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Meghan was raped, molested and photographed-United States Coast Guard.

Meghan, United States Coast Guard

I served in the United States Coast Guard from 2006-2010. I enlisted with the desire to make it a career but instead I was a four-years non-rate which was not by choice. Because I reported what was happening to me in terms of sexual harassment and rape from one of the unit most liked member the Chief refused to allow me to attend A-school. Instead I left the Coast Guard after my initial four years contract as an E-3.

I was sent to a small boat station right after basic training. I was a determined to succeed 18 years old. I have also been  plagued with the big boob-itis since my pre-teens. I was the first among my friends to wear a bra at the tender age of 8. I was a D-cup since I high school. I was always self conscious about my body and tried to cover myself as much as I could to draw attention away from my body.  As you can imagine a testosterone-fueled small boat station was not the best match for me. I was also a lesbian and have been only in relationships with other women. I served during Don’t Ask, Don’t tell and even though I was living with a girlfriend the entire time that I was in the Coast Guard they were not aware of it.

The men at the station often joked around about my breasts. After 10+ jokes a day for 4 years it is enough already just shut up! They will often slip and say breast instead of best such as “you should try your breast”. We had dirty posters posted around the station which they’ll compare my body to that of the models. During weigh-ins I always weighed within regulations but they always would say comments such as “If it was not for your breasts you’ll be below the weight requirements”. While on duty a lot of the men will watch porn on government-owned televisions and call me in to compare me with those in porn. They will ask why I was in the Coast Guard if I could make a lot more money doing porn.

I found ways to make myself less noticeable. We were not required to wear the ODU blouse but was instead we were allowed to wear a Coast Guard t-shirt or sweatshirt. I wore the sweatshirts three times too big to cover up my body. While on liberty I’ll wear only mens clothes because they cover my body more.

July 2009 an MK2 came up and touched my breasts. I screamed at him to stop and the Chief wrote me up for disrespecting a superior. Another day I was mess cooking and boiling pasta. The MK2 came into the galley and touched me again. My natural reaction was to scream at him to stop. He said to listen to the Chief and to respect him. I was “just a non-rate” and then poured the boiling hot water on me causing first degree burns. The Officer of the Day (OOD), a BM1 did not allow me to seek medical attention and told me to clean up the mess and to find something to cook because he was starving. When I told Chief he laughed and asked since the pasta was ruined what did we end up eating.

September 16, 2009 I was cleaning the galley and the Mk2 came in and tried to touch me again. He held my wrists over my head with one hand and put his hand over my mouth with his other hand. I am 5’4, he was at least 6’2 and at least 100 pounds heavier. He pulled my pants down and was touching me. We heard someone and he stopped and told me “pull your pants back up slut” At this point I was crying and shaking. I wanted to run away but I could not feel my legs.

September 29, 2009 I was sleeping in the duty room for women. I was the only woman on duty that evening and therefore had the room to myself. In the room we had two bunk beds side by side from each other. I was sleeping on one of the bottom bunk.  I woke up in the morning and the MK2 was walking around the room naked. I walked out and went straight to the OOD who went to me to the duty room and by then MK2 was gone. The OOD called me delusional and a liar. The OOD was also his  drinking buddy.

October 31. 2009 It was Halloween and I was not on duty. I was shopping at Walmart with my girlfriend and we ran into the MK2 and one of his friends who was a BM2. They were buying costumes for a party that evening. The BM2 asked me what I’ll be for Halloween. I said that I do not plan on dressing up and would probably stay at home and watch a movie. I am not much of a going out party person. The MK2 said “come on. All women want to show off their inner-slut on Halloween” and pulled out one of those “sexy sailors” costumes that was on the stand. The BM2 laughed.  My girlfriend almost attacked him but we were able to leave before it escalated.

