Army abused both her and her daughter.

By D.A.V. Diva,United States Army

THE CASE 3.310 Disabilities that are proximately due to, or aggravated by, service-connected disease or injury.

My disgust is the fact that I was raped and it was covered up for the Good of the Army! But all the injuries that have resulted from the rape and 2 sexual assaults and 2 motor vehicle accidents. Basic training field exercise December 1981 suffer cold weather injuries, frostbite, lost toenails, fingernails, turned blue, was left in foxhole accidently during inclement weather (rain/snow) storm at Fort Jackson, SC, Medivac back to hospital for cold weather injuries – all claims have been denied 1st sexual assault August 10, 1981 was 3 months in country, Kaiserslautern Germany, Kleber Kaserne Injuries sustained: right shoulder injury /from being slammed into stone wall, pulled up concrete steps with metal bar, feet first, injured neck, shoulder blades, hands wrists holding/shielding my head. I then had to physically fight with my attacker and was able to get away.

My clothing was torn and my hair was in disarray, but I made it to my barracks and reported to my 1st Sergeant immediately, who then straightened me up, wiped the tears from my face, asked me? “Are you alright?” I replied, “yes,” he said “go home get a good night sleep, see you bright and early in the A.M. I was totally flabbergasted! This set the tone for the rest of my tour here.

No one not even the top Sergeant gave a damn about what happened to me. Daughter Cortney, then 3 years old was burned by babysitters 3 children in some kind of torture ritual. The cut her hair all around to within inches of her scalp. They burned her with an “HOT IRON” on her chest, thighs and buttocks and 1 ankle, which were 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The set a pair of scissors on the iron to heat them and then stuck the scissors in open form on her chest between her breasts causing 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. They had the entire print to include the point of the iron and all the holes half way down on both sides printed on buttocks. I still wake up sweating hearing her screams when they had to peel away the burned skin with a scalpel and they wanted me to hold my baby while they skinned her, I couldn’t do it, I broke down, they had to carry me out.

And while I was going thru this hell by myself in a foreign country at Landstuhl Medical Center, they were trying to process Chapter 8, to have me discharged for the good of the service behind my back, because there was no caregiver but me to sit by her bed and listen to her moan in horrific pain and put that white crème on her burn wounds, there was no one do you hear me! My baby was burned almost to death by a dependent member of the US Army and they were trying to put me out! Not help me care for my child. I had to send my daughter home to my mother for a year to try to stay on active duty to support her.

Between 1981 – 1983 sustained various injuries resulting from falling over there. I know it sounds crazy but I wasn’t the only one because the entire Kleber Kaserne still had cobblestone streets and when it rained or snowed or iced, we fell including the 1st sergeant. I slid once for about 25 feet and stopped under some vehicles all of my belongings were strewn everywhere and I was assisted up by the 1st Sergeant so there were witnesses to most of the things except the sexual assaults, but it didn’t matter, everything was for the good of the Army, nothing was for the benefit of women on active duty. It was a constant battle just to be there.

They considered the fact that I survived the abuse a sign that I was a good soldier. 1st military vehicle accident March 1985 2 ½ ton truck. Injuries: collar bone, back (upper, middle) was tossed around in the rear of a 2 ½ ton Army truck ½ loaded with supplies to include vehicle parts and radio mounts. The fellas driving that it was a blast to take the rough road as fast as they could. Even though they saw no blood I was banged up pretty bad. I had whiplash, lacerations, and bruises everywhere. The rape 1987 January Reforger with International Training Forces from Belgium, Dutch, and Reservists from Sacramento, CA after the rape, I was pregnant I immediately went down on economy in Frankfurt, Germany and had an abortion my unit gave me 72 hour quarters and return to duty the fact I had complications was of no concern to them. I had my tubal ligation there because during the rape my IUD had been pushed into my uterine, it had to be surgically removed I know that’s in my records but they say my tubal was “voluntary.” I couldn’t take birth control, that’s why I had an IUD.

I had just divorced my husband **** **** in September 18, 1986, I had just got to Germany, I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me. I arrived in November 1986, I was raped in January 1987. I was pregnant in March 1987 I had an abortion in April 1987, and Tubal Ligation in June 1987. The injuries from the sexual assaults and rape dysfunctional uterus, PID, irregular menstrual, severe pelvic pain all through my medical records but yet and still they deny my claim for PTSD and any claims related to damages to my uterus. I found my decision 2008 from review officer this was the last one I received so to date I am appealing all of decisions I am service connected for and all the decisions denying service connection based on record of fact of the injuries and illness I sustained on active duty: BREAST LUMPECTOMY 1977 PRIOR TO ACTIVE DUTY, Only scar annotated on pre-service exam.

Since I was already predisposed to breast cancer because of family connection, and already had lumpectomy prior to active duty, and have continuously had problems with my breast on active duty although they denied me mastectomy until I turned age 30 (1987). So any claims associated with calcifications documented in my medical records I was told they would monitor, so how can they deny the claim? COLD WEATHER INJURIES, 1980 BASIC TRAINING-FT JACKSON, SC SEXUAL ASSAULT- 1981, 1985, 1987 (RAPE) MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS – 1985 FT. HOOD, 1988 FRANKFURT, FRG PTSD, What kind of trauma do you have to have before it is considered chronic I have been stalked, beaten, raped, jolted in a vehicle, had my nose broken, suffered bruised ribs, fractured right hip, broken both ankles, (with limited physical therapy), took sexual harassment, been knocked unconscious, left out in the cold to freeze to death, left out in the woods after they sexually assaulted me to die alone. Broke my tail bone, and you say I have to have what kind of trauma. I witnessed 2 soldiers die, 1 had to nurse my daughter while watching her heal with no skin, I was constantly being harassed by being threatened by discharge for the good of the service. So how much trauma do I have to endure. I still carry the sight of the soldier who blew his brains all over our arms room.

Who do you think had to clean up the blood and brains when they were through. There was no special detail that came in to do that, from the Colonel to the lowest Private, everyone had to clean their own weapon and those that were not assigned individually. The soldier who walked out in front of the train and was split in half, I still carry that image in my head too. The fright I felt when my 2 ½ ton truck was going over the cliff, I still carry that image too. I find still sickening when I hear my supervisors voice saying, “you were suppose to stay with the vehicle.” In other words I was supposed to be stupid enough not to bail out, but stayed in the cab and went over with the truck. I told him, ‘this ain’t no ship, and I’m not the captain.”




One thought on “Army abused both her and her daughter.

  1. Sorry that they could deny you PTSD. It is something worth fighting for though. Everything you went through is horrifying and would cause alot of mental distress. I’m sick about what happend to your daughter and hope you got some justice for her. I will keep you in my prayers.

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