the hotel right outside of base to see a friend. They were getting ready to leave to go to another bar. I was done, so I went outside and called him to come pick me up. He took me back to the hotel room. I remember walking in the room. There was a little half wall in between the bed and sofa. I put my id, cellphone, and money there. I took off my shoes and jeans, leaving on my Ohio STate long sleeve shirt, Kurt Warner Jersey, and panties and bra. I got into the bed on the left side. All I wanted to do was to sleep.

D was on the telephone. I went to sleep. I woke up to him being on top of me, raping me. I did not want to have sex with him. I didn’t fight him because I was to drunk. I remember him asking me why I was snooring. I got up after he was done, got dressed, and went back to base. I remember CS1 saying you’ve been partying. I didn’t say any thing to him. I went to barracks room and just sat on my bed and cried. Later I took a shower.

I didn’t say any thing until a couple of days later because I did not think any one would believe me. I mean he was a third class fleet returnee and I was just a E-2 that had only been in for four months. I talked to my friend that was a E-3 and she went to the command. They took me over to the hospital where they did an exam. There was what they called an investigation, but I have found out that the paperwork is gone know.

He contacted me by email about two weeks ago and said that he is down with taking a woman and so you was sleeping and remembering how…lol.. He is still in the Navy and has been promoted to a Second Class. My life was destroyed that night and the person I was died when he raped me. All I want is for justice to be done. I am tired of the Navy protecting him. I’m the one that has been in counseling since that night. I am the one that wanted to change my rate in the Navy, but no one would listen or help me. I was also called a liar by my chief when I told him, I needed to leave the ship early to go to a counseling appointment at the rape crisis center in Norfolk, VA.

Women that report rape in the military are treated with such disrespect and it is the military saying good boy keep on raping women and we will protect you. Something needs to be done.

13 thoughts on “Julie writes about her Rape in the US Navy

  1. these people piss me off soooo very bad, what do they think gives them the right to rape you if you have been drinking! then the assholes cover it up, probably because they have done the same! these bastards will pay! MARK MY WORDS!! im so sorry you went thru this , then the pathetic navy response! you have friends here who care!YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!NEVER!!!!!EVER!!!!

  2. i am so sorry you went through. It is like the Navy and all of the military takes a horrible situation and then makes it a billion times worse.

    Hang in there you have our support.

    -a vet sister.

    1. Thank you for your support. I have felt alone for so long and I appreciate the support. It’s been hard and there are so many feelings that are going on with me. I have always been afraid to cry, but that seems all that I can do right know.

  3. Julie, Thank YOU for being brave enough to share your story. My team and I as well as every survivor that reads this blog are here for you and for each other. You’ll get through this. Crying is okay. I have done more than my fair share of it. You are very strong for having to survivor rape, the Navy’s disturbing response to it and still standing strong enough to be able to share your story.

    You have my cell phone number call anytime.


  4. Julie,

    You did not deserve this and you did not ask for this. The military in general treats rape reporters as if they were at fault. I make very few promises because they are so hard to keep. However, I promise that you can have your dignity back. You have to accept the fact that you are worthy of healing. You are worthy of self respect and in this group, you have our respect and our support.

  5. Julie, I am sorry to hear what you went through. I was raped in the Coast Guard and had a similar response. You, we, all of us did not deserve to be treated in such an inhumane way. It was a violation of our human and civil rights on top of being victimized. I pray for justice everyday for us all. Women in the Navy, Coast Guard, every other branch of service should not have to serve with rapists.

  6. Today, this evening, I found out through a person that the investigation’s paperwork is gone. The Navy didn’t handle the situation the correct way and the freaking paperwork is gone. The Navy promotes this freaking asshole to a Second Class, he contacts me, and I responded to his email. He said things, he pretty much damn admitted to it and they can’t do a damn thing to him. So I guess sorry you signed the papers to enlist in the Navy so that entitles any man to rape you and you have to live with the effects of that night. I’m just really pissed and trying to not let this anger get to me but it is starting to sink in what they are saying. So women are nothing, but objects to be raped and screw the UCMJ and laws. If you have a penis, men can do any thing and women mean nothing. I’m done. I’m sick of this shit. What is is point?

  7. hey i am so sorry about your experiance, i am in the navy DEP program at the moment and when i read this i was shocked.. i dont know if i want to go anymore. i have been sexually harassed by my former petty officer, i have been contiplating this since it happened and i dont know if i should go through if the Navy is only gonna screw me over if this happens to me. i dont believe women should be lead to such a false security, that rape and assualts dont happen that often, from what i am seeing it happens more often than not, and it seems that the men are just getting away with it too.

  8. I have major concerns for my daughter who wants to enlist in the DEP now and ship out next summer after graduating from high school. She thinks that she is strong and tough enough to handle anything given her. How as a mother do I convince her that she can take the physical/mental part of basic training but the sexual harrassment and possibility of rape while serving from the get go is not something she can handle? I so want her to realize that once she leaves, her father & I can’t help her or protect her and that we fear for her safety. The local recruiters are filling her head with a lot of lies and telling her and myself that she will be safe and that she can get into EOD school and that she will have plenty of time to take college courses while in. I don’t want her to go but at the same time I 100% support my daughter. I am so sorry for all those women that have been raped and the rapist got away with it and nothing happened to them. You all need to keep fighting and going.

  9. We come from a small community, this week I receved the Rolling Stone Magazine and seen an article on women in the services “Rapes” which caught my eye, so I read the article. It makes me so worried, because my youngest daughter has just recently joint the Navy to fulfill one of her dreams. My heart grows heavy to know my daughter is heading for this type of animal behavior. She is a full spirited girl and I have talked and talked with her after reading these articles and other articles. I beg and plead with her to please watch herself and pray daily for her safety to know she is in a very dangerous community with regards of the Navy and how they treat women. But as Dawn says, “I too support my daughter %100 percent”. So I too hope you keep up the fight and courage you have to voice your story, make the public aware of what is really happening to females in the military.

  10. I am still trying to but the DOD does not seem to give a damn and the Congress does not give a damn.

  11. I have been following what Congress is doing. After watching the Senate Armed Forces committee voted to keep the chain of command involved, I was enraged, cried, yelled, and called three Senators. I was so enraged that I decided to take my military medals and send them back to the Armed Forces committee, to Senator Levin and to Representative Speier. Representative Speier, I appreciate your dedication to this issue and it is clear that you are the only one in Congress that cares about rape. I do not understand why Senators support rapists.

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