December 25, 2009 I was on duty and the MK2 came into the watch room and declared that his goal was to “get with me”. That evening I was in the duty room sleeping and he came in and sat down on my bed. I woke up and he was so tall that he could not sit up without hitting his head on to top bunk. He literally picked me up and threw me on the floor. He molested me that evening.

I reported it straight to the OOD, the BM1 who was his drinking buddy and best friend and he said “I can not imagine MK2 doing that” and laughed. Within 12 hours the BM2 found out and told me that he is tired of women in the Coast Guard trying to ruin careers. Another BM2 said that I am crazy and should not lie. A woman who was a BM3 called me a slut. The Chief said that the MK2 was one of his best and can’t imagine him doing that. I called a Chaplin that did not return my phone calls. They stick you up basically in the middle of nowhere and then when you try to reach out they ignore you.

January 15, 2010 MK2 went back into my room. Carried me out of bed. He put me on the floor and raped me.

January 23, 2010 he came into the duty room. Tied me up to the desk and ripped my pj’s off. He took photos of me naked. I do not know where the photos went. There are photos probably on a some website of me tied up to a desk, crying and naked.

January 27, he repeated it

February 8 he came into the watch room and rubbed himself onto me. I told him to leave and he slapped me telling me that I am a non-rate that needs to learn respect.

He made it to MK1 and left.

I received my discharge papers June 2010 when my four years was up.

This all happened during the time span of two Officers in Charge. Both were aware of what was happening and neither did anything to help. I have called the Chaplin many times and he not once returned my phone calls. I was told that I was not believed and knew that if I officially reported it that it would have gone nowhere. The MK2 has been promoted to an MK1.

The entire time I was trying to get myself on an A-school list for SK. My command refused to sign me off.

You have to learn to deal with it. Sexual harassment is part of the job. Everyone at the station was guilty with jokes and comments about my breasts including the women. You have to work around it. I’ll use masking tape to tape down my breasts so that they can look smaller. It just an annoyance that you have to do to survive in a male-dominant field.

Now that I am out I can confess that I became severely anorexic while in service. I felt that my situation was so beyond my control. I was raped and not one person cared. I was photographed, groped, molested and harassed and not one person cared to stop it. The only thing that I had some control over was what I ate. This has caused me to develop anorexia which I am still recovering from today.

I have just completed a 16-weeks intense program through the VA for those who been raped in the service.  I have broken up with my girlfriend which was in part due to my PTSD outbursts. I don’t think that I can ever be with anyone. I can’t have anyone touch me or even be near me. I live in New Hampshire in a small house that I rent on a farm away from most everyone. I can go weeks without leaving the house and that is what makes me feel safest.

My advice to those thinking of enlisting is to go in with a guaranteed A-school. Try to choose a rating that will most likely put you in a support unit such as a yeoman, storekeeper, or HS. I feel that small boat stations are a breeding ground for rapists. If you are a non-rate it is almost guaranteed that you’ll be harassed and probably assaulted. I have spoken through MRCC’s support group of other women who been raped and most were non-rates from small boat stations. That should say something about the culture of the small boat stations.

My Duty to Speak

Active Duty Coast Guardwoman writes about the current response from the Coast Guard.

I am active duty Coast Guard as well. I have been raped at a small boat station and was transferred to Sector. I am not ready to write about the rape. I do want to talk about what is happening now and how the Coast Guard reacted to my rape.

The other stories that you read on here are almost identical to what I have been through. After I was raped I told a friend that I knew from town and she took me to have get a rape kit at a civilian hospital. I was not the one that reported to the Coast Guard instead the civilian law enforcement after speaking to them told my Chief. The civilian police department work closely with the Coast Guard and my Chief is good friends with the entire 8 police officers in town. The first day that I was back on duty the Chief called me to his office and said “I got a call from **** from the police station and he told me that you were allegedly assaulted” I nodded  and he went on to talk about the reputation of the Coast Guard and how he does not want the station to be known for “this problem” and asked “how can we deal with this allegation without it affecting our community relations.” I shrugged and he said he would have to talk to public affairs to see how we can deal with the rape allegations without destroying the reputation of the station. His first thought was public relations and how the public would view the rape and not ensuring my safety or my chance for justice. Our small boat station is in a small fishing town.  There is nothing else going on in the town. The school kids would come to us for field trips. There are 20-something of us at the station and we are all viewed at as God.

I was transferred to sector where the first day there my reputation was destroyed thanks to a smear campaign by the Chief. Crazy lying whore is what everyone else on here wrote that they been called. My big one is crazy. It became my name. Good afternoon crazy. Who is on watch? Crazy is. Hey crazy can you clean out the supply closet? You get the idea. The women are the worst with the abuse or whatever you want to call it. The men call me crazy but it is the women that are calling me a slut and telling  me that I deserved to be raped. I don’t have one friend in the Coast Guard. It is true that the entire Coast Guard turns their back on you when you are raped.

I have been recommended for a med board by an HSC. For civilians the education of an HSC is similar to that of a Medical Assistant and my particular HSC did not have any education outside of high school and less than 6 months of total training if that with the Coast Guard. In the civilian world you will be an Medical Assistant, in the Coast Guard you can recommend people for discharge and make them lose their careers. He diagnosed me with an adjustment disorder, for having problems adjusting to being raped.

I do have mental health issues which I won’t deny. I can not sleep without getting nightmares. I have intense flashbacks, depression, anger, a civilian psychologist (READ: someone with a PHD) diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but the Coast Guard says that it is an invalid diagnoses and continued with the diagnoses given to me by the HSC. Don’t you love how 13 or so weeks of training makes someone more qualified to give a diagnoses than a doctor that went to Yale?

Unlike most on here I am not fighting the discharge. I want to get out of this hell hole and get myself some real treatment. I want to succeed and do something with my life and then show the Coast Guard that they have lost one great woman. Not like they care cause it is all a bunch of men and weak women, yes the majority of women are weak for having to work in an organization that is so backwards and not have the courage to speak out to help fellow women or to challenge the system. As Madeleine K. Albright once said, “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.”

CGIS did eventually investigated. Do not know the results and nobody was able to tell me. He is still serving, actually got promoted so I do not expect much of a punishment for what he did. They refuse to inspect the rape kit because they said that my story and that of the rapist stories do not add up. Of course not, he raped me, he is afraid of going to prison and denying it. Coast Guard’ response to that? Let not look at forensic evidence!

I called Shawn Wren and she said she never heard of my case and would try to find out. She never called me back and it been at least 2 months. CGIS and Headquarters do not talk.

I have applied to and got accepted to Caltech for the fall. I want to get into bioengineering. I hope that I am out of the Coast Guard by then. I am ready to move on and close this bad chapter of my life. The Coast Guard is clueless on how to deal with rape. God bless all who are fighting to change the system, I personally think it is a lost cause. The Coast Guard is in a downward, self-destructive path and I want nothing to do with them. They call themselves lifesavers and heroes and behind military gates they are raping and further abusing their very own. I want to get out, burn my uniforms and wipe my hands clean from this organization. They can say all that they want about zero-tolerance and we take allegations seriously but this only further prove the point that they are clueless. If those working at headquarters step out of their ivory towers and see how rape survivors are really treated they wouldn’t be saying those comments.

My Duty to Speak

No longer Silent-Soldier is speaking out about sex abuse in the Army.

G, United States Army

I have hidden inside my career as a nurse and a lifetime student with multiple masters degrees too long. It’s time to let others know that this is a long term problem in the making. We can no longer hide behind the screen of “if you don’t talk about it, it didn’t happen” attitude of our previous generations, and of the military.

On the night of November 27, 1986, I was very sick, running a very high fever with a sore throat, lethargic and “quarantined” to the second floor of the barracks by myself due to being sick and coughing so much. In the middle of the night, I felt someone feeling my face, throat and chest. I could smell alcohol. The more I moved, the more the Drill Sgt. touched me and the more aggressive the sexual assault. Early the next morning, he woke me to go to sick call, telling me not to say a word, and that I had enjoyed it. He further elaborated that no one would believe any way because of my past. Somehow he knew that I had been kidnapped and raped when I was 13, and that manipulation was pretty effective. It was at this point that I became very reclusive, refusing to be anywhere that could place me in the same area as him, although this was near impossible.

On January 5, 1987, I qualified at the range with my rifle. Due to being sick again, I was trucked back and forth from the range. I came back early, disassembled my weapon, cleaned it, put it back together, and hung it on my bunk. I laid down on the bottom bunk and fell asleep. I was not awakened to turn my weapon in with the rest of platoon. Before long, I was grabbed by my collar and ripped from the bunk, hitting my head on the upper bunk, and then slammed up against the locker wall with blunt force to the right side of my body. I was pinned with my feet dangling above the floor by him. From the corner of my eye, I could see the female Drill Sgt. as she topped the stairs, she was yelling about the crashing noise. She saw me pinned, said ‘oh shit’ and walked backwards down the stairs. He let go and I dropped to the floor landing on my right hip and coccyx. I was told to turn in my weapon and report to their office. I reported to his office and they were both there. He told me that I could be court martialed for leaving my weapon unsecured. He said he knew that I was still sick, and would let it go this time. The female Drill Sgt. left the office and there I was, alone with him. I was scared to death considering what he had just done to me, and what he did to me in November. He threatened to hurt me again if I ever repeated any of these instances to anyone, and said that he had just lost his cool because he and his wife had been arguing and fighting about his drinking and not coming home. I just nodded until I was released.

The next morning, I was hurting in my shoulder and down my right side. I had a bruise on my forehead and on my right hip. At physical training, my shoulder kept popping out of socket, and I couldn’t raise my arm above my head. It was January 7, 1987. The AC joint was swollen and tender and my arm and my shoulder were swollen. The shoulder was back in the socket. I was placed in an immobilizer and placed on a profile. I was referred to orthopedics that same day. I told the Chief Warrant Officer (orthopedic DO) what had really happened with the Drill Sgt. in November and on January 5th.

Chief told me to keep it quiet and put in a referral to Social Work Services on January 8, 1987. I never got an appointment. No one did anything to help me. I learned at the age of 13 that I don’t win. The person who raped me at 13 got 3 years of probation and a psychiatric evaluation. I was scared to pursue anything, completely believing that I would be the one hurt again, and he would walk away laughing. Once in Europe, I tried getting help. I wasn’t sleeping and my migraines were out of control. I was still seeing and orthopedic because my collar bone was permanently dislocated at the base of the neck and liked to migrate to my airway from time to time. I finally got to see someone in psychiatry in Frankfurt, Germany, records of which have disappeared.

I had told TOP, 1st Sgt. everything that had happened in basic training after the Drill Sgt. showed up at the post office I was working at a few months before my discharge. I was too terrified to write any of this down, much less tell anyone else about it. I felt like I was in a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ horror of my own. I have had nightmares, waking up screaming and fighting in my sleep due to the nightmares ever since. I have grinded my teeth down to almost nothing. After a medical discharge because of the shoulder injury, I had to eventually have an inch of collar bone surgically removed. The VA is trying to say that my PTSD is due to my trauma at age 13, that assumption is right in only ONE way. It prevented me from going after Drill Sgt. and avoiding being blamed for being raped again, that it was my fault and being ridiculed and ostracized everywhere I went in the military.

My Duty to Speak

Jennifer reports a rape in the Coast Guard, USCG refuse to investigate

Jennifer, United States Coast Guard

I was on watch and the OOD a Boatswainmate 2nd class came in and hit me from behind, I fell on the floor and he raped me. This was in November 2009. After it all happened I left my post to use the head and well I wasn’t really thinking. I know that I was not suppose to leave my post but I could not think properly.

After I used the head I went to the XO’s office to report the rape. Remember I was just raped. I was shaken up and crying and my mind was somewhere else. I reported the rape and the BMC laughed at me and told me “non-rate, you are acting crazy. Are you on drugs.” I went to my room and sat on the floor crying.

I heard another non-rate piping my name. I did not respond. I could not get up. Another non-rate came knocking on my door and she said that I must go to the watch room everyone is looking for me so I went to the watch room. The OOD who just raped me an hour ago was there and I was being yelled at by him for leaving my post. It turns out that the other non-rate came to relieve me from watch only to find the watch room empty. I could not respond as I just stood there crying. The OOD grabbed me by my arm, twisted it as he walked me to the XO’s office and reported that I left the watch room unattended.  Together the OOD and the XO decided that I was either on drugs or schizophrenic. They ordered a drug test on me. It came back clean.

The rape was never investigated. I kept on pushing it but they were not interested in investigating it. Then they said that it was investigated but I was never questioned and I never spoken to an investigator so I am not sure what was investigated. Instead they said that I was crazy, have a defective personality and my chief said all these lies to get my kicked out of service. The whole time the Chief is telling me how a great Chief he is and how he likes me a lot and won’t report me. He made himself out to be this superhero. He was not because behind my back I was crazy and should be kicked out of the Coast Guard. They sent me to Miami where I was being processed to be kicked out. I left the Coast Guard December 2010 right before Christmas. Literally right before Christmas. I got a call when I was home on leave and told to come in on the 26th of December to sign my DD214 and that I am on terminal leave. Was not even given the option. It is funny how every other post writes that they were called liars, whores and crazy. That is exactly what happened to me. Most just called me a liar and crazy. Heard it at least 2 dozen times a day since I was raped. Before the rape I never head it.

The Coast Guard also sent me for a psych evaluation and to a psychologist, a dirty old man who said that I am not schizophrenic.

I am now homeless and trying to get my life after the Coast Guard together. I am seeking treatment and have an official diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that resulted from Military Sexual Trauma. My rapist is still in the Coast Guard and got promoted to a BM1.

My Duty to Speak

Julie writes about her Rape in the US Navy

Julie, United States Navy

I was 25 years old when I enlisted in the Navy. I worked so hard to lose the weight and to achieve a dream which was serving my country. I left for boot camp in August 2004. I graduated from boot camp and then went to CS A school in San Antonio at Lackland Air Force Base. I had only been in the Navy for four months. It was the first time that I took leave and came back to the Navy. One of my friends asked me to switch duty days with her because her family was coming to see her. I told her that I would switch with her. I stood my duty day and got off of duty. Him and me left from base and went to get a hotel room. I just gotten phase three liberty because I had graduated and was just waiting for orders.

We went to Super 8 hotel at 410 and Marbach. We put our stuff up in the room. He had to go back to base for something. I took a cab to the Riverwalk where I walked around by myself for a while. I then ran into some people from A school and we went to Hooter’s. There I ate and drank two Smiroff’s. After that I went my own direction and ended up at Hard Rock Cafe. I ordered some more drinks and had a bartender’s speciality drink. It was starting to get into the evening hours. I then took a cab to a bar called Pegaus. There I orderd a couple more Smiroff’s and drank a couple more bartender’s shots. I was totally wasted. Some how I made it back to where Mac Trans picks up to go back to base.

I went to the hotel right outside of base to see a friend. They were getting ready to leave to go to another bar. I was done, so I went outside and called him to come pick me up. He took me back to the hotel room. I remember walking in the room. There was a little half wall in between the bed and sofa. I put my id, cellphone, and money there. I took off my shoes and jeans, leaving on my Ohio STate long sleeve shirt, Kurt Warner Jersey, and panties and bra. I got into the bed on the left side. All I wanted to do was to sleep.

D was on the telephone. I went to sleep. I woke up to him being on top of me, raping me. I did not want to have sex with him. I didn’t fight him because I was to drunk. I remember him asking me why I was snooring. I got up after he was done, got dressed, and went back to base. I remember CS1 saying you’ve been partying. I didn’t say any thing to him. I went to barracks room and just sat on my bed and cried. Later I took a shower.

I didn’t say any thing until a couple of days later because I did not think any one would believe me. I mean he was a third class fleet returnee and I was just a E-2 that had only been in for four months. I talked to my friend that was a E-3 and she went to the command. They took me over to the hospital where they did an exam. There was what they called an investigation, but I have found out that the paperwork is gone know.

He contacted me by email about two weeks ago and said that he is down with taking a woman and so you was sleeping and remembering how…lol.. He is still in the Navy and has been promoted to a Second Class. My life was destroyed that night and the person I was died when he raped me. All I want is for justice to be done. I am tired of the Navy protecting him. I’m the one that has been in counseling since that night. I am the one that wanted to change my rate in the Navy, but no one would listen or help me. I was also called a liar by my chief when I told him, I needed to leave the ship early to go to a counseling appointment at the rape crisis center in Norfolk, VA.

Women that report rape in the military are treated with such disrespect and it is the military saying good boy keep on raping women and we will protect you. Something needs to be done.

My Duty to Speak

Army abused both her and her daughter.

By D.A.V. Diva,United States Army

THE CASE 3.310 Disabilities that are proximately due to, or aggravated by, service-connected disease or injury.

My disgust is the fact that I was raped and it was covered up for the Good of the Army! But all the injuries that have resulted from the rape and 2 sexual assaults and 2 motor vehicle accidents. Basic training field exercise December 1981 suffer cold weather injuries, frostbite, lost toenails, fingernails, turned blue, was left in foxhole accidently during inclement weather (rain/snow) storm at Fort Jackson, SC, Medivac back to hospital for cold weather injuries – all claims have been denied 1st sexual assault August 10, 1981 was 3 months in country, Kaiserslautern Germany, Kleber Kaserne Injuries sustained: right shoulder injury /from being slammed into stone wall, pulled up concrete steps with metal bar, feet first, injured neck, shoulder blades, hands wrists holding/shielding my head. I then had to physically fight with my attacker and was able to get away.

My clothing was torn and my hair was in disarray, but I made it to my barracks and reported to my 1st Sergeant immediately, who then straightened me up, wiped the tears from my face, asked me? “Are you alright?” I replied, “yes,” he said “go home get a good night sleep, see you bright and early in the A.M. I was totally flabbergasted! This set the tone for the rest of my tour here.

No one not even the top Sergeant gave a damn about what happened to me. Daughter Cortney, then 3 years old was burned by babysitters 3 children in some kind of torture ritual. The cut her hair all around to within inches of her scalp. They burned her with an “HOT IRON” on her chest, thighs and buttocks and 1 ankle, which were 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The set a pair of scissors on the iron to heat them and then stuck the scissors in open form on her chest between her breasts causing 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. They had the entire print to include the point of the iron and all the holes half way down on both sides printed on buttocks. I still wake up sweating hearing her screams when they had to peel away the burned skin with a scalpel and they wanted me to hold my baby while they skinned her, I couldn’t do it, I broke down, they had to carry me out.

And while I was going thru this hell by myself in a foreign country at Landstuhl Medical Center, they were trying to process Chapter 8, to have me discharged for the good of the service behind my back, because there was no caregiver but me to sit by her bed and listen to her moan in horrific pain and put that white crème on her burn wounds, there was no one do you hear me! My baby was burned almost to death by a dependent member of the US Army and they were trying to put me out! Not help me care for my child. I had to send my daughter home to my mother for a year to try to stay on active duty to support her.

Between 1981 – 1983 sustained various injuries resulting from falling over there. I know it sounds crazy but I wasn’t the only one because the entire Kleber Kaserne still had cobblestone streets and when it rained or snowed or iced, we fell including the 1st sergeant. I slid once for about 25 feet and stopped under some vehicles all of my belongings were strewn everywhere and I was assisted up by the 1st Sergeant so there were witnesses to most of the things except the sexual assaults, but it didn’t matter, everything was for the good of the Army, nothing was for the benefit of women on active duty. It was a constant battle just to be there.

They considered the fact that I survived the abuse a sign that I was a good soldier. 1st military vehicle accident March 1985 2 ½ ton truck. Injuries: collar bone, back (upper, middle) was tossed around in the rear of a 2 ½ ton Army truck ½ loaded with supplies to include vehicle parts and radio mounts. The fellas driving that it was a blast to take the rough road as fast as they could. Even though they saw no blood I was banged up pretty bad. I had whiplash, lacerations, and bruises everywhere. The rape 1987 January Reforger with International Training Forces from Belgium, Dutch, and Reservists from Sacramento, CA after the rape, I was pregnant I immediately went down on economy in Frankfurt, Germany and had an abortion my unit gave me 72 hour quarters and return to duty the fact I had complications was of no concern to them. I had my tubal ligation there because during the rape my IUD had been pushed into my uterine, it had to be surgically removed I know that’s in my records but they say my tubal was “voluntary.” I couldn’t take birth control, that’s why I had an IUD.

I had just divorced my husband **** **** in September 18, 1986, I had just got to Germany, I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me. I arrived in November 1986, I was raped in January 1987. I was pregnant in March 1987 I had an abortion in April 1987, and Tubal Ligation in June 1987. The injuries from the sexual assaults and rape dysfunctional uterus, PID, irregular menstrual, severe pelvic pain all through my medical records but yet and still they deny my claim for PTSD and any claims related to damages to my uterus. I found my decision 2008 from review officer this was the last one I received so to date I am appealing all of decisions I am service connected for and all the decisions denying service connection based on record of fact of the injuries and illness I sustained on active duty: BREAST LUMPECTOMY 1977 PRIOR TO ACTIVE DUTY, Only scar annotated on pre-service exam.

Since I was already predisposed to breast cancer because of family connection, and already had lumpectomy prior to active duty, and have continuously had problems with my breast on active duty although they denied me mastectomy until I turned age 30 (1987). So any claims associated with calcifications documented in my medical records I was told they would monitor, so how can they deny the claim? COLD WEATHER INJURIES, 1980 BASIC TRAINING-FT JACKSON, SC SEXUAL ASSAULT- 1981, 1985, 1987 (RAPE) MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS – 1985 FT. HOOD, 1988 FRANKFURT, FRG PTSD, What kind of trauma do you have to have before it is considered chronic I have been stalked, beaten, raped, jolted in a vehicle, had my nose broken, suffered bruised ribs, fractured right hip, broken both ankles, (with limited physical therapy), took sexual harassment, been knocked unconscious, left out in the cold to freeze to death, left out in the woods after they sexually assaulted me to die alone. Broke my tail bone, and you say I have to have what kind of trauma. I witnessed 2 soldiers die, 1 had to nurse my daughter while watching her heal with no skin, I was constantly being harassed by being threatened by discharge for the good of the service. So how much trauma do I have to endure. I still carry the sight of the soldier who blew his brains all over our arms room.

Who do you think had to clean up the blood and brains when they were through. There was no special detail that came in to do that, from the Colonel to the lowest Private, everyone had to clean their own weapon and those that were not assigned individually. The soldier who walked out in front of the train and was split in half, I still carry that image in my head too. The fright I felt when my 2 ½ ton truck was going over the cliff, I still carry that image too. I find still sickening when I hear my supervisors voice saying, “you were suppose to stay with the vehicle.” In other words I was supposed to be stupid enough not to bail out, but stayed in the cab and went over with the truck. I told him, ‘this ain’t no ship, and I’m not the captain.